Interview with Nature and Wildlife Photographer GovindVijayakumar

Snow_Leopard2_Govind-Vijayakumar.jpgThere are different types of photography and wildlife photography is one of the genres amongst them. Today, let us meet GovindVijayakumar, a wildlife photographer based in India. He is also the owner of PhotographyAxis, through which he shares his photos, tips, and tutorials on photography. His photography works got published in many renowned magazines and books.

When did you get interested in Wildlife Photography?

I started developing an interest in photography after completing my graduation. I have completed my graduation in Electronics and Communication. I bought my first DSLR camera after getting into my first job as an Electronic Design Engineer. It was my initial days of photography, and my interest was on Architecture and people photography. I managed to learn more about photography within one year. Later, I became more interested in Nature. So, I slowly switched to Nature and Wildlife photography. For me, “Photography is All about Light and Colors.” I am doing Nature and Wildlife photography for the past seven years.

Can you share some of your best wildlife experiences?

I had lots of good experience in wildlife. I would share a couple of my wildlife experiences. Recently, I had been to Papua New Guinea, which is known for the extraordinary Birds of Paradise. It was like a dream come true to see these beautiful birds. I was lucky to see the courtship display of the male Raggiana bird of Paradise. I am still getting goosebumps when I tell this. I managed to see around 10 Birds of paradise species.

Photographing the Snow leopard was another best experience in my wildlife career. It was the toughest of my wildlife trips at an altitude above 12,500 feet in bone-chilling weather. The terrain was tough. I managed to get some good snaps of Snow leopard in a close range. The male snow leopard, which I sighted was sitting on top of a kill.

What is your Photography advice to Amateur Photographers?

The most important quality required for a good wildlife photographer is patience. You need to be patient enough to wait for the action to happen. You don’t need costly equipment to get your best shots. You need to know your camera correctly. So, understand the strength and weakness of your camera and use it accordingly.

The best natural light for photography is during Sunset and Sunrise. You can get the best shots during this time. Photography is 80 percent capturing the scene in the camera, and 20 percent in post-processing. Don’t think post-processing as a high-end photo editing skill. It is just a basic photo retouching which involves necessary color correction, exposure adjustment, and image sharpening. To be a successful photographer, you need to have a good portfolio of your works.

If you are new into photography or if you want to improve your photography skills then it is worth checking out his photos and photography tips.

GovindVijayakumar’s Website:


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