HERBERT SIM “Adam & Eve: The Fall of Man”

by Francine Jansen

A digital illustration work entitled “Adam & Eve: The Fall of Man” by Herbert R. Sim, was seen making waves across photo and video-sharing social networking service – Instagram, amassing thousands of engagements, shares, likes and comments.
The illustration itself showcased the one of the most important stories in the Bible, or rather among the first stories in the first book ‘Genesis’ of the Bible – The story of ‘Adam and Eve’, being tempted by the serpent; and the orgin of mankind.
This illustration however is different from the hundreds if not thousands of other such artworks out there in the world. The artist himself had an unconventional theory, that the serpent which tempted the first humans Adam and Eve, had legs! And the serpent was drawn dragon-like, that similar to a Chinese dragon, but with a typical western dragon look
ing face, that similar to Game of Thrones’ dragons.
The Serpent is seen entwined around thetrunk of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”; who in the story itself tempted Eve to eat the fruit from the tree, who shared the fruit together with Adam.
Even more intriguing was the main characters were made to resemble that of famous celebrity couple, Ryan Reynolds, starring as Adam; and Blake Lively starring as Eve. And their naked bodies were perfectly sculptured in the illustration.
The artist, Herbert Rafael Sim, is a digital illustrator, writer, and philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor. Some might even know him as ‘The Bitcoin Man“.

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