Interview with Oh La La Cosmetics

by Monika Blichar

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Art World Expo is an annual event that happens in Vancouver each May and bi-annually in Toronto in October. This year, we are pleased to interview some of our vendors and share with you some of their insight into why they do what they do! 

One of our favourite vendors this year is Sena from Oh La La Cosmetics. The products are so good and are all made with quality and care. The best part is that Sena can make custom orders for clients and takes great care and pride in her work. We asked Sena a few questions about her line!

1-What makes your product stand out from other beauty products?

We make every Oh La La product by hand to ensure the very finest quality. This also means we can give a personal touch to every client and to every order; which we believe is important in this age of mass production. We take care to use the highest-quality ingredients, including organically-grown herbs and ingredients in all our products.

2-How has your background influenced your work?

I was born and raised in an eclectic environment, with origins from Europe, South America, and Africa; a rich multicultural background. Since childhood I have been deeply interested in the arts and crafts of these cultures, from beauty, to food, to music. My grandparents who were herborists and Naturopaths deeply influenced me.

3-How do you market your work?

We market my products via direct sales like at different shows and farmers markets. We find that this is where customers have the opportunity to try products and go home with samples if they want to try out our products first.  We also carry some of our line in various retail stores, sell via our website and promote via Instagram and Facebook. Our website is

On Facebook and Instagram we are “ohlalacosmeticscanda”.
4-What are your long term goals for Oh La La Cosmetics?

We are a growth-minded business, the rest of the world is our oyster!  We intend to enter the global marketplace and expand the business to find new markets. Our goal is also to create a foundation to help women in Africa spread their wings and succeed.

We are looking forward to featuring you and other handmade artisan vendors at the 7th annual event on May 12 at Science World. If you are in the Vancouver area, this event can’t be missed. More information is up at For more information about Oh La La Cosmetics, visit

Making Sweet Social Connections outside of the Salon-Meet Tres Bon Beauty

Interview With…

Diane Travis From Tres Bon Beauty

Interviewed by Alyssa Laube

About: Meet Diane Travis, the owner of “The Local Hair and Beauty Salon That’s Making Sweet Social Connections,” Tres Bon Beauty. For more information on Tres Bon Beauty, visit

How would you describe your past experience with the Art World Expo?

This is my 3rd yr. at Art World Expo, Last year, I had business from it and it was worth it financially for me.

How did you get started and trained in beauty?

I entered hairdressing school the year I graduated from high school. I trained at Comer and Doran Hairdressing Method in New Westminster.  I upgraded skills by taking many colour courses, seminars and conferences along the way.

Did you know instantly that you wanted to pursue it?

I believe I was born to be a hairstylist.  After constantly looking to comb my mother’s and grandmother’s hair and begging my mom to buy more makeup, the family said-I think she’s going to be a hairdresser!  And the rest is history!

At Tres Bon Hair & Beauty, you emphasize interacting personally with clients. Is there a reason for this, or is it simply in your nature?

I am personal by nature, but the reason I like to interact helps me to create the best result for their lifestyle.  I help take the stress out of beauty for them.

Other than personal service, what makes Tres Bon different from other salons?

Tres Bon creates a smaller space where clients can relax and feel pampered.

How did your childhood, family, and hometown influence your work?

My childhood taught me hard work, good values, and the importance of family.

You offer a variety of services. What do you consider your specialty?

My favourite service is what I call “The Petite Makeover” – Ladies cut/color/few hi-lites/style and easy makeup.

How have you developed as a professional?

I would say that personal and professional are one in business. I consider personal growth essential to be able to give people the service they absolutely need and want.  I still do what I do, just change the way services are given.

As someone with experience, do you have any words of advice for new business owners?

My advice to new business owners: follow your passion and talk about it clearly and simply. Define your uniqueness, and ask for what you need and help others.   You cannot do it alone!  Make your life easier, not harder. And have a wonderful time!

What is your favorite (and least favorite) thing about working in beauty?

I get to make people look good and feel good. My least favourite thing is the client who doesn’t get it!

Do you have a favorite memory from working with Tres Bon Hair & Beauty?

My favourite memory is the story, the many stories, but the many compliments I get regarding how I make them feel and look.  This is why I do what I do.Imagetresbon-kara