Interview with Thea Small-Owner of Ondine Naturals

by Monika Blichar

It is no secret that I am a big fan of handmade and organic products. I love quality and care when I purchase anything and more and more, I look for companies whose moral and ethical values align with the improvement of the global marketplace. Ondine Naturals is one of these companies and I interview her today to find out a little more about what drives her passion for natural beauty products. 

1-What inspired you to start a natural body care business?

It was actually an existing company that was started over 25 years ago.  I bought it just over 9 years ago after I returned home from traveling for my niece’s birth.  I wanted to be close to my family and work for myself while contributing to being a part of the great community (The Sunshine Coast) I was raised in. My mother always taught me to care and to be knowledgeable about what I put on and in my body so a natural body care company was the perfect fit. After I met with the previous owner and saw the amazing work she had done and the great potential this business had, it was an easy decision and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

2-What do you think is the best part about having your own business?
I love working from home. Having my own business gives me the flexibility to take a break when I need to hang out the laundry, or to make myself lunch, or to take the dog for an afternoon walk, or pick my niece and nephews up from school. Some days there’s no time for any of that but most days if I plan accordingly and have the discipline I can do it all.
3-How do you come up with product ideas?
When I recently rebranded, I designed my products based on what I want and need. I wanted to stop buying bottles of shampoo and conditioner, so I designed a great shampoo soap bar and a hydrating hair oil… I haven’t use anything else in my hair in over two years. I wanted a natural deodorant that actually worked, so I made one. When I bought the company I was only 24 years old and fine lines and age spots were not a concern for me then, but now in my mid thirties they are so I designed a great eye cream and face serum. I love and use all my products 🙂
4-What is your favourite ingredient?
It’s a tie… I absolutely love the shea butter I get from the african fair trade society that comes from Senegal. I use it in so many of my products. But if I had to pick just one ingredient it would have to be the Calendula oil. My mother grows all the Calendula (a flower from the marigold family) in our back garden and she infuses it with an organic olive oil to create a high quality oil, which is anti-inflammatory and has many healing properties. The calendula oil is an essential ingredient in many of my products.
5-Will you have any special offers for Art World Expo vendors and attendees?
Sure 🙂 I will offer 10% off to all vendors and to the first 100 attendees I will give away a free guest sized soap sample. Then for all customers, I will offer a free cedar soap dish with purchases over $50.
For more information on Ondine Naturals, please visit:


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