1. I’m interested in your event and didn’t hear about it until today. How do artists submit their work for next year?
    Can u put me on your mailing list.

  2. Is there somewhere one can find an itinerary of what will be happening on the Friday night at the show in Vancouver on May 13, 2016?

  3. I am aún artista at Vernon BC and would like to join you and expose some of my art, is this possible? Waiting to hear from you. Karin

  4. hi i am making a wearable art from vintagesilver plated cutlery. i like to be part of the shows in toronto canada. mey i send you som pictures ?

    1. Hello Dina! You can certainly apply to be part of the shows! The online form is under the “Exhibitor Information” tab on our website. Feel free to call 604 999 6177 if you need assistance.

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