World Hydration-The Importance and Possibility of Water

by Alyssa Laube

In North America, water is massively taken for granted. For most of us, it’s readily available anywhere. At home, we can drink it from the tap, and on-the-go we use water bottles. However, although we’re blessed with a quantity of water, the quality can sometimes be deceiving.

“Tap or bottled water contains chemicals such as chlorine, lye, ammonia, B.P.A.’s and even bacteria. All of the waters are lifeless, oxidizing, and acidic, so instead of cleaning and hydrating your body, they contribute to more health problems,” said Sabine Gaudette, business owner of water ionization equipment company, World Hydration.

The water that World Hydration produces solves this problem, along with many others, and the benefits are tremendous. Their filters remove any harmful substances, as well as altering the composition of your water depending on how you intend to use it. There are different types for every need: beauty water for hair and skin, acidic water for disinfection and wound care, Kangen water to replace degreasers and detergents, and most commonly, hydrogen/antioxidant-rich drinking water.


Curious to know how it worked, I asked Sabine about how her products function.

“The units hook up to any tap and are plugged in,” she responded. “The water passes through a filter which takes out chlorine and other impurities, and then is charged as it passes over the platinum and titanium plates [inside of the device]. This separates it into alkaline antioxidant water and acidic water. All of the important minerals we need are drawn to the alkaline side, and the bad ones go to the acidic side.”

The result is pure, harm-free water with a flood of health benefits. Those who use World Hydration technology have reported being more alert and awake, weight loss, alleviated pain due to injury or illness, and generally feeling healthier. It’ll even help your pets! After all, we’re both mostly made of water.

Although her customers have praises of their own, World Hydration’s products also had a meaningful impact on Sabine and her loved ones. While she was initially interested in the business for it’s environmental benefits, the query took a much more personal turn when her husband, a war veteran, began drinking the hydrogen/antioxidant-rich water.

“He was not able to function after he was exposed to the effects of war. For 19 years, he suffered with multiple symptoms, P.T.S.D. being the worst of them,” explained Sabine. After drinking this remarkable water for 3 weeks, he began healing, and today he’s living his life fully and with purpose. Now, we’re inspired to help others to realize that they have the choice to help themselves, too.”

This motivation is what inspires Sabine to share World Hydration with anyone who will listen, but the environmental advantages are equally as important. “They eliminate the need to buy bottled water [and cleaning chemicals], thus creating less pollution,” as well as reducing the need for medication by improving the health of those who use it.

“Everything we put down the drain eventually gets recycled back to us in our water. Can you imagine how much the planet would flourish if we didn’t use these unnecessary chemicals?” Sabine questioned. World Hydration is getting us a little bit closer to finding the answer.

The company will be sponsoring this year’s Art World Expo in Toronto, where talented, Canadian artists will showcase their work.

“When I attended this years Art World Expo in Vancouver, I was absolutely mesmerized by the talent surrounding me,” said Sabine, about why she chose to sponsor the event. “Monika Blichar has really done the world a favour by creating this amazing venue for artists to be seen! If you haven’t been, you need to get there. You have no idea what your missing!”
To learn about or purchase from World Hydration, buy tickets to one of 2015’s Art World Expos where you will find more information from this business!


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