Mikhail Buzhinskiy-Perspective Opens Doors

Skyside Avenue

Skyside Avenue

My name is Mikhail Buzhinskiy. I’m 42. After receiving an engineer’s degree in 1998, I soon became interested in programming. So in total, I had worked as a programmer for more than 16 years.

I’ve been drawing from time to time all my life, and now I am pleased to introduce you to my project which I call “Perspective Art”.

The truth is that about two years ago, I became intrigued by perspective and tried to develop a concept based on it. Soon after that, in my dream, I found myself in an area where differentials between various perspective levels (grounds) were clearly seen. It was an incredible, fantastic landscape. Since then, in my real life, I’ve started to notice various levels and differentials quite often. This is what inspires me now.

Generally, especially on the street, my eyes follow the intersecting angles and lines across the landscape. It is somewhat of a demanding fascination to be able to portray what I see.

I feel that drawing perspective opens doors to a boundless and wonderful world. A world I am fortunately able to fully explore utilizing graphics software and a graphic tablet. It allows me to find an interesting perspective effect and then to create a reality for it. Constructing this world and showing others the beauty of these unusual angles is very fulfilling and brings me great joy.

To view more of Mikhail’s work, please visit http://www.buzhinskiy.com/ or https://buzhinskiy.wordpress.com/

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