Art World Miami: French Sculptor Capucine


Can Art alleviate souls?  This is my project.
My work is about reshaping reality by giving smoothness and sensuality to my sculptures. In return, people feel lighthearted and at peace. This is my reward.
I keep caressing my sculptures. My hands are my eyes. I carve in limestone and plaster, with hand tools only and also work with mixed media, always inspired by nature. This is my process.
Since 2013, I’ve been living and working in Miami. I want to reach out to the world. This is me..”


Biography : 
Capucine Safir is a self-taught, Miami-based French sculptor.

After many years working in the movie industry, she graduated in interior design in Sydney, Australia where she lived for a few years.

In 2009, Capucine’s life took a new turn when her second son was born disabled; after caring for her children full time for four years, as she moved to Miami, she decided to pursue her love of art and started working full time as a sculptor.

She enjoys every aspect of this art from the physical implication to, the sound of the tools to, the dust. But, most of all, it is the appearance of the form emerging from the block that makes direct carving so special. She soon found her own style through soft rounded shapes. Streamlined, pure, atypical are some of the adjectives which best define her sculptures.

Her work is very instinctive whether she creates animals or abstract sculptures. The worlds of sculpture, design, as well as painting or nature itself also make up her varied artistic influences.

She carves in stone and plaster with hand tools only and also works with mixed media.

To Etsy or Not to Etsy-Check out Morphingpot Art Studio!

As an artist, there really are a million and one ways to promote art for sale. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Periscope, Snapchat are just some of the the social media platforms that you can use. The list is endless when you think about it!  Today we want to look at a shop on Etsy from Morphingpot Art Studio. While the craze for Etsy may have started several years ago, as seen in this shop, it is still an amazing way to sell and feature work to potential buyers and fans from all over the globe.


Meet Isabella Pavanati, who studied painting at the Art School in Milan; Drawing and Artist’s Book at the Graphic Int. School in Venice and Sculpture techniques at the Sculpture School in Treviso. She loves Jazz and Soul Music is a vegetarian and loves animals (but not as food :)).

“Hello and welcome to Morphingpot Art studio, the Etsy s hop of artist Isabella Pavanati. Here you will find a large selection of my unique and whimsical sculptures, folded book art, head planters, wire wall frames, wire wall art, paintings and so much more, all made by hand here at my studio in Treviso, Italy.

I also love custom orders, so please feel free to convo me to discuss any custom art projects you have.

Thanks for visiting!”