Brooklyn Photographer-Rob Lundberg

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Rob Lundberg is a Brooklyn Photographer who is becoming increasingly known for both his street photography and live music shots. Originally hailing from the Boston, Massachusetts area, Lundberg’s work goes above and beyond to captivate viewers. With an approach to the lens in a fine-arts sense, his pieces not only emits beauty, but captures the true essence, spirit and personality of his subjects. Using Crown Heights, Brooklyn as a major source of inspiration for his street photos, he gets up close and personal as he brings each person’s picture to life…with a single snap. On the other end of the realm, Lundberg has been making a name for himself as a noteworthy live music photographer, shooting artists such as the buzzworthy Pinky Doodle Poodle from Japan, to big names like The National. Varying between a mixture of black and white and color, every picture shows a small piece of his personality as an artist. Recently Lundberg self-described his work in an interview with the New York Patch as “raw, organic, candid, free, gonzo, avant garde, documentarian, observational, curious,” which is spot on. This October, he will also be debuting his work in a gallery setting at the Clio Art Fair in Chelsea, New York City. The fair runs from October 19 to the 22nd. Find tickets via the link below, and be sure to check out Rob Lundberg’s series if you are in the New York area. You will not want to miss out on seeing his unique and artistic work up close and in person.

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Find out more about the Clio Art Fair, and buy tickets, here:

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