The Art of PIN-UP with Doli Photography

We love to connect with artists from around the world; in fact, it is our priveledge to share art with you.

Another new discovery at AWE this week is “Doli Photography” based in Dallas, Texas, USA.  Doli has an array of works on her site at but highlighted below are her Pin-Up pieces. Her use of color and dynamic in her shoots is quite interesting and not only teasingly rebellious, but also indicative of freedom in the arts in today’s world.

doliphotography doliphotography2

doliphotography3 doliphotography4

Doli Photography has a selection of prints available for sale, be sure to visit her site! 

In “The Art of Pin-up,” Dian Hanson describes a pin-up simply as a “provocative but never explicit image of an attractive woman created specifically for public display in a male environment.”

But this imaginary female isn’t just attractive. “Her sexiness is natural and uncontrived, and her exposure is always accidental: A fishhook catches her bikini top, an outboard motor shreds her skirt, a spunky puppy trips her up or the ever-present playful breeze lifts her hem, revealing stocking tops and garter straps, but never the whole enchilada.”

Since they skyrocketed to popularity in the World War II era, pin-up images have occupied a variety of roles — military inspiration, commercial photography, kitsch nostalgia and cult aesthetic.
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