Art World Expo Gearing Up

Are you looking for art or accessories? This year, be sure to attend the 7th annual Art World Expo at Science World on May 12! A variety of vendors include everything from handmade fashion to art, accessories, photography and even make up and cosmetics will have you and your group devouring all there is in the art world. You chance to see and purchase works from over 100 talented artisans and makers both local and international.

From top left: Apothic Wine Tasting 2016, Ryan Broderick Paintings

Bottom Left: Crowds at the Main Stage

Middle Top: Michael Griffin Middle Bottom: Michele Trask and Deanna Fligg

Bottom Right: Guests Tara and friend enjoying the gala in 2015! 

Tickets are now available! 

Want to show and sell with us? We are accepting vendor applications until April. 

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