A Brand New Decade-How to Be Creative in 2020

A Brand New Decade-How to Be Creative in 2020
A brand new year is here and once again, many of us out there feel filled with possibility, dreams and lots of goals for a brand new year but also a new decade! Are you someone who loves a brand new year? I sure am and I am so excited for all that 2020 will bring! This year is extra special because I am celebrating 10 YEARS IN BUSINESS!
The last 10 years have brought many amazing experiences, projects and connections with our community and I am beyond grateful for every minute! (Even all the hard stuff!) This year, we are planning to start our next decade with excitement, celebrations and of course, lots of creativity! I hope you will join in the fun!
As we head into 2020, I often use January as a month to plan and refocus on what I really want from the year ahead. Do you do that too or do you just wing it? Whatever your strategy is, studies on an ongoing basis show that CREATIVITY IS IMPORTANT TO SUCCESS and in fact, a necessity. If you are interested in this topic, have a look at some of these articles:
I wanted to share some ways to be creative in your life this year. If you like some of the ideas, be sure to let me know next time you come or just write a reply to this post. I always love to hear from all of you near and far who have been a part of my last 10 years in business!
1-Surround Yourself with Creativity
A great way to get your creative juices flowing this year is to surround yourself with creativity. Join a group, meet creative people, add creative items/decor to your space, get books on creativity from the library or seek out creative spaces in your city. When we are surrounded with creative people, places and things, we tend to get more creative ourselves!
2-Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
If you are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, you’ll never get anywhere! Getting out of our comfort zones is a key to being more creative in any area of our lives. This year, I am challenging myself and all of you to get out of your comfort zones and push yourself to do new things that you would not normally do. If you have had a dream to do something, let me know and let’s help each other stay motivated this year!
3-Get a Creativity Buddy
Working with others can be a great way to stay on track, get more done, and stay accountable. In the last few years, I have buddied up with a couple of partners on projects like Murray the Dragon as well as working on individual events with other designers and artists. Having a buddy to work with has helped the creative process immensely because you now have a partner who sees things in a different way and who can contribute to the project through a different vision. One of our coolest customers introduced us to her creativity buddy this year and the two of these ladies craft together and do fun art projects together when they have time. What a wonderful way to be creative while maintaining a friendship!
4-Make a List
Yes, do it. Make the list! Writing down your goals, ideas and dreams helps you not only visually see what you want to do but it also helps your brain find ways to accomplish the list, even while you are not conscious of that process! Take time to make a list this year and put it somewhere visible where you can see it often and check off things as you do them!
5-Take Time to Check In
We are usually pretty good at this at the beginning of the year, but by the end, do you find yourself just whizzing around day to day to get your to do’s done forgetting about that big list of dreams from the beginning of the year? This year, I pledge to take time every week to review my goals, edit and adjust, and make sure to check in with my mental, emotional and physical self daily. Are the things I am doing daily making me happy? Am I taking time to nourish all areas of my well being? Checking in is just as important as being creative and goal setting so that you make sure to take care of yourself throughout the process of being creative in life and living your best life! Be sure to take time to check in with yourself through meditation, exercise, getting away, journaling, or just simply taking 10 minutes a day for silence.
I hope that 2020 brings immense joy, wonder and creativity to all of you and I look forward to seeing or hearing from you this year! Stay tuned for special event announcements this year, 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations and new projects coming up as we head into a new decade of all things creative! Be sure to get your tickets to the 10th Annual Art World Expo HERE and if you are an artist who wants to show at this event, sign up HERE.
Have a wonderful week ahead and check out all the awesome things happening this month at the gallery as well as in the arts community in Vancouver and beyond! You can find out more information about our boutique gallery in our January Newsletter HERE too!
Stay creative!
Wishing you all a wonderful 2020 from all of us at Art World Expo and Monika’s Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery!
Monika Blichar, B.A. & B.C.C.T.
Owner & Founder, Lead Artist, Studio & Gallery Arts & Program Manager and Art World Expo Producer!
Paulina Gorecski
After School Program Leader & In House Floral Designer!
Jorden Liteplo
Creative Connections Music Therapy and Knit Wear Designer!
2020 Art Assistants
Anna, Dirty Paws Designer & Kids Activity Helper
Sophia, Studio Helper & Kids Helper-cool human in high school!
604 999 6177

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