3 Tips for Shipping Works of Art

3 Tips For Shipping Works of Art

by Cormac Reynolds

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Your art or any art is important and more often than not also delicate. So, how do you best serve your interests and ensure its safe in transit – here are some golden tips.

Pack the Art Work Correctly

Make sure everything is secured and well protected to ensure it does not get damaged whilst in transit. This may mean taking extra time to do the packing because you want to be as careful as possible in order to keep the art safe.

We recently packed some valuable painting that was going to be shipped to Nigeria. We covered the glass with 2-inch masking tape. The masking tape is used to keep the art from being damaged if the glass breaks during transit. If the glass is broken, it will stick to the tape, instead of cutting the painting.

Then, we cut a sheet of polystyrene to cover the taped glass. Then, we used small bubble wrap to wrap the art both ways. A larger bubble wrap was used for further protection. Most carriers request 2-inches or 6 cm of cushioning around an object to provide protection. If you use less, the carrier may not uphold your insurance claim if the item is damaged.

We make sure all sides are cushioned in order to protect the frame. You can also use frame protectors, which would be well worth the cost if the frame is large.

After the picture is wrapped, we slid it into a dedicated art box. The lid of the box slides down to the bottom of the box, so you have a double wall of protection. When you put the art in the box, you have to ensure it is snugly fit. You don’t want the art moving around in the box because that can cause damage.

The Outside Packaging Needs to Be High-Quality

Ensure you properly mark and label all of the items, so that the people who handle the packages know that they contain valuable items. You also need to make sure the exterior packaging is of high-quality.

You don’t want your treasure to arrive and the packaging is in tatters. Even if the artwork is in perfect condition, you want the exterior packaging to reflect the value of the piece inside.

Find a Shipping Method That is Good and Affordable

Shipping art does not have to come with a high price tag and there are many quality vendors such as Whistl that can send it for an affordable price. If you’re an art dealer you don’t want the price of shipping your art pieces to take all of your profits. You want to make sure your items are safe and handled properly but you want to pay a fair and reasonable rate.

If you’re shipping your artwork abroad, you also have to ensure all of the paperwork is complete. You’ll need customer’s declaration documents and you may be liable for import taxes in the country the item is being shipped to. These are all things you should consider when looking for a shipping method.

Keep these three golden rules in mind and you won’t go wrong. However, you must remember to choose a carrier that has a good reputation for handling the packages that pass through their hands. When it comes to protecting your works of art, you want to make sure they are safe from the time they leave your hands to the time they get to your customer.

Painting Dreams International Art Tour-Stop 1-Amsterdam

by Monika Blichar

One of the many canals. Photo credit Sabrina Widner.

One of the many canals. Photo credit Sabrina Widner.

One of the best parts of our operations is being able to travel with Painting Dreams International Art Tours. On top of our annual exhibition, studio classes and programs, we love summer because each year, we are able to go to artsy hotspots and explore with other creatives! We love hosting and coordinating these trips for art lovers and adventurers


Sabrina, Kathryn and I arriving at the airport! About 13 hours of travel from Vancouver with a stop over in Chicago.This year, we decided that we would take our tour to Wroclaw, Poland and make a couple stops before and after our 12 day tour. Our first stop is Amsterdam and let me tell you, if you are an artist of any sort, this is definitely a place you need to visit! Cafes, galleries, museums and exhibitions are in abundance-every corner is filled with unique artisan works as well as a fabulous ambience from 165 canals. Amsterdam has 51 galleries, approximately 1,515 cafes and bars, 1,281 bridges, 2,500 houseboats, and 881,000 bicycles. No shortage of things to sketch or paint here! 


Kathryn enjoying our first trip to a cafe in Amsterdam!


The city centre has amazing cafes to visit.


My first sketch complete with morning coffee!

From all the places I have travelled over the years, Amsterdam easily has the friendliest locals who not only smile and say good morning when they are whizzing past you on their bikes, but who are keen to help you have a great time here! If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow our page on Painting Dreams on Facebook! On Saturday, we will be heading off to Wroclaw to enjoy the European Culture Capital for 2016. Until then, be sure to connect with us as we explore the sights and attractions in Amsterdam!

Bangkok: Call Waiting – Intimate Yet Subtly Epic Photos that Capture a City in Transition

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Internationally known fine art publisher Kehrer Verlag is set to bring out a photo book that illustrates Bangkok’s status as a city between two phases of existence. Bangkok: Call Waiting will be a collection of photographs of the city’s phone booths – a phenomenon that has disappeared almost entirely in some parts of the world, and looks set to do the same in Bangkok soon. These images show an interesting moment in time: the point at which an obsolete technology is still hanging on, though judging from the number of phone booths without working phones, about to become a thing of the past.

The booths can also be seen as surfaces on which to observe the ephemera of Thai society. Within them and on their glass enclosures lies every possible manifestation of quotidian life – posters and stickers dealing with housing, jobs, sex, food, entertainment, opportunities for education and social advancement, as well as endless tagging by graffiti artists. And politics; during part of this project, the Shutdown Bangkok movement left plenty of evidence in the inscriptions on the phone booths. Outside the encrusted claustrophobic enclosures and visible through the glass, life goes on as usual.

As well as occasionally being used by people wanting to ring home, these phone boxes also serve other functions; they are sometimes used as miniature warehouses for people to store goods. This photo book provides both a fascinating glimpse into Thai society via the medium of its phone booths, and also illustrates the way in which technology is left behind in the ever-changing cityscape. It’s the brainchild of photographer Frank Hallam Day, who is currently attempting to finance it via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The book will not only contain subtly striking imagery rich in vibrant metaphor, but also give the purchaser a window into the streets of Thailand’s bustling capital.


Wishbeads: An Artistic Endeavor Aimed at Helping Dreams to Become Reality


When was the last time you made a wish, and really felt as if it could come true? Every child blows out birthday candles or tosses pennies into a well, and not only makes a wish, but also genuinely believes it’s likely to become a reality. Then adulthood happens, and belief in things of that nature generally tends to fade. A new product is in the works that seeks to recreate this experience for adults, and rekindle the belief that wishes can come true. Known as Wishbeads, it’s a unique arts and crafts kit.

Wishbeads is more than a just a bracelet-making kit; it’s an opportunity to pause and think what you truly wish for. After visualizing a wish, it’s then written onto paper, and the paper is transformed into paper beads. These beads form the bracelet. Wearing is aimed at inspiring the owner to take action.

Wishbeads comes with a 21-day action journal, complete with prompts to enable the wearer to start seeing elements of his or her wish in action. The theory behind it is that if you focus on something hard enough, the law of attraction will bring it to within reach. Wishbeads claims to be able to aid in doing this, and help the wearer to manifest exactly what he or she wants from life. Do we believe that it’s actually capable of making dreams come true? We reserve judgment. What we do know for sure is that making the bracelets is a fun activity, and can provide a great bonding experience for women if done communally.

The kit is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s already creating quite a stir, with the women who have already created Wishbeads bracelets waxing lyrical about the experience. Perhaps this marks a return to those halcyon days of making wishes and really believing in them. Who knows, maybe Wishbeads will one day become the adult equivalent of blowing out candles or tossing a penny.


Mountains Beyond the Clouds: A Photographic Journey Across the Alps

London-based photographer Tim Hall has spent the last 8 years capturing images of breathtaking landscapes during a journey across the Alps between Chamonix and Cortina, and is finally ready to showcase his work. He intends to do this via a photo book containing 150 stunning images, and a series of exhibitions. His photos are part homage to the 18th Century artists who took the Grand Tour, and part quest to discover what has made these famous mountains and resorts so popular over the past 100 years. They capture the otherworldly quality of the dramatic scenery that they depict, and portray skiing as an awe-inspiring union of man and nature.
Hall is an accomplished photographer, who has taken photos all over the world for Conde Naste Traveller, The Huffington Post, and The Sunday Times. He also sells his work to collectors and galleries worldwide, including those in New York, Hong Kong, Paris, London, and Zurich. According to him, each photo represents an adventure that he has taken, with him journeying across mountains on skis in search of the perfect shot.

The book will contain words by Sophie Benge and philosophical quotes about mountains by famous writers such as Robert Macfarlane, John Ruskin and John Muir. It’s scheduled for release in September 2016. Hall is seeking to fund the project via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It’s already creating quite a stir within the artistic community, with arts dealer Ivor Braka praising Hall for his ‘awareness of the alien and magnificent power of the natural world’, and filmmaker and fashion designer Willy Bogner stating that he is ‘impressed and excited about [Hall’s] unique ability to portray skiing in his own very distinctive way.’ This definitely looks like one to watch.

Thank you Art World Expo Vancouver!

Thank you for another terrific event!
Art World Expo 2016 Glamour Noir was a smashing success!
Another great event at the 6th annual Art World Expo in Vancouver! With a “Glamour Noir” theme to coincide with the 6th annual show and Friday, May 13th event date, we were fortunate to have a wonderful event and gala celebrating over 100 hundred of artists from across Canada, USA and Europe. A big thank you to all of our participants, guests, sponsors, donors, staff, and volunteers for making this year’s event another success for artists and art lovers alike!

Enjoy some visual highlights this year and be sure to get in touch with our team asap as we have already opened up Early Bird Registration for the 2017 event on May 12, 2017! If you would like to exhibit, please sign up https://theartworldexpo.com/exhibitor-information/

Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for more highlights of this year’s event!

Artist Angela Tahara

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Deanna Fligg working on the auction table! Watch for our online auction or visit our studio for some great items and offers on items that would love new homes! These offers won’t last long!


Kathleen Fowlstone, 1st Place Winner
Art World Expo Body Painting Competition 2016


Ryan Broderick

Lala’s Art

Hot Arusha did some wonderful hot sauce sampling!

Carrie Hull a first time exhibitor! Beautifully done!

Some of the volunteers this year!
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Thank you BFP Video for this fun video featuring some of the talent this year!
Thank you BFP Video for this fun video featuring some of the talent this year!
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This Friday, we will also be posting all the auction items on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis on our Facebook page! In fact, there are some wonderful items already listed online! Great gift ideas that you can get at 30% of retail value! Check out the items on our page here:

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Artist takes you through a journey of his work by eBook

Joe Bloch, the owner and resident artist at CREATIVEBLOCH, takes us through an artistic journey as he compiles art, sketches and photography into a fun eBook. 

“I’ve had a lot of requests from fans visiting the studio to create a book showcasing some of my work along with techniques and insights I’ve had along the way. This is a big project, so I’ve been compiling some old pictures, sketches and paintings along with descriptions to create an eBook. The great part about doing an eBook is that it can grow organically as projects are completed and be published instantly. The old methods of “completing” a book, publishing and waiting are over. The eBook will allow me to constantly update it, refresh it, and incorporate more feedback from my amazing fans. I hope you will enjoy it.” Joe Bloch.

“Joe has created an interesting perspective of his work, showing fans a behind the scenes look at what inspires his art, and the steps to complete the work. His artwork is a mashup of street art, graphic design, impressionism and expressionism. It’s like heavy metal on a canvas.” 

“This ebook shows the true Brooklyn Industry and history of NYC in its raw form. Joe has embellished the architecture of the area with his own creative spin. I found the eBook a great reference for my own work.”

To download your copy visit: