3D CreoPen For Your Artistic Creations

by CreoPop

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The life of CreoPop began over a year ago as a Indiegogo project, it now however has moved up and is on Best Buy’s retail shelves where it encourages individuals to take on a single task which is three dimensional drawing.

Being able to draw in space is a one of a kind skill. Instead of placing pencil to paper and allowing for a two dimensional line flow, that line is being drawn into that third, Z-axis. This experience can be profound and at times even profoundly disturbing. A technology the is fairly rare, at least on the level of consumers, is what CreoPop uses to make it possible to draw in 3D. A photopolymer gel and a fat pen are combined by the device and it is equipped with the UV lights who as soon as the gel exits the tip of the pen, harden it. There are other 3D pens available too.maxresdefault-1

What You Get With Your Purchase

The package costs $129.99 and includes the very fat CreoPop pen, various rubber drawing tips with nozzles of different sizes, three photopolymer ink cartridges that are blue, red and orange, a USB charging cable, you are able to run it while plugged in or off a charge.  There is no need to assemble, all you do is twist open your CreoPop pen and the cartridge slot is revealed, the protective covering is then removed from the cartridge, it is inserted in the pen, the pen is then closed, a nozzle is added to the tip that is now sticking out of the business end of your pen, and you are just about set to go.

A four inch x four inch drawing pad is smartly shipped with the CreoPop, this can be placed on any surface. This little square is where you will create all of your brilliant 3D creations, it also makes moving your 3D art when you are done much easier. Although CreoPop is fat, the controls it has are few. There is the power button, close to the tip there is the operation button and the is a plunger speed setting, one light indicates low and it can go as far as five for high. Although its girth is wide, it is pleasantly light and the pen is comfortable to hold.

Bow To Start Drawing In Space

With my personal CreoPop setup, I turned my pen on, the plunger I set at one, this is the setting for beginners, and until the three blue LEDs turned on at the tip, I help the Operation button down, I could feel and hear the plunger motor working.

Some time passed and nothing came out. Then, all of a sudden, a fairly large blog of gel came squirting out of the nozzle, the tip that I selected literally got pushed off. Eventually I learned that there is a seal on new gel packs which has to be broken by the plungers pressure before any gel is able to flow out of the nozzle.

Once I cleaned up the mess, I started again. Only this time there was a steady stream of blue gel flowing from the tip. I moved along at a slower pace allowing for the gel to become instantly hardened by the blue light as I moved along. There I was, drawing in 3D space.

To be honest, it was painstakingly slow work. I later switched to a nozzle that was wider so I could quickly draw fatter lines. Cool ink drawing is what CreoPop promises, however I noticed a smoke like substance coming from the gel as it came out of the nozzle, and from my creations I couns that at least when it came to the thick lines, it felt pretty warm when I touched it.

Although fat, the CreoPop drawing pen was not uncomfortable to hold and was pretty light. After drawing a few things, I was completely out shown by a co-worker who expertly designed a tiny Christmas tree, although small, it was quite lovely.

Although the photopolymer is almost instantly hardened by the CreoPops lights, there will always be that small last bit of gel which oozes out after you have pressed the operation button to shut off the plunger and light. There is however a solution the CreoPop offers for this, to turn on only the blue light, you can double click the Operation button, this allows for any remaining soft gel to be hardened and also makes hardening and cleaning up and gel that may have been smudged around your workspace much easier.

Supply and Demand

After having poorly drawn a miniature Eiffel tower, the tree as well as tons of mistakes which ended in quite a large amount of wasted blue gel, it seemed as if the first cartridge was empty. However when I adjusted the strength of the plunger to five, the gel once again began exiting the pen.

When you are all out of photopolymer, you are able to for only $19.99, purchase another pack that contains three drawing cartridges. However to make it last, I would suggest that you practice drawing with the thinnest photopolymer line until you are good at it. By the way, you are able to switch between color cartridges at any point to design creations that are multi-colored.

The end product from drawing 3D with a CreoPop are things that are a bit wiggly looking and although hard, are not exactly tough. When I handed my Eiffel tower to someone, she immediately broke off a part of it. The creations however are still very cool looking and I could imagine that a crafty person would easily fall in love with it. It could be the ideal present for them.

2016 Christmas Arts & Craft Fair-CALL FOR ARTISANS

We are pleased to be co-producing the first Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair in partnership with the Belweder North Shore Polish Association. The wonderful Pipe Shop Building on North Vancouver’s waterfront is our venue!



We are looking for amazing vendors to participate in the event this year on November 20! Show runs from 12-7pm and we encourage all kinds of arts and crafters to join just in time for the holiday shopping season!


A spot is $60 and includes a table and chair! If you would like to participate, please send an email to artists@theartworldexpo.com for the submission form or call 604 999 6177.

AWE TIPS: Why It’s Important to Participate in Trade Shows

by Monika Blichar

Each year, we get numerous questions about the overall experience of participating as a vendor in our event but also in other events in the area. Though there are many reasons we highly recommend participating in a variety of shows, it is up to each artist and vendor to really think about how each show will be the most useful for his or her business that fiscal year. Whether you are looking for new networking connections, selling more of your work, or simply adding to your CV of shows, everyone’s needs will be different but equally important.

When thinking about participating in an event, we came up with our top three tips for why it’s important to participate in trade shows! Have a look and if you have a suggestion, be sure to leave a comment!

1-New Market 

While the Internet and Social Media are wonderful tools, there is only so much you can do from behind a computer. As an artist and business owner, it is crucial to your success that you mingle with potential customers and fans. Artists who have the luxury of staying behind computers or in their studios have really good sales agents, affiliate dealers and promoters who are paid either hourly, on contract or commission. Even then, they still have to make appearances, do book signings, speaking engagements and show up to events. If you don’t have a budget to hire on contract, hourly or give up a percentage of your sales to an agent, you need to be at a variety of shows to expose your work to new markets. This will help you build a following in new markets and help build your brand identity and recognition.

2-Getting Out of Your Studio

The worst thing you can do is stay in your studio hoping that buyers will come knocking! How will they know you are there if you don’t invite them in? Sure you have event pages, Instagram #HASHTAGS and probably (or hopefully) an email marketing newsletter, but getting out to meet people in person is so much more effective it is ridiculous. Getting out of your studio doesn’t just mean that you need to go to trade shows and set up an expensive booth; you can get out of your studio an market in creative ways without spending a fortune. Here are some of our favourite ways to share work:

-Live painting at an event

-Giving a talk or demo at a workshop or trade show

-Partnering up with a local charity and giving back

-Donating to Swag Bags

-LIVE Streaming from events you are attending

-Offering Classes or Workshops at your studio

-Being a guest facilitator for a corporate client

3-Location, Location, Location 

Where do you want your work to be seen? If you have a higher priced product, will you sell it at a school craft fair? If you have a less expensive mass produced product, will you sell at a luxury boutique? Likely, you need to sit down and make sure to show and sell your work (and its varying degrees) in the right places. If you are participating in shows that don’t offer you what you are looking for not only in terms of sales, but of networking, affiliate marketing, and growth opportunities, why bother? Before you sign up for any show, make sure you ask yourself the questions: “Why am I doing this event?” and “What are my goals for this particular event?” Be sure to gain as much insight into your own responses as possible and work with the coordinator(s) of each event you participate in closely to help you achieve your goals.

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This year, we are participating in the West Coast Women’s Show again and we’d love to see you. Enter to win 2 tickets to the show by heading to our Facebook page and finding the photo below with the contest details! Contest closes October 15! Good luck! 



New York’s Hottest Artist

 New York’s Hottest Artist

fiverr2 homepage_steprepete

Marko Stout and his shows seem to be everywhere this year.  Stout’s recent show in downtown SoHo in early September this year drew large lines of young people, art collectors and fans waiting to get into the exhibition to meet this cult artists and see his exiting new works.

The critically acclaimed New York artist Marko Stout is considered by many to be the coolest and most relevant multimedia artist working today. The New York Journal said he was the “rockstar of the art world”. A recent Huffington Post article called Marko Stout “the next Warhol” and “the quintessential New York Artist”.


Although Stout is known as a popular New York artist his career begin in California, but his popularity grew when he moved to NYC is 2009 and developed his trademark gritty urban style.  The recent years has acceptance of the artist by the traditional art world, galleries and dealers, along with a growing traditional and social media buzz which continues to gain the attention of numerous collectors with his works selling for rapidly increasing amounts. The past couple years has seen a rapid increase in the stature and interest of the artist, as he advances from local New York and group shows to larger international exhibitions and prestigious gallery solo shows.


Marko Stout has moved beyond New York City and is now featured in Miami, Berlin, London and other international art cities. Stout’swork will be featured in an upcoming solo show at the Art Nation Gallery in Times Square this fall and highlighted at the Art Basel show in Miami this December. Images from his latest collection, upcoming shows and news can be found on the artist’s official website MarkoStout.com.

New CREATIVEBLOCH Artist Magazine and Group Art Show!


Creativebloch (www.creativebloch.com) is pleased to announce our first issue of CREATIVEBLOCH MAGAZINE! The magazine will be released as part of our Fall Group Art Show, ECLECTRICITY.  The first edition will include 17 amazing NYC artists, and will be available to order after October 6 exclusively though our website.

The artists will also be featured in our gallery show, which opens October 6, from 6-9 PM in DUMBO.  Come celebrate the show and the magazine!  

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1764380590509081/


Painting Dreams Art Tours Featured in North Shore News!

A big thank you to the North Shore News for featuring our owner and project creator for Painting Dreams International Art Tours this weekend in the paper!



This summer, Monika took the second annual retreat to Wroclaw, Poland-the European Culture Capital for 2016. Monika taught art classes while Sabrina Widner from Coastal Storm Gallery coordinated activities such as gallery visits, museum tours, gnome hunts, castle visits and walks through the city.

This tour was made possible from our sponsors and affiliates: Twin Peaks Construction, Art by Edy, MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery, Art World Expo, Make and Break Arts Foundation,  Daddy BloggerJireh Stone Vancouver

Read the full article: http://www.nsnews.com/entertainment/dossier/travel-inspires-monika-blichar-s-creative-journey-1.2331560

Artists interested in travelling to Barcelona, Spain in 2017 can join us for the next art trip, please email artists@theartworldexpo.com or visit www.mabartstudio.com to register online. The next meeting is scheduled for September 25, 2016 from 2:00-4:00pm. Instructors for the 2017 tour will be Monika Blichar and Irene Eaves. Activity Coordinator will be Sabrina Widner.


Art Workbook by Founder Monika Blichar Helps Spark Creativity

“You’re Going to Make It-A Creativity Workbook to Help You Make Your Best Art!” by Founder of Art World Expo Monika Blichar has been a real hit this summer!


Monika has been working with emerging and established artists since 2009 via various projects including teaching at MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery in North Vancouver. In response reflections about how to help people be more creative in their art and lives, she put together a unique workbook to help even the most beginner artist ignite creativity!

Inside students can complete 10 exercises on things like highlighting, shading, perspective, colour wheel and even some work on portraiture. Monika also included some inspirational worksheets that will help anyone pin-point what they would like to do with their creativity and take action steps to achieve those goals. Blichar says that fostering the desire to create is crucial to well being and spurring imagination. She can’t live without creating and attributes her own creativity to doing something right-brained every day. “Whatever it is that you would like to create,” she says, “it can be nurtured and developed with an open-mind, dedication and most importantly, fun!”

Monika is always giving back to the arts community through fundraising and this is just another way for her to help others start their own work and be sure they understand the fundamentals of art. The first 100 books help support facility costs at MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery. So far, Blichar has sold 80 copies! Help her meet the goal by ordering an Ebook Here!