The Art World Expo’s “Intuitive Coach”, Christine Johel


By Alyssa Laube


Christine Johel “received [her] first card deck from [her] life coach and mentor” and “was re-connected to a gift and talent: the ability to read tarot and oracle cards.” As a result of honing in on that talent, Christine started practicing as an “intuitive coach”. To elaborate on what that title entails, Johel offers the following services: Reiki, Akashic records reading, tarot and/or oracle card reading, hypnotherapy, and mediumship.

She “began [her] training in Reiki to reconnect with universal energy” and now uses it “to prepare the space for [her] clients’ session, so that they can feel like it is a safe place to express what he or she is going through.” Tarot and oracle card readings are likely a more familiar practice; Johel “reads or translates the symbols or pictures in the cards” in order to “assist [her clients] in their life’s path”. As is hypnotherapy (“used for pain management, phobias, past life regressions”) and mediumship (“used to connect clients’ [to their] love ones who have passed away into the spiritual world”). Akashic Records Reading, on the other hand, is more complicated.

Before our soul comes to Earth, we create a contract with our source, God, or universe to learn,” says Johel. “Many people lately are questioning their life purpose and what it means to have freedom of choice. The Akashic Records have all of that information. It allows one to heal and release blockages. I use Akashic Records with my clients when they are indeed needing guidance, a change of direction, or understanding in their life.”

Christine will be offering her card readings at this year’s Vancouver Art World Expo “for three reasons”.

“First, I can offer them to a new audience,” she says. “Second, I will be able to meet, connect, and build new relationships with people who are passionate and talented in art. And last, card reading is a form of art; it is reading art on cards and relating that information to the client.”

Attendees of the Expo who visit Christine’s booth can expect the following from her card readings:

“Step 1: I invite my client to choose a card deck that has caught their eye, by colour or name. During the conversation, I will ask my client whether they want three or five card readings.

Step 2: I’ll take the cards out of the box and hold them in my hand for approximately ten seconds. Then I pass the cards to the client to hold for ten seconds, or longer if needed.

Step 3: Once the client has held the cards, they will then return them to me and I’ll begin shuffling them. I’ll invite to the client to tell me when to stop shuffling the cards.

Step 4: Once I have stopped shuffling the cards, I’ll ask the client to pick the cards, either by spreading them out or breaking the deck. If the client breaks the deck, I’ll invite them to pick cards from the top/middle/bottom.

Step 5: I will lay each card the client chooses upside down. Once all the cards are chosen, I turn them up and have them facing the client.

Step 6: I begin to read the cards by pointing to the symbols and how they relate to my client. From there, I will begin to share deeper information.”

Visit Christine and get a reading of your own by purchasing tickets for this years Vancouver Art World Expo!

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