LetzRock-An Emoji Music Player

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives. They help us get our jobs done, stay in touch with people we care about, and even do our shopping. But, as useful as apps are, there is also fierce competition in the app marketplace. The Apps are just another form of Artistic design and talent in digital form, as the look and feel matters the most!

In our Art showcase, we feature one of the best mobile app – 


LetzRock – An Emoji music player.The App’s theme has a modern design with mood based Emojis, that helps us to categorize the songs using ‘one-touch’. It can be used for a variety of activities such as Driving, partying, workout, and much more. With LetzRock in our phones, we don’t need to skip the songs anymore while engaged in activities such as Driving, workout, etc.

The fully updated 2017 theme integrates beautifully with colorful themes, so you can choose which one you’d prefer to listen. It comes with all the needed features, which have been updated for 2017, such as:

  • Multiple custom remix
  • Add your own remix
  • 10 different color themes
  • Equalizer 
  • Most importantly, the App serves a great purpose of not having skip the songs. The Emoji icons helps to play the songs by mood.

LetzRock is a product of LetzwApp Communications, Inc.


Copyright © 2017 Letzwapp Communications, Inc. All Rights reserved.

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