Art World Expo Interviews Her Healing Guidance: Melanie Sereda

Tell us about who you are and what you do? What’s your company name, when did you start, what are you main services and goals as a business owner? 
My name is Melanie Sereda and I am the owner and founder of H.E.R. Healing Guidance. Spiritual Healing is the core focus of my business. I assist others in their personal healing journey through many different modalities. I connect to spirit to ascertain the right modality for each individual, if the client is unsure of which one they need in the moment. I am a Reiki Master, Soul Coach, Psychic Intuitive and have mediumship abilities. As a Spiritual Healer, my goal is to always provide information for the clients highest and best good. I do not allow for negative energies to come through as they are not relevant for the healing process. Even though some information may be taken as negative, it is not intended as such and can be used in a positive light to allow for beautiful healing outcomes. All my services are available through distance (video chat, zoom, phone calls, and even email) because energy does not know time and space. The energy felt between two people in the same room can be felt at the same intensity across the country or even the globe, if the person receiving is open to it.
Art World Expo’s 10th Anniversary is postponed this year due to the COVID19 global crisis. What do you normally offer when you are at a trade-show and how have you pivoted your services during this time of social isolation? 
I offer mini sessions at trade-shows and markets for those who may like smaller readings, more specific guidance or simply get a small taste of the work I do. For example, I can offer Soul Connection Readings – I connect my soul to yours and they offer a visual description of how your soul is feeling right in the moment. As I describe the image I am given, spirit offers guidance or information for a deeper connection that the person can take how they choose and sit with it. I also offer 3-Card Oracle card readings. Whether you have a specific question or simply wish to have general life guidance, I pull 3 cards from a given deck and read them as they lay. Another option is an Aura reading, where I connect to your energy and see the colours of your current Aura. As our auras change, colours have different meanings for different people and the certain colours may also have different meanings within yourself at different times of your life.
Have you introduced new products or services during this time? 
I am currently adding Guided Writing Readings to my offerings right now. In this, I connect to the client’s spirit team, angels and loved ones in spirit to allow them to speak through me. Once connected, I sit with pen and paper and allow them to put their thoughts to paper. Once they are finished, I either transpose the information or simply take pictures of the writings and send them to the person requesting it. Because it is not me, specifically, who is writing the guidance, the handwriting is different and can be almost illegible.
What have you learned about yourself as an entrepreneur during this time of social isolation? 
As a spiritual healer and entrepreneur I have learned that I still have a lot of healing left to do! And I have been taking the time to ensure I complete it! It has been a lot of work, but so worth it in the end. I’m feeling deeper connected to spirit, cleaner, lighter, and so ready to continue helping others. I’ve also learned to trust even more than I used to. My faith in spirit has never failed me and it has continued to shine despite the hardships. As an entrepreneur, I’ve realized how much time I’ve been taking away from the simple things in life. Owning your own business is a lot of work. And I’ve had to make sure I keep putting in the time to continue my growth as a business and as an individual.
If you could give other creative entrepreneurs a tip right now, what would you tell them? 
Be sure to find balance! Chaos is created when your equilibrium is off. Understanding how to get the most of your productivity while still finding time for fun will allow your business to continue to grow at the same time as you gain personal growth.
To learn more about Her Healing Guidance, visit or Instagram and Facebook with the handle @HER.Healing.Guidance

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