Interview with Body Painter Rouge Gear Body Art

by Monika Blichar

Body paint is an amazing art form. It’s incredible what artists can create in just a few hours and even more incredible that the medium has to be washed off within the same day. It’s a fleeting kind of art-one that can only be truly enjoyed in person just after it is created. I met Rouge Gear Body Art online and have been taken with what she has accomplished-very excited to see her work in person! I caught up to her today and asked her about her work.

1-When did you start make up and body painting?

I started in October of 2016.


2-Your instagram is very active! How do you maintain such engagement on social media?

I have been in many international collaborations and online contests, since I started Halloween 2016, the first few of which were Christmas 2016. I have also had my work shared on various feature pages, and I’ve been featured in Skinmarkz Magazine. I love connecting with other artists, and appreciate all different kinds of art, as I am actually a mixed media artist! I have made some amazing friends, and it is easy to find inspiration and beauty everywhere. Happily, I am consistently approached by other artists for friendship, and collabs, I try to be a support whenever possible. The Instagram Body Art Community is an amazing supportive place. I count myself honoured to be among some of the most talented, awesome people I have ever met, let alone be considered their friend and collaborate with them!


3-Your range of characters and make up is extensive. Do you have a favourite project or character you have created?

Yes, I get bored easily, and I love to challenge myself! I am known for my Skulls and Cat characters. My most recent favourite project was a demon transformation, from a human I divided into 4 parts. I was also required to write a story to connect all the makeup looks as well. I won second prize in this online contest, always so exciting!

sketch-1493101540484 - Robyn Asselin (2).png

4-Can you give us a hint about your “Lady Luck” body painting entry for Art World Expo Body Painting Competition at the Muttart on March 16?

I have something pretty intense planned, there will be accessories, and possibly prosthetics as well.


5-Where would you like to see your arts business in five years?

I’d like to be able to help support my family, and stay at home with my daughter! I have a secondary account for my Carvings, Jewellery and Sculptures @rougegearsurvivalart on Instagram.

6-Just for fun: If you could do make up for anyone past, present or future, who would it be?

That’s a tough one! I would love to meet so many artists, I hardly know where to begin although my favorite makeup artist is Mimi Choy, or @mimles here on Instagram. I love science fiction and fantasy so much, I would love to work with Tim Burton, or Guillermo del Toro.

To learn more about Rouge Gear Body Art visit her active Instagram account! Be sure to check out her entry into the Art World Expo Edmonton Body Painting Competition on March 16, 2018 at the Muttart Conservatory!


Monika Blichar is an Entrepreneur and Artist. She is owner of Monika’s Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery in North Vancouver and producer of Art World Expo and Painting Dreams International Art Tours. She is always pushing boundaries as an artist and creative entrepreneur. Her love of the arts has been a part of her life since childhood.

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