Nature and Technology-Working in Unity: An Interview with Chris Collacott


By Alyssa Laube


About: Chris Collacott is an international award-winning photographer who is known for his stunning natural landscape, architecture, and cityscape images. He specializes in large-scale panoramic photos, which are created by merging a collection of shots of a chosen subject, resulting in captivating and beautifully detailed prints. Though some of his works are mastered through the use of digital technology, it is a steady hand and adherence to age-old photographic principles that makes his photos come to life – composition, location and an eye for the dramatic.

What are you planning to bring to the expo this year that will be different than last?


Each year, I continue to travel and explore new and incredible places.  This year, I will bring some amazing new images that I have captured over the last year.  Also, I will have a one time special on my prices of my prints for the show – that almost anyone can afford.

You’ve spoken of a past career and interest in science and technology. How were you involved with it, and is it still a part of your life today?

Science and technology will always be part of my life.  One aspect that I love about being outdoors and in the back-country is having some fundamental understanding of the science behind how our planet was formed and how all these beautiful places (mountains, ocean) were created.  Imagine seeing mountains being created as a time-lapse in the space of a few seconds. It makes us, me, feel very small in time and space, and that I feel is awe inspiring.  It makes me respect our planet and where we live outside the concrete jungle.   As for technology, I am always interested in how it can improve my work.  New camera systems, drones – I am an early adopter for technology so I say bring it on!

In the past year, what have your focuses been?

In the past year, I have captured many new images from some amazing places including Spirit Island in Jasper National Park Alberta, Lake O’hara in Yoho National Park, Mount Assiniboine in Assiniboine Provincial Park, BC, Steptoe Butte in Washington State, the Grand Canyon in Arizona – and many more!

Do you prefer to work in colour?

Although most of my work is in colour – I also create black and white images as part of my works.  I love working with stark high contrast black and white images and especially as long exposures.  These types of images just look better in black and white!

Why do you think you like photographing mountains?

Mountains give me a feeling of awe, and I feel that is the same way with humans in general.  They are so majestic and really speak volumes of how small we are in the geological time scale.  They also look great to capture and even more fun to climb and ascent to the peak!


When did you start taking photos from helicopters, and what are the advantages of doing so?

Helicopters allow me to take images from a completely different perspective. As a photographer, we are always seeking that unique view on the same scene, and getting up in the air allows us to do that! So any opportunity I get – I will take. I recently teamed up with SKY Helicopters and offer photography helicopter tours with them – so now I can offer that same experience to others as well at a very reasonable price!

With winter on it’s way, and your environment changing, how do you expect your work to change?

Not really, other than the subject matter being ‘winter’ in nature, I will continue to capture scenes of the outdoors.  The great thing about photography is that all seasons have something to show, something to offer, and many adventures to go on.

To learn more about Chris and his work, visit:

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