Top 3 Tips for Art Sales in 2017

By Monika Blichar 

Have you thought about what you need to do in order to prep for art sales in 2017? It’s never too early to start and we love to help artists and art dealers stay on top of their game especially in the sales department. Here are our top three tips to prepare for a successful year of art sales. 

1-Create a Monthly Calendar and Sales Plan 

Knowing your weekly and monthly goals as an artist or dealer is crucial to helping you stay on target throughout the year. We like to have a sales goal monthly and also break down our product sales goals. For example, when we have new cards or prints at our gallery, we try to find a number for sales of those products and meet them by month’s end. This can work with original pieces, accessories or even service packages and if you have staff or affiliates, can be motivating for them also -especially f you offer a sweet prize for top sales. We recommend a monthly goal sheet made in the last few days of December. Once you’re done, post each month goal in your studio and revisit each sheet at the end of the month to keep yourself and your team accountable. 

2-Partner Up 

Most artists and dealers work alone. This is hard! Who can you partner with? Can you find a local coffee shop or business and propose a month long exhibit in exchange for a commission on any sales? What about finding an intern or sales agent who would like to help by promoting your work in exchange for commissions on everything they sell? Get creative and find partners who are motivated to sell your product to help you. Two heads are always better than one! Not only will you increase your chances of sales, but you will also spread out your workload making more time for you to create! 

3-Register for Shows 

The best way to sell your work is to be part of a variety of events that are targeted to your market or demographic. Register for a variety of markets, trade shows and exhibitions throughout the year. Do your research and find out how many guests are anticipated, where they are marketing and how long the show has been running. The flip side of being in events is also being prepared. Always make sure you engage with guests, have cards and a draw to gather emails, and then follow up. Being present at the events is especially important if you are the artist because it is great way for local buyers to get to know you and gain access to you and your work. Maybe they have questions they would not otherwise ask unless they meet you in person. Perhaps they were too intimidated or too far to come to your studio to ask about a commission or buy products. Be sure to consider a sales agent at events only if you are absolutely sure they know your products inside and out and they know how to sell. As a business owner, you want to make it as easy and as pleasant as possible for customers to find, connect and buy from you. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas about you plan to do for 2017 art sales, leave a comment or send us a message! Remember to share this post with artists or dealers who could use these tips! 

Good luck in 2017 everyone!