Pioneering New Experimental Art Project Seeks to Create Music that Mimics Human Speech

Composer Kenn McSperitt is working on an ambitious musical art project that involves basing orchestral songs on human speech. This pioneering new method, which he has deemed ‘phonetic composition’, means that pieces can be created that mimic the way that people talk. McSperitt melds phonetic science, phonological features, and spectral analysis of speech sounds to produce this truly unique experimental sound. This is art at its most unique and inventive.
​McSperitt is currently attempting to finance a CD containing 2 large multi-movement works in the style of phonetic composition. He is using the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in order to do this. The album will be distributed by Centaur Records, a label in the Naxos distribution family, which has already agreed to help to get it on the shelves. It will feature 50-60 minutes of new music for chamber orchestra.

​This is a truly original project, involving one of the most creative musical-art concepts of the last decade. Perhaps it could herald an era in which the lines between speech and music are no longer as defined, and rousing speeches can be translated into compositions that are equally stirring and memorable. It seeks to question the very nature of music, and blur boundaries that were previously set in stone.


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