Mexico Born Artist Becerrah Keeps Balance of Every Day Via Creative Process

Interview With Dinorah Becerrah

 About: Dinorah Becerrah is a painter focusing primarily on flowers and other natural designs. Currently, she is practicing out of Vancouver, B.C. 


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This is your third time at the event. What is it about the A.W.E that keeps you coming back?

I like to see different artists and their work. I think it is a great opportunity for artists whom may be new in the city or are exploring a new medium. I enjoy the feedback that I get from the public, and there is a very large traffic of people.


How were you influenced as an artist by your heritage or home town? 

My father writes poetry. My mother used to paint. My sister is a poet. In my home town, Mexico City, there are Frescos everywhere.

Who was your main inspiration growing up and how has it changed from then? 

It was my mentor Jorge Arturo Ojeda, a poet and writer. Therefore, I was a poet, but the need to express in the most basic form for me is painting.

Many of your paintings have floral designs. Is there a reason for your focus on flowers? 

I believe that the flower represents the essence of life: cause and effect. I associate Flowers with women and with life.

Your work also features bright and bold colours. How do you experiment with the use of colour while painting? 

There is joy in pink, strength in red and coolness in white, which are my basic colours.

How have you developed as an artist, both professionally and personally? 

I have developed by reading and listening music, attending concerts and lectures, and sharing with others. Experimenting with different mediums.


What was the last artwork that had a lasting effect on you? How so? 

Recently I made a painting called “La Coatlicue”. Coatlicue is an Aztec Goddess, the creator of the earth and Heaven. She’s the Mother of all gods.  I just love it!


How did you receive your training? 

At twelve I was introduce to paint by my sister’s friend, who was a young talented artist. By fourteen I was under the wing of my mentor.


What type of environment do you prefer to work in? 

I prefer to work in my own space. I play with the canvas and its reflection on a bunch of mirrors at different angles. Then I have light coming from different angles as well. I love to work at home alone.


Where do you get inspiration for your art? 

Every day I see beautiful things! Whether it’s in figures or words, children, animals, water, mountains… Its all over!


Have you ever gotten  “Artist’s Block” and if so, how did you deal with it? 

Yes. Changing my language and country blocks me temporarily, but i’m glad because I create even more afterwards. 


Is there a main theme or message to your art? If so, what? 

Life, women and nature: the three universal Powers.


Did you always want to be an artist? 

Yes. The creative process keeps the balance of everyday life.


Do you currently have a favourite artist or gallery? 

I love open studios, specially as it has been done in San Francisco, where several artists open their studio or home to the public. In this way, the public gets a deep sense of the art and their creator.


Describe the Vancouver art scene in three words. 

Naturally revealing scene!

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