The Art of Knowing Strangers-An Autobiographical Introduction to Alyssa Laube

The Art of Knowing Strangers

An Autobiographical Introduction

By Alyssa Laube


There’s nothing more enticing than a mysterious stranger, and the desire to explore their minds has been gripping the public for decades. Whether it be a teen heartthrob or world-renowned scientist, there is something endlessly fascinating about peeking into the lives of the talented, experienced, and attractive. However, it isn’t always possible to speak directly with our icons. Audiences worldwide dreamed of getting to know the character behind their favourite records, paintings, or novels. The human urge to to connect and be educated united the artists and their admirers, and so the interview was born.

As I grew up, my own attraction to journalism rapidly transformed from escapist to educational. As a young girl, I would eagerly anticipate my monthly issues of Glow, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen. As soon as it dropped through the mail slot, I would flip through the pages, instantly fascinated by what to wear and which Disney star was having boy troubles. Fortunately, years passed, Hannah Montana ended, and I began to form my own style – free at last from pink sequins and enormous bows. Yet, my love for magazines and newspapers was unwavering. Today, I look forward to The Rolling Stone, People, and of course, a long list of online news sources for their ability to broaden my world view. Merely being exposed to a foreign perspective, concept, or lifestyle can change the lives of an entire demographic. The power of journalism is not only beneficial to me as a reader, but also has inspired me to work in the field professionally.

From there, my interest only grew. At the age of sixteen, I was thrilled to be accepted as a volunteer journalist by the admirable woman I am writing this blog for today – Monika Blichar. When I stepped into the Make & Break Arts Foundation studio for the first time, surrounded by incredible pieces of diverse art, I could hardly believe that I would be able to meet and write about their creators. Nevertheless, here I am – one Art World Expo and dozens of interviews later – still in disbelief of my privilege.

Truly, that is what is has been. Working with Make & Break Arts Foundation has given me a world of experience and the opportunity to speak with creative local artists. Each interviewee I meet has a unique style, experience, and personality. It’s not unlike exploring different realities; I continue to be stimulated by captivating works of art and concepts which I would never have considered otherwise. Overall, being a part of Vancouver’s vibrant art scene, all while building my portfolio as a budding journalist, has been a dream come true. Still, it couldn’t have been the joy it was without every part of the Art World Expo team making it so! To all of the artists, readers, and of course, Miss Monika Blichar, I say an honest thank you. In the future, I hope to continue unmasking the human behind mysterious strangers. Every story deserves to be heard, and every one has a story.

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