Art World Expo features over 100 Artists working in an array of mediums. All participants are selected via a jury process.

Current List of 2018 Exhibitors-this list will be updated throughout the year! 

Main Event: Vancouver-May 11, 2018-8th Annual Event at Science World

Food Vendors:
Zeina’s Chocolate Boutique
Mike’s Perfect Perogys
Hot Arusha Healthy & Spicy
Whisk Premium Matcha
EXCLUSIVE BEER Cariboo Brewing

Body Painting Competitors:
Devon Burbank, Vancouver, BC
Angie Balbon, Vancouver, BC
Francoise Veron-stamp Boise Art Works, Vancouver, BC
Joanie Gilbert, Vancouver, BC
Don Hillaby, Vancouver, BC

2018 Official Judges: TBA

Stage & Performers:
M3 Artistry Melissa M Meretsky

Fashion Show sponsored by Designer Search International Ltd.
Monika Blichar-Art Legs by Monika
Carolyn Bruce Designs – Statement Jewelry
M3 Artistry-Accessories

Artists, Designers & Vendors:
List is updated bi-weekly until the event.

Monika Blichar-Paintings, Prints, Jewellery, Vancouver, BC
Art by Edy-Paintings, Vancouver, BC
Monika’s Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery-Art Classes & Painting Parties, North Vancouver, BC
Painting Dreams International Art Tours, North Vancouver, BC
Ryan Broderick Paintings.-Paintings, Vancouver, BC
Carolyn Bruce Designs – Statement Jewelry-Jewellery, Vancouver, BC
West Coast Hatters-Vancouver, BC
Tarnia’s Art-Paintings, Vancouver, BC
Street Cat Designs Artisan Jewelry-Pam Jackson-Jewellery, Vancouver, BC
Soulshine Yoga and Jewelry-Jennifer Wosk, Vancouver, BC
LumberJax Custom Wooden Jewelry, Vancouver, BC
P & G Designs-Jewellery, Vancouver, BC
Danielle Rondeau-Author, Vancouver, BC
Yun A Cho-Artist, Vancouver, BC
Judy Anne Galdones-Artist, Vancouver, BC
Sonia Burke-smith-Artist, Alberta, BC
Jewellery by Pardeep – Fifth Avenue Collection-Vancouver, BC
Copper Paw Designs-Vancouver, BC
Meshell lee designs-Vancouver, BC
Hogan’s SweetArt-Vancouver, BC
Love U Designs-Vancouver, BC
Aryn Effert-Edmonton, AB
John Pfaff-Vancouver, BC
Alicja Draganska-Vancouver, BC
Kam Bieska-Vancouver, BC

Creative Services Vendors:
REO Rafting-Boston Bar, BC
Inner Harmonious Peace Christine Johel-Intuitive Readings, Vancouver, BC
Henna by Arneet, Vancouver, BC
Tia Dobbs, Arbonne Independent Consultant Vancouver, BC
Painting Dreams International Art Tours
SweetLegs Vancouver with Julia-Vancouver, BC
Amanda Cherewick, Mandy’s Beauty Bar-Vancouver, BC
Coach Diane Travis-Vancouver, BC
Cristina De Vellis, Spoil Yourself-Vancouver, BC
Scentsy Independent Consultant, Kristi Weaver – Director-Vancouver, BC
Tia Dobbs, Arbonne Independent Consultant-Vancouver, BC
Georgia Belle, Vancouver, BC
Murray the Dragon, Vancouver, BC

Galleries and Arts Collectives:
Studio Seventy Three-Vancouver
Monika’s Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery
Coastal Storm Gallery

Green Companies:
Kimberlea Masters-Juice Plus & Garden Tower 

Sister Event was SOLD OUT IN EDMONTON-March 16, 2018-Muttart Conservatory

2018 Edmonton Vendors:
Monika Blichar-Event Producer and Artist, North Vancouver, BC
Art by Edy-North Vancouver, BC
Monika’s Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery-North Vancouver, BC
Painting Dreams International Art Tours-North Vancouver, BC
Patrick Ennis – Artist – Artist-Edmonton, AB
Mia Nova-Edmonton, AB
Aryn Effert-Edmonton, AB
Boreal Artist Institute-Fort Mcmurray, AB
Studioforty8-Edmonton, AB
Keltie Dawn Smith-Edmonton, AB
Gail Flint-Edmonton, AB
Barbara Mitchell-Edmonton, AB
Karen Yuen– Twitch Collective-Calgary, AB
L0velydoodles-Edmonton, AB
Tara Clelland aka humbletara-Edmonton, AB
Pavel A Kroupko Pavs Creations.-Edmonton, AB
Judy Anne Galdones-Vancouver, BC
Frances Pelletier-Edmonton, AB
Shane Baker Baker Boyz Designs Inc.-Edmonton, AB
Shivee Gupta Shivee Gupta-Edmonton, AB
Maureen Donovan Discover Water Colours-Edmonton, AB
Marty Johnson MJ Designs-Edmonton, AB
Carolyn Agopsowicz-Edmonton, AB
Denis Bouvier-Edmonton, AB
i.Lao-Edmonton, AB
Emily Lozeron Emily lozeron paintings-Edmonton, AB
Danyella Axani Danyella Axani-Edmonton, AB
Melanie Schoenberger Melanie Schoenberger Art-Edmonton, AB
Soft Touch Photography-Edmonton, AB

Body Paint Competition
Robyn Asselin-Edmonton, AB
Aurora Hair and Makeup Artistry-Edmonton, AB
Marley Blair Makeup Artistry-Edmonton, AB
Wild Earth Artistry-Edmonton, AB

Culina Muttart Cafe-Edmonton, AB

Decadent Delights-Edmonton, AB


Christmas Fair-December 16, 2017-Polish Friendship Society-Vancouver, BC

Monika Blichar
Art by Edy
LumberJax Custom Wooden Jewelry
Carolyn Bruce Designs – Steampunk Jewelry ***FASHION SHOW***
West Coast Hatters ***FASHION SHOW***
Karolyn’s Tupperware
Inner Harmonious Peace
Kathline Essential Oils Accessories
Jennifer Haase, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
SPOIL YOURSELF, Cristina De Vellis
John Pfaff Art & Fashion**FASHION SHOW**
Jessica’s Homemade Alfajores
Fifth Avenue Collection by Pardeep
Younique, Amanda Cherewick
The Sweet Doodle
Whisk Premium Matcha
Copper Paw Designs
Coastal Storm Gallery
Dagmar Doubkova Herbal Life
Bodacious Butterflies
Scentsy Kristi Weaver
SweetLegs Vancouver with Julia
Love Eco Jewels
Spain Gourmet Canada
Radiant Life Hoops & Styles
Petite Hippo
Earth Meets Spirit
Boise Art Works-Face Painting for Kids On Site $10/each
Deanna ArtFORMS
Diamond Movement
Andrea Renée Blackettwww.phenomenalhair.mymonat.com
Diva’s Niche
All Day Shine by Julie SeneGence Independent Distributor # 384814
Crafts By Julia
Bryce Musil Azrael’s Forge Gems and Fine jewelry
Taylore Mcmanne Jewellery
Meshell lee designs
Hogan’s SweetArt
REO Rafting

All prize monies are awarded to artists within 30-90 days of events in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto.


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