Globe Trotting Photographer David Naman

Interview With …
David Naman

by Alyssa Laube
About: David Naman is a cutting-edge, award-winning photographer whose primary focus is on nature and nude images. His work can be viewed on:


How were you introduced to photography?
I started taking beauty pictures of my other half. We showed a couple of friends and they really liked them and wanted some images taken of them. I wanted to know more about photography so I took some courses.
How were you influenced as an artist by your heritage or home town?
I am a born and raised Vancouverite and every day we see natural beauty surrounding our city.
Who was your main inspiration growing up and how has it changed from then?
I never knew I was an artist when growing up, so I never had a role model, but when I look back I remember sketching figures in my spare time.
What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
Winning a Gold Medal in the ‘TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT’ 2013, which is one of the most prestigious Photography Award shows, got me on the Global map!
What is your favorite art gallery in or outside of Vancouver?
The Museum of Modern Art in N.Y.C.
How do prefer to experiment with your photography?
I always want to create something extraordinary, unique and brilliant, so I use many techniques I have learned over time.
Simply put, where do you get inspiration for your art?
Life inspires me.
 How do you feel about the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”?
You definitely can put a whole story into a picture but the way the viewer interprets the image can be different.
What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?
To capture the beauty, elegance, power, and grace in nature, wildlife and human form.
 Do you currently have a favorite artist or collection?
There are many amazing artist but I have come across one photographer recently that has really got my attention, Daniel Ilinca.
Describe the Vancouver art scene in three words.
Alive, diverse, and budding.

Visit David at Art World Expo 2014 on May 2, 2014. David’s photography has also been chosen for the AWE 2014 advertising campaign.



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