Art World Expo Interviews Blissbeads: Sandra Beingessner

Tell us about who you are and what you do? What’s your company name, when did you start, what are your main services and goals as a business owner? 

I started Blissbeads in 2003 after participating in a three hour glass bead making class. I hand make glass beads using a torch fed by oxygen and propane. Blissbeads then go into a kiln where they are annealed for durability. After they reach room temperature they are thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next phase…Jewelry! Developing colour combinations and custom blending new hues, melting glass to its fluid state and manipulating it to form a new, luscious form excites me every time I light my torch. I feel that Blissbeads style is not easily defined. A client once described my designs as Feminine and Unforgettable…I love that description because I feel it reflects my intention as a designer and my feeling that each one of us is uniquely individual. This viewpoint inspires me to design wearable works of art and the lovely human is the canvas they adorn.

I design collectible one of a kind jewelry and commission pieces. I have been blessed with the privilege of designing for special occasions like Weddings and Anniversaries, corporate events, sentimental gifts and Memorial Beads containing cremains of loved family and four legged family. Customer service is key and it looks much different now that I am unable to meet face to face with guests.

Art World Expo’s 10th Anniversary is postponed this year due to the COVID19 global crisis. What do you normally offer when you are at a trade-show and how are you reaching new customers without being at trade shows this spring? 

At shows I offer pieces made specifically for the event, loose beads for designers and whenever possible I accommodate adjustments and custom same or next day service.

Have you introduced new products or services during this time so that customers can still shop with you?

This season I designed a new line of Boho Glass/Leather Chokers that are ageless in their appeal. They pair beautifully with my multi strand leather bracelets featuring magnetic clasps. When it comes to commissions there are lots of photos going back and forth by text so the details of my designs are exactly what the guests desire. It is a very collaborative experience.

Lots of artists thrive in self induced isolation! Would you say that you are an introverted artist and enjoying this time or are you an extroverted one who is missing the hustle and bustle of events and people?

I really do enjoy my quiet, creative time…however I’m missing meeting collectors and ultimately seeing my creativity adorning them. That aspect really revs me up.


If you could give other creative entrepreneurs a tip right now, what would you tell them?  

On a personal note I have been a Hairstylist for 36 years…my world has been very hands on people. My husband and I closed our brick and mortar businesses and sold our home in September. We sold most of our possessions and moved into our fifth wheel. We left our home town and headed on down the highway to Fort Langley. The plan was to spend the winter and then embark on a cross Canada tour. Music and Blissbeads…the Live and Kickin Tour…well thankfully we are “Live


and Kickin” but the tour is on hold. So we are staying put until…no definite plan…for two people who are pretty accustomed to a plan. My husband is a professional Musician so we are two creative humans anxious to share what we do with others at markets and venues across our beautiful land and surround ourselves with the diverse cultures from West to East.
For other creative types…dial into your creativity to tune out the crazy…I have been posting a lot more on Instagram (blissbeadscanada) which has connected me with many new followers and other artists. Introduce a new skill to what you


already do to keep your brain fresh. Stay connected.
And like us…continue…being creative♥️

You can find Sandra on Instagram and also visit her website here.

Art World Expo Christmas Fair! 

Tomorrow we invite you all to our Christmas Fair at 4015 Fraser Street in Vancouver, BC. 

Over 50 participating Artisans, vendors, and designers who are selling a variety of goods and services! Art, fashion, jewellery, home decor, knitting, make up, skin care, health and wellness, desserts, and so much more! Finish all your shopping, support local and even enjoy lunch with us! Best part is that we invite all ages and it’s free to attend! We have 100 swag bags for the first 100 people too-great items inside include essential oil from SPOIL YOURSELF, Art by Elizabeth Hill, a copy of Fresh Magazine, one free art class at MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery and an It Works drink sample to keep you healthy!

Learn more on our Facebook event page Here

Our event auction, Christmas earrings and coffee sales are supporting two causes. The first is to help fund our new creative arts and wellness centre opening in North Vancouver in the Spring. The second is to support a member of our Art World community with cancer. Please be sure to buy a coffee, bid on items in the auction and purchase a pair of these earrings by Monika Colmorgen for $7! ​if you can’t make it and you’d like a pair of these earrings, please email us at or call 6049996177. 

Artist Feature Galina Lukshina

Статья на Русском

portfolio_ab7cedcf7d (1).jpg
By Iryna Petrenko

Artists are people who live in their own world of fantasy, dreams, emotions and feelings. Each one of them chooses a way to express their ideas of the universe and show their inner world.

Graphic artists choose sharp lines, creative thinking and unstable space. They are able to reveal the infinity and variety of such laconic graphic work. Traditional painting requires the artist to obey the established canons, but it is the graphics that open up the whole breadth of possibilities, freeing the imagination of the artist, limited only by the white sheet of paper.

Galina Lukshina is a visionary artist. She is an amazing woman who creates truly beautiful, mystical and unique pieces, expressing her own perception of the world, revealing feelings and emotions, flaunting human weaknesses and joy. Because of her talent, skill, desire to create and irrepressible imagination, these incredibly beautiful, bright and at times bizarre drawings make it impossible to remain indifferent.

The secrets of the artist are very simple: the creation of an image, regardless of the subject, must pass through the prism of their own sensations and emotions. By investing part of her own soul in each painting, Galina fills it with positive energy and feelings that she wishes to convey to the viewer. What makes her work entirely different from other artists, is the sincerity with which she animated her subjects. The author chooses unusual angles and creates dynamic images. Sharp hatching makes the picture come to life, the characters soar, taking the viewer into their realm.

The main theme of Galina Lukshina’s works is the inner dialogue of Man with God. These conversations encompass the whole universe in her paintings, where you are greeted with silent sadness, hopes for the future, parental joy, and childish naivety. All this is closely intertwined with surrealism, mysticism, and sometimes esotericism. Somehow, surprisingly, this emotional whirlwind is brought into balance and harmony by the artist.

There is a deep connection with folklore in Galina’s art. Belief in one’s own creation is present in many ancient rituals. Ukrainian folk embroidery is one of them. Our ancestors believed that you can embroider your destiny. In the modern world, we call it visualization. Galina found her way to create the future. She embroiders it in her paintings, and it projects into her life. When she was a child, Galina painted her daughter, and this drawing became a reality. Her daughter Alisa is not only the artist’s favorite creation, but also an endless source of inspiration for her work.

“I drew her when I was a child and was working on finishing this drawing for a long time. And now we often draw together, and together we see much better vision ahead. Alisa now lives in another country, married, but space does not separate us at all. On the contrary, the world in our minds is compressed to convenient values ​​and this does not affect the quality of our communication. Here is Alisa, this is my most Important, the Best and most Significant Creation. I understand the world more clearly and distinctly through her now. I had a quantum leap because of her birth. Transition to a new level of consciousness. “(From an interview with the artist)

Alisa Lukshina is also an artist, and an actress. Actively filming, she also helps with sales of her mother’s paintings and organizing exhibitions.

Galina Lukshina has repeatedly participated in international art competitions in Spain, France, Germany, China, Australia, the USA and Mexico, and in 2004 her personal exhibition in Russia was held. Her works are in private collections in Ukraine, Europe and the USA. Among other things, the artist and her team are now working on preparing for another personal exhibition in Moscow.

There is a wonderful person and a musician, who needs to be mentioned. Alexandr Balunov, the founder of a famous music group Korol & Shoot (The king and the jester). He loves Lukshina’s art and has commissioned a few paintings. He decorated his new house with the art.

Today, Galina’s works can be seen and even purchased on the pages of the Internet store where the detailed photo gallery of the finished works is presented, and there is an opportunity to make an order for original artwork, as a custom order printed T-Shirt.

Unique presentation, bright and memorable images, kindness and true human warmth are all present in the artwork of Galina, who invites everybody to travel through her magical worlds.


Final Call for our Art World Expo Christmas Fair Vendors! 

Are you an artisan or independent rep looking for a holiday event to participate in this year? Look no further and join our exciting Christmas Fair this year! 

We have a limited number of tables left for vendors at our Christmas Fair on December 16! Submit your registration today here: Questions? Call Monika Blichar 6049996177 

We love to small businesses and Artisans and our Christmas Fair will be no exception to sharing the love for all things unique and local this December! 

Thank you to Two of Hearts boutique in Kits for donating $5-$25 gift cards to spend in store! Lots of raffle prizes every 30 minutes! 

Preview products, join the convo and connect with participants on our Official Facebook Event Page

When you attend this COMPLIMENTARY ENTRY EVENT, you’ll find: 
-Over 50 vendor tables including art, jewellery, fashion, hand knit goods, make up, skin care, chocolate, baked goods, kids accessories, essential oils, dog accessories, home decor, and health and wellness products and services and much more! Everything you need in one venue to complete your holiday shopping and networking! Ask our vendors about collaborations, participating in your events or if you’re a gallery or boutique owner, come browse to see if you could work with one of our Artisans in 2018! 

-Fashion Shows by John Pfaff, Carolyn Bruce Steampunk Jewellery, and West Coast Hatters on models provided by award winning female body builder fitness models from Team Fitness! Yes! Exciting! 

-Cheeses Crust Food Truck-Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Drinks! Really good sandwiches! 

-Raffles every 30 minutes-Prizes from local vendors and of course, many of our sponsors from Art World Expo! Tickets sold on site! 

-First 100 people through the doors receive a complimentary goody bag! No purchase necessary! Just be one of the first 100 people at 11:00am sharp! 

-Face Painting for kids and adults by award winning body painter and visual artist Francoise Boise ($10/person) She’s amazing! Don’t worry, she will do Holiday themed paints too! 

-Silent Auction Benefiting Make and Break Arts Foundation-all proceeds support independent Artisans and Arts Programs and Exhibitions in BC. It’s a win win! (Huge line up of awesome stuff to bid on-great for holiday gift ideas and of course-gifts for ourselves!) 

-Arts & Crafts Station for Kids-leave them at the craft station and go shop and mingle! We have you covered! 

-Finally, when you’re all done, take a photo at our photo booth with visitors from the North Pole! Capture a memory and celebrate Christmas 2017 with us! 

Current vendors: 

Monika Blichar

Art by Edy

Carolyn Bruce Designs – Steampunk Jewelry**FASHION SHOW**

West Coast Hatters**FASHION SHOW**

John Pfaff Art & Fashion**FASHION SHOW**

Fashion Show models sponsored by Team Fitness-Award Winning Female Body Builders from BC! 

LumberJax Custom Wooden Jewelry 

Karolyn’s Tupperware

Inner Harmonious Peace

Kathline Essential Oils Accessories

Jennifer Haase, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

SPOIL YOURSELF, Cristina De Vellis

Jessica’s Homemade Alfajores-Baked Goods

Fifth Avenue Collection by Pardeep

Younique, Amanda Cherewick

The Sweet Doodle

Whisk Premium Matcha

Copper Paw Designs

Coastal Storm Gallery

Dagmar Doubkova Herbal Life

Bodacious Butterflies

Scentsy Kristi Weaver

SweetLegs Vancouver with Julia

Love Eco Jewels

Spain Gourmet Canada

Radiant Life Hoops & Styles 

Petite Hippo

Earth Meets Spirit

Boise Art Works-Face Painting for Kids On Site $10/each

Deanna ArtFORMS

Diamond Movement

Andrea Renée Blackett MONAT

Diva’s Niche

All Day Shine by Julie SeneGence Independent Distributor # 384814

Crafts By Julia

Bryce Musil Azrael’s Forge Gems and Fine Jewelry

Taylore Mcmanne Jewellery

Telling Life Stories

An Interview with Marilyn R. Wilson

by Alyssa Laube


About: Marilyn Wilson is a passionate editor, writer, blogger, and author of her book – a collection of interviews – titled “Life Outside the Box”. Her editorial and composition work is under Raine Magazine, stationed in New York, and she works with Influence Publishing as an author. Marilyn covers a wide variety of subjects, but is highly involved in the fashion industry.


What is it about meeting new people that fascinates you so deeply, and why do you feel that it is necessary?

I cannot remember when the fascination with other people’s lives started. It’s been a part of my core being from the time I was very young, but I truly became aware of it during my first interview. I had goosebumps and little bells went off in my head any time something important was said! It is only now, looking back over the last 8-9 years, that I realize how much it has changed me. I learned how others have lived and faced success and adversity. They bring me concepts that guide my life such as Ujamaah (cooperative economics – we raise our success together) and Wabi Sabi (the Japanese concept of finding beauty in imperfection). I have learned self-acceptance for my own personal journey. Why it is necessary to tell these stories is more complicated. For me personally, if I do not share them, I do not get to interview and my life becomes much smaller and more limited. For others, I truly believe that it’s the stories of how real people live that will define our times. Reality TV will fade away as 80% irrelevant, and in its place, historians will look to those who offered a better picture of how we lived.


How has it changed your life, personally? If there are any specific interviews from Life Outside The Box, please don’t hesitate to include them if you wish!

Some I mentioned above. Another that I didn’t came from my interview with Geir Ness. He is a tidal wave of positive energy who always pursued his dreams. I have more insecurities and struggle with procrastination. After hearing him talk about his life for over an hour, I commented on this. How can those of us without that incredible positive energy and unlimited drive face our shortcomings? His answer was to surround ourselves with people who help support us in areas of weakness. That, plus the concept of Ujamaa, pushed me to create a positive circle of friends and elevated me and to sign with Influence. It also helped me let go of people and decisions that created a negative energy. This is not easy for me, as I was raised to be everything to everyone, but necessary for me to succeed in my life’s purpose.


Life Outside the Box-Click to Purchase on Amazon

There are ten people featured in your book. Why did you choose those ten, out of every interview you’ve conducted?

 Over the last 8-9 years I have been privileged enough to interview well over 100 people – perhaps over 150. But because the articles needed to go into print – as well as my access to people – they fall heavily within the fashion community. While I love fashion, my interest is not actually fashion writing. I love to interview a wide range of people. So, for this book, I had to reach deep to have a true variety of lives. That’s what it’s all about for me. There is no one right way to live your life, no one right path to follow, and no definition of success that fits all of us. Embrace your journey.


How did interviewing so many interesting, hard-working professionals change your outlook and work?

Each was like a facet of a diamond. You start way too close with the diamond right at your eye and only see the one side. Each interview required a step back to see a little more of the diamond – and myself reflected in it. One day I suddenly realized I looking at who I was, what I wanted, and who I chose to associate with in a whole new way. The hardest part for me was learning to let go of those who brought a lot of negative energy into my life. I don’t mean friends or family who are struggling – I mean those who do not appreciate you for the talents you have and for what you bring to the relationship. It’s okay to let those fade, as it’s not beneficial for them either.


The idea that “there is no such thing as a normal way to live your life, and no one right solution to any problem”, as written in your article with Influence Publishing, is not an easy lesson to learn. What do you believe brought you to this revelation?

Sheer numbers. Period. When you’ve interviewed over 100 people living fulfilling, unique lives, it’s hard to hold on to absolutes. When you allow yourself to follow your inner intuition and find your own path, it quickly becomes obvious that it’s the right way to go. We only fight this because the outside world tells us what we should want and strive for in terms of success. It puts pressure on us to comply. In contrast, the intuitive mind can offer answers that are truly unique.


I imagine that learning that lesson has changed your life enormously. How so?

Some days yes – some days no. I didn’t start interviewing until I was 49 and you don’t wash away that many years of conditioning easily. Surrounding yourself with friends, family and business associates that you have an Ujamaa relationship with is so important. They want the best for you. You want the best for them. It’s by being in a supportive community that we can deal with the highs and lows and keep our focus.


Why did you choose Influence Publishing to partner with, over another company?

One of my friends, who became a zen chaplain, told me that when her future mentor walked into the room, she felt her presence without even turning around. I had a similar experience with the founder of Influence, Julie Salisbury. Out of the blue one night, I bought a ticket to a women’s networking event – something I never do – because a publisher was speaking. From the moment Julie began to speak, I was overcome with emotion and had tears in my eyes. You have to know me to know how out of character this was. But the words of my friend, the zen chaplain, came back to me. I met Julie in person to talk about my ideas and from the moment I saw her, I had the same feeling. That’s the true story. On the business side – hybrid publishing works for me. I get to keep full rights to my work, pay an affordable set fee contract, have their support for marketing/media, and access their US distributor.


How are/were you involved in the fashion industry?

After Gestalt Magazine, my first opportunity to write fashion articles, folded, I advertised on Craigslist and connected with a photographer. He wanted to start a local fashion magazine focused on the amazing professionals we have working in the industry. I was introduced to artists from all over the world through nearby fashion weeks, which then led me to connect with Raine Magazine in NYC. Working with Raine has allowed me to have a slightly wider range of articles. I have even covered an international sand castle builder! They have also been my greatest connection to some very high end artists.


Can you explain how you chose the name for your website, http://

My website is actually a funny story. I was feeling a bit boxed only writing on fashion artists and events. When I complained to a friend, she suggested I start a blog. I think I actually laughed. I hated blogs as they were mostly pictures with just a few lines of writing. Nevertheless, she pointed out that it could just be a place to put writing. If getting a few hits inspired me, what a great option! I searched my name and found way too many Marilyn Wilson’s – my first preference. I chose Olio, because this was just meant to be a hodge-podge of writing for the sheer fun of it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become my main writing venue and receive up to 17,000 hits in a month. It doesn’t follow the rules, it isn’t on a specific topic. I write often sometimes and only occasionally others. Why it is finding an audience – I actually have no idea!


Do you have any advice, not only for myself, but for others? This could be professionally, or simply words of wisdom.

This is the best advice I ever received and it’s in my book. William Orlowski is a Canadian Tap icon who has toured the world. He struggles with Dystonia which has limited what he can do – but continues to find work that is fulfilling. When I asked him his definition of success, this was his answer. It still gives me goosebumps; ”There is no secret. Just do and be brave.”


You’ve said that you are constantly changing, as you learn something new with each interview. Is this something you want to do for the rest of your life?

As I am heading into a new decade in January, this is a troublesome question. At my age, no one knows how long they have when it comes to health and/or mental sharpness. I cannot imagine my life without interviewing and writing, but the journey we are on as human beings means we end up facing limitations. I am encouraged by the longevity of American-Irish sci-fi author Anne McCaffrey as well as Grandma Moses who didn’t start painting in earnest until the age of 78. There is always hope. But when the end comes, the hope is that I have encouraged others to embrace telling the life stories of real people with real lives. I promise – it will change you.


To learn more about Marilyn, visit

The Art of Knowing Strangers-An Autobiographical Introduction to Alyssa Laube

The Art of Knowing Strangers

An Autobiographical Introduction

By Alyssa Laube


There’s nothing more enticing than a mysterious stranger, and the desire to explore their minds has been gripping the public for decades. Whether it be a teen heartthrob or world-renowned scientist, there is something endlessly fascinating about peeking into the lives of the talented, experienced, and attractive. However, it isn’t always possible to speak directly with our icons. Audiences worldwide dreamed of getting to know the character behind their favourite records, paintings, or novels. The human urge to to connect and be educated united the artists and their admirers, and so the interview was born.

As I grew up, my own attraction to journalism rapidly transformed from escapist to educational. As a young girl, I would eagerly anticipate my monthly issues of Glow, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen. As soon as it dropped through the mail slot, I would flip through the pages, instantly fascinated by what to wear and which Disney star was having boy troubles. Fortunately, years passed, Hannah Montana ended, and I began to form my own style – free at last from pink sequins and enormous bows. Yet, my love for magazines and newspapers was unwavering. Today, I look forward to The Rolling Stone, People, and of course, a long list of online news sources for their ability to broaden my world view. Merely being exposed to a foreign perspective, concept, or lifestyle can change the lives of an entire demographic. The power of journalism is not only beneficial to me as a reader, but also has inspired me to work in the field professionally.

From there, my interest only grew. At the age of sixteen, I was thrilled to be accepted as a volunteer journalist by the admirable woman I am writing this blog for today – Monika Blichar. When I stepped into the Make & Break Arts Foundation studio for the first time, surrounded by incredible pieces of diverse art, I could hardly believe that I would be able to meet and write about their creators. Nevertheless, here I am – one Art World Expo and dozens of interviews later – still in disbelief of my privilege.

Truly, that is what is has been. Working with Make & Break Arts Foundation has given me a world of experience and the opportunity to speak with creative local artists. Each interviewee I meet has a unique style, experience, and personality. It’s not unlike exploring different realities; I continue to be stimulated by captivating works of art and concepts which I would never have considered otherwise. Overall, being a part of Vancouver’s vibrant art scene, all while building my portfolio as a budding journalist, has been a dream come true. Still, it couldn’t have been the joy it was without every part of the Art World Expo team making it so! To all of the artists, readers, and of course, Miss Monika Blichar, I say an honest thank you. In the future, I hope to continue unmasking the human behind mysterious strangers. Every story deserves to be heard, and every one has a story.

Interview with Artist Elaine Kao-Power Ranger at Heart

Elaine Kao Kao_Elaine_2014_2 Kao_Elaine_2014

Founder of Art World Expo, Monika Blichar goes into interview mode with AWE 2014 Exhibitors to search for the meaning of art, the stories within each artist, and the inspirations behind creativity to be found at Art World Expo 2014 in Vancouver, BC. Presenting Elaine Kao, Dino & Panda Inc. 

Elaine Kao~Power Ranger at Heart

As a returning artist from Victoria, BC, Elaine has demonstrated growth and artistic transformation since participating for the first time in 2012. Her art and style is not only eye catching, light and fun, but the message that she holds behind the creativity she pours out into doodles, canvas and merchandise is by far the best part of why it is so important to support the arts in our regions as well as globally. Quoting from her fan page which now has over 54,000 fans on Facebook, her motto is “Art work dedicated to making you smile”.  Simply perfect.

1) When did you start making art?

My parents say I used to draw snowmen when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old (holding the crayons with a fist). My first big inspiration for wanting to be an artist was after watching Sailor Moon (a Japanese animation) when I was in grade 1. After that I spent most of my time drawing the characters and became really interested in the Japanese anime style of art. I always enjoyed art class throughout grade school. In grade 12, my art teacher let me do my own thing in the back of the room because he knew I could do the exercises he was making everyone else do. That was the first time I painted on canvas with acrylics. Then, against the will of my parents, I applied and got accepted into the Visual Arts program at the University of Victoria.

2) How do you feel about the art scene in our province?

I don’t know about the rest of the province, but I always find that Vancouver Island, and Vancouver have lots of exciting things going on. The art scene is definitely growing every day as young artists are being given more and more opportunities to show and share their work and love of art. I especially love events that bring the community together. One of my favorite events is the annual Art Gallery Paint-In (Victoria, BC.)

3) Describe your goals for your art practice.

My goals in art and everything is to become better and better, and perhaps along the way discover new skills and talents. Recently I’ve been really interested in the 3D painting of Riusuke Fukahori and Keng Lye. I’ve been busy with school so I haven’t had a chance to experiment with resin and painting 3D yet, but one day! On my Dino & Panda fanpage my tagline is “Artwork dedicated to making you smile.” I’d say that’s my biggest goal and motivation when I’m making art. Of course, I’m only human, and I have some sad days which gets translated into my artwork, but I think my fans can connect with those moments too, because I believe I’m not the only one dealing with the curve balls life throws.

4) How has Social Media helped your art career? (specifically your 54,000+ fans on Facebook)

At first, I was just using social media to share my artwork and random doodles with my friends but it quickly grew into an awesome way to spread my work even farther…all the way around the world, in fact! I think it’s the greatest motivation to have people from all over the world connecting with my artwork and cheering me on even when I’m down  I know everyone says this, but I have the best fans ever! Fans sometimes send me messages about commissions or drawing requests which I’m happy to work on. Other fans message me just to tell me their story about how one of my drawings may have held special meaning for them and made them feel better after a bad day. Without social media it wouldn’t be possible to connect with so many people.

5) Do you have any special talents or interesting goals you would like readers to know about you?

I’ve been playing the piano since I was 6, and the ukulele since grade 6. I actually teach piano and ukulele! I’m also practicing guitar on my own. I love to sing and I have a bunch of cover songs on Youtube in a few different languages. Other than music, I am a language nerd and there are 7 languages I want to become fluent in (Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, and Greek.) I also speak Cantonese 

6) If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?

I would be a Power Ranger. Other than that I’m pretty much doing what I want right now, working hard on becoming an awesome teacher!

7) Who inspires you to make art?

Everyone, everything, everywhere and anywhere. From real people to fictional characters, everyone has a story to share and there’s bound to be something interesting!

8) Where can readers purchase your art?

I haven’t had time to look into establishing an online store, and I also don’t have much merchandise yet, but if anyone is interested they can just send me an email, or message on the fanpage. Everyone is welcome to visit me at the Art World Expo, of course! Become a fan of my Dino & Panda and I’ll post updates whenever I will be appearing in art shows!

9) Why do you feel art is important to the individual and to society?

I think art is important to the individual and the society because it’s a way to express opinions, and feelings which may be hard to put into words. Personally, art has been a very important aspect of my life because I’m inherently introverted and I used to be the shyest person you could ever meet. Without art and music as outlets I might as well have been invisible, letting everything, good and bad, build up inside until I explode and disappear. It’s important to understand that you are a valuable person within a society and your story is worth sharing. No one is ever really alone, after all! Besides, creating art is, in most cases, the least destructive thing a person can do when dealing with anger, frustration, and all those negative emotions. Even if a person claims to be the most artistically challenged person in the world, they can still appreciate and connect with the visual stimuli they encounter in their surroundings.

10) Lastly, what do you like about being in the Art World Expo showcase?

I love being a part of the Art World Expo because I get to see many different styles and disciplines of art from many artists. It’s both inspiring and encouraging. Because I’ve been in the Art World Expo for a few years now, it’s exciting to see every aspect of the show improving each year.

To learn more about Elaine and Dino & Panda Inc., visit her fan page on Facebook: