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Art World Tips: How to Increase Your Social Media Following

by Monika Blichar


Are you an artist struggling to get traffic to your website? You are doing all sorts of things to boost your social media ranking but seeing no results. And now, you are frustrated and feeling deflated! Here our our top three tips to help you gain more followers and see results on social media! Be sure to share these tips with your art friends and if you like, leave a comment and let us know how you are doing!

1-Be Consistent

Social Media is all about being consistent with your content. If you are inconsistent, your website, blog, Instagram or Facebook will be inconsistent to your fan base. Think of your social media as if it were a store. If you are open all sorts of hours and nothing is ever the same, how do you think your customer will feel? Likely; they will be confused, disappointed and despite coming to your storefront, they leave feeling as though there just wasn’t anything there to buy! Treat your networks exsactly like a storefront. Be consistent with your content and you will gain many followers who are looking for what you have to offer.

2-Cross Promote

One of the fastest ways to grow your network is to cross promote with other artsits. Are you a visual artist but have a good friend with a tea shop? Ask your friend to run a promotion with you for one month where you both promote a piece of your art; a card, a print, or even a product with your art on it, and something from the tea shop. By cross promoting, you BOTH gain followers from one another’s networks and help each other out. Think outside the  box for this one. Cross promotions are social media win wins.


Are you posting every day but no one seems interested? Not getting any likes or comments is a big sign that you are doing something wrong on social media. Think back when you were younger and your friends reminded you that no one likes a bragger when you told them all about winning that dance competition. It’s much of the same thing on social media. If you are always posting only about yourself, your events and your products, people might become disengaged. Try to offer engaging content that is related to your industry so that people can comment or leave their opinion. Post other people’s work or events and share community news in your area. You’ll notice that your following will quickly increase and that your followers will appreciate your new strategy!

Social media can be difficult, but one of the great things about it is that it can connect you to so many potential opportunities so quickly! Be sure to try our tips this week and let us know how you are doing!


Keep making art!


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