wild earth artistry

Interview with Edmonton’s Wild Earth Artistry

 by Monika Blichar
Each year, we are blessed to be able to work with a variety of artists who are so creative via our exhibitions at the Art World Expo. For our first annual Edmonton Art World Expo, the caliber of artists has not disappointed. Today I caught up with Joelle for Wild Earth Artistry who is competing in this year’s Art World Expo Body Painting Competition. She tells us about her journey as a make up artist and gives a tiny hint about her body paint entry for this Friday’s event at the Muttart!
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1-When did you start make up and body painting?

I’ve always been an artist, but after playing around with Halloween make up for a couple years, I decided to go to school for it. I’d been working in the oilfield for way too many years and I just knew that wasn’t where I saw myself working in the future. So in 2011, I attended a film, fashion and theater course in Edmonton.

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2-What is your favourite thing about being a make up artist? My favourite part about being a make up artist is seeing the transformation happen and seeing the model and clients reactions. It’s so fun to be able to dream up a creation in my head, but to see to come to life is so exciting! It’s the best feeling to see how happy your art has made someone else.

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3-Do you have a favourite brand of make up or tool that you use? I like using torn up sponges to create texture, and help with blending.


4-Can you give us a hint about your “Lady Luck” body painting entry for Art World Expo Body Painting Competition at the Muttart on March 16?  The only hint I’m giving about my “Lady Luck” body paint is….. she’s going to sparkle!

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5-Where would you like to see your arts business in five years? The last 5 years I’ve let my art sit more on the back burner. My job was the focus not my passion. I’ve recently started my own business and I’m super excited to give myself more time to create the art I love. So in 5 years from now, I just hope that I’ve better myself as an artist, that I’ve created a good name for my business and that I’m still doing what I love!

6-Just for fun: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I love travelling! I’m more of an adventurer so I would love some kind of backpacking type of trip to Europe, I love history, castles and anything old. Our world is so fascinating and interesting and I just want to see it all.
To learn more about Wild Earth Artistry, visit her Facebook Page.  Be sure to come to the show and check out Joelle’s entry to the body painting competition! It will be amazing no doubt!


Monika Blichar is an Entrepreneur and Artist. She is owner of Monika’s Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery in North Vancouver and producer of Art World Expo and Painting Dreams International Art Tours. She is always pushing boundaries as an artist and creative entrepreneur. Her love of the arts has been a part of her life since childhood.