The Art World in Mexico-Mario Brondo

It’s always a great thing to connect with aritsts from around the world. Afterall, when we are professionals in our industry, we should mingle with our colleagues near and far. Connecting with others in the Art World can be especically rewarding. Not only does it give us joy to connect with others in the arts, it also gives us a glimpse of how culture and creativity are doing in other areas of the world.

This week, please check out Mario Brando in Mexico. A unique artist working on ‘mapping the useless’. Visit Mario’s website HERE

“A mapping of the useless, I’m developing other sciences cacopedia:

the infinitesimal calculus: Using statistical and graphing software, the points are searched in the tables where a change of value does not constitute almost no difference with the rest. We looked at variations, 00000001%

the esclerpatomitencia: The art of killing the dead.

History: It is an exercise that utiiza media images and other registry some medieval archaeological sources, some premodern, which have little or no relevance to the historical moment in which they were developed. They, however manage to give us a sincere approach to history. Although the idea ranging from ancient history, right now I’m focusing on the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Artificial Intelligence: Finding cracks in the universe, focusing on the automated, I analyze in different media robotics stupidity. The piece feedback is just a microphone near a speaker. The feedback sound becomes so large that the speaker and microphone sometimes break down. Awkward voices short, they are wrong in their diction; google searches that give amazing results on the frequency of people’s emotions.



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