What’s in a camel’s hump?

Now that you know, go check out Travis Cataldo, the artist who created this animation.

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Boxing Week is here!

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Over 50 participating Artisans, vendors, and designers who are selling a variety of goods and services! Art, fashion, jewellery, home decor, knitting, make up, skin care, health and wellness, desserts, and so much more! Finish all your shopping, support local and even enjoy lunch with us! Best part is that we invite all ages and it’s free to attend! We have 100 swag bags for the first 100 people too-great items inside include essential oil from SPOIL YOURSELF, Art by Elizabeth Hill, a copy of Fresh Magazine, one free art class at MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery and an It Works drink sample to keep you healthy!

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Artist Feature Galina Lukshina

Статья на Русском

portfolio_ab7cedcf7d (1).jpg
By Iryna Petrenko

Artists are people who live in their own world of fantasy, dreams, emotions and feelings. Each one of them chooses a way to express their ideas of the universe and show their inner world.

Graphic artists choose sharp lines, creative thinking and unstable space. They are able to reveal the infinity and variety of such laconic graphic work. Traditional painting requires the artist to obey the established canons, but it is the graphics that open up the whole breadth of possibilities, freeing the imagination of the artist, limited only by the white sheet of paper.

Galina Lukshina is a visionary artist. She is an amazing woman who creates truly beautiful, mystical and unique pieces, expressing her own perception of the world, revealing feelings and emotions, flaunting human weaknesses and joy. Because of her talent, skill, desire to create and irrepressible imagination, these incredibly beautiful, bright and at times bizarre drawings make it impossible to remain indifferent.

The secrets of the artist are very simple: the creation of an image, regardless of the subject, must pass through the prism of their own sensations and emotions. By investing part of her own soul in each painting, Galina fills it with positive energy and feelings that she wishes to convey to the viewer. What makes her work entirely different from other artists, is the sincerity with which she animated her subjects. The author chooses unusual angles and creates dynamic images. Sharp hatching makes the picture come to life, the characters soar, taking the viewer into their realm.

The main theme of Galina Lukshina’s works is the inner dialogue of Man with God. These conversations encompass the whole universe in her paintings, where you are greeted with silent sadness, hopes for the future, parental joy, and childish naivety. All this is closely intertwined with surrealism, mysticism, and sometimes esotericism. Somehow, surprisingly, this emotional whirlwind is brought into balance and harmony by the artist.

There is a deep connection with folklore in Galina’s art. Belief in one’s own creation is present in many ancient rituals. Ukrainian folk embroidery is one of them. Our ancestors believed that you can embroider your destiny. In the modern world, we call it visualization. Galina found her way to create the future. She embroiders it in her paintings, and it projects into her life. When she was a child, Galina painted her daughter, and this drawing became a reality. Her daughter Alisa is not only the artist’s favorite creation, but also an endless source of inspiration for her work.

“I drew her when I was a child and was working on finishing this drawing for a long time. And now we often draw together, and together we see much better vision ahead. Alisa now lives in another country, married, but space does not separate us at all. On the contrary, the world in our minds is compressed to convenient values ​​and this does not affect the quality of our communication. Here is Alisa, this is my most Important, the Best and most Significant Creation. I understand the world more clearly and distinctly through her now. I had a quantum leap because of her birth. Transition to a new level of consciousness. “(From an interview with the artist)

Alisa Lukshina is also an artist, and an actress. Actively filming, she also helps with sales of her mother’s paintings and organizing exhibitions.

Galina Lukshina has repeatedly participated in international art competitions in Spain, France, Germany, China, Australia, the USA and Mexico, and in 2004 her personal exhibition in Russia was held. Her works are in private collections in Ukraine, Europe and the USA. Among other things, the artist and her team are now working on preparing for another personal exhibition in Moscow.

There is a wonderful person and a musician, who needs to be mentioned. Alexandr Balunov, the founder of a famous music group Korol & Shoot (The king and the jester). He loves Lukshina’s art and has commissioned a few paintings. He decorated his new house with the art.

Today, Galina’s works can be seen and even purchased on the pages of the Internet store where the detailed photo gallery of the finished works is presented, and there is an opportunity to make an order for original artwork, as a custom order printed T-Shirt.

Unique presentation, bright and memorable images, kindness and true human warmth are all present in the artwork of Galina, who invites everybody to travel through her magical worlds.


Final Call for our Art World Expo Christmas Fair Vendors! 

Are you an artisan or independent rep looking for a holiday event to participate in this year? Look no further and join our exciting Christmas Fair this year! 

We have a limited number of tables left for vendors at our Christmas Fair on December 16! Submit your registration today here: Questions? Call Monika Blichar 6049996177 

We love to small businesses and Artisans and our Christmas Fair will be no exception to sharing the love for all things unique and local this December! 

Thank you to Two of Hearts boutique in Kits for donating $5-$25 gift cards to spend in store! Lots of raffle prizes every 30 minutes! 

Preview products, join the convo and connect with participants on our Official Facebook Event Page

When you attend this COMPLIMENTARY ENTRY EVENT, you’ll find: 
-Over 50 vendor tables including art, jewellery, fashion, hand knit goods, make up, skin care, chocolate, baked goods, kids accessories, essential oils, dog accessories, home decor, and health and wellness products and services and much more! Everything you need in one venue to complete your holiday shopping and networking! Ask our vendors about collaborations, participating in your events or if you’re a gallery or boutique owner, come browse to see if you could work with one of our Artisans in 2018! 

-Fashion Shows by John Pfaff, Carolyn Bruce Steampunk Jewellery, and West Coast Hatters on models provided by award winning female body builder fitness models from Team Fitness! Yes! Exciting! 

-Cheeses Crust Food Truck-Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Drinks! Really good sandwiches! 

-Raffles every 30 minutes-Prizes from local vendors and of course, many of our sponsors from Art World Expo! Tickets sold on site! 

-First 100 people through the doors receive a complimentary goody bag! No purchase necessary! Just be one of the first 100 people at 11:00am sharp! 

-Face Painting for kids and adults by award winning body painter and visual artist Francoise Boise ($10/person) She’s amazing! Don’t worry, she will do Holiday themed paints too! 

-Silent Auction Benefiting Make and Break Arts Foundation-all proceeds support independent Artisans and Arts Programs and Exhibitions in BC. It’s a win win! (Huge line up of awesome stuff to bid on-great for holiday gift ideas and of course-gifts for ourselves!) 

-Arts & Crafts Station for Kids-leave them at the craft station and go shop and mingle! We have you covered! 

-Finally, when you’re all done, take a photo at our photo booth with visitors from the North Pole! Capture a memory and celebrate Christmas 2017 with us! 

Current vendors: 

Monika Blichar

Art by Edy

Carolyn Bruce Designs – Steampunk Jewelry**FASHION SHOW**

West Coast Hatters**FASHION SHOW**

John Pfaff Art & Fashion**FASHION SHOW**

Fashion Show models sponsored by Team Fitness-Award Winning Female Body Builders from BC! 

LumberJax Custom Wooden Jewelry 

Karolyn’s Tupperware

Inner Harmonious Peace

Kathline Essential Oils Accessories

Jennifer Haase, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

SPOIL YOURSELF, Cristina De Vellis

Jessica’s Homemade Alfajores-Baked Goods

Fifth Avenue Collection by Pardeep

Younique, Amanda Cherewick

The Sweet Doodle

Whisk Premium Matcha

Copper Paw Designs

Coastal Storm Gallery

Dagmar Doubkova Herbal Life

Bodacious Butterflies

Scentsy Kristi Weaver

SweetLegs Vancouver with Julia

Love Eco Jewels

Spain Gourmet Canada

Radiant Life Hoops & Styles 

Petite Hippo

Earth Meets Spirit

Boise Art Works-Face Painting for Kids On Site $10/each

Deanna ArtFORMS

Diamond Movement

Andrea Renée Blackett MONAT

Diva’s Niche

All Day Shine by Julie SeneGence Independent Distributor # 384814

Crafts By Julia

Bryce Musil Azrael’s Forge Gems and Fine Jewelry

Taylore Mcmanne Jewellery

Surf Art? Yes Please! 

By Monika Blichar 

I always love meeting new artists and sharing them in our network. This time, I catch up with Lindsay who has a daring sense of adventure in her art and life! 

Lindsay graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Television Film and New Media then proceeded to get her MAED at University of Phoenix. Lindsay is from the Hollywood area where she worked at DreamWorks as well as other film companies and eventually took on her own clients. Some clients include Marriott, US Hanger Company, Hilton, San Diego Rescue Mission, Pussers and many more!

“My work is shows the compliments of coastal living and the carefree lifestyle of surfing. I like to do work with passion that shows the beauty of the sport of surfing becoming one with nature. I like to show how creative nature’s beauty can be. I live outside of the DC area and was born and raised in southern California which I am constantly coming back to. I create ocean art, accessories and jewelry. Paradise Found is a favorite spot in Kauai.” 

AWE Interview-Jen Hiltz for GypsyTrunk Gourmet Fare Food Truck

By Monika Blichar 

1-What inspired you to start your GypsyTrunk Gourmet Fare Food Truck? 
I worked for a retail store for 12 years & just felt I had much more to share with the world so I quit my job, sold my belongings & went on a road trip in my smart car for around 5 months to do some “soul searching”. Food/cooking/veganism was a huge passion of mine so when I found myself house sitting on salt spring island, I began playing with recipes & posting them to a blog page on my website along with photos from my experiences on the island. I began making a menu with the intention of creating a catering Monday-Friday meal program but I found myself procrastinating due to all the details that I decided to go the food truck route instead and just concentrate on a more simple menu.

2-Being a culinary artist, what inspires you most about food? 

Experimenting & playing with the different colours, textures & cooking styles of simple plant based ingredients – Whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, oils, vinegars & herbs.

3-What are your favourite vegan ingredients? 

I’d have to say for “treat” vegan items – I LOVE the cheesy flavour of nutritional yeast. On popcorn, in soups & sauces, eggless salad, etc.

Cashews because they are soooo versatile. Can used them blended up in pasta sauces, soups, vegan versions of sour cream, cheesecakes, mylks, dessert cream (to have with fresh fruit), yogurts, toasted as garnishes on meals, etc, etc.

4-What are your long term goals for your Food Truck business? 

To be honest, I don’t really have a long term plan for my food truck business. I would love to eventually have a base of operation in Abbotsford where I live, where I can have a cafe/retail storefront.

5-What advice would you have for other food truck or culinary artists looking to start a business? 

If you’re gonna do it, you’ve gotta give it your 110% for sure & you’ve gotta love what you’re doing. It’s a lot of physical/office work, long days, commuting to get to/from events & stock/supplies, a lot goes on behind the scenes just to be at one event. Make sure you choose a unique feature item that nobody else has & that people want. I always find Pinterest a great inspiration for ideas. 😉

Dress Up for a Cause

This year, we are thrilled to be hosting our 6th annual event at Science World in Vancouver! Our theme is “Glamour Noir” and we invite you to partake in our fundraising campaign!

Purchase one of these limited edition Coastal Imagination Masks made right here in BC specially for our event and support arts initiatives in British Columbia. 

$20/ea with proceeds to Make and Break Arts Foundation. 

Wear at the event and show your support for arts programs and exhibitions in our province! 

Available through our ticket link starting on February 1! 

Thank you to Coastal Storm Gallery for their ongoing support. Coastal Storm Gallery Website



Can you believe that our 5th anniversary is coming up in just 10 short months?


We are so excited about the event and we cannot wait until our special edition event on May 1, 2015!

As always, we are looking for amazing artist exhibitors, body painting competitors, fashion designers, and entertainers to join our event! Applications for artists, body painters, and arts related business exhibitors are ready and can be downloaded at the application on our site: Exhibitor Information

Meet Catherine Coulter-An Artist Finding Common Ground to Communicate

Interview With . . . 

Catherine Coulter

by Alyssa Laube 


About: After a ten year break from journalism, Catherine Coulter is making her grand return to writing and the arts. She focuses on photography and writing, but has a wide variety of other hobbies and interests. You can view Catherine’s work at:


DSC_4422    final vignette Dawn Rickshaw

In the past, you worked as a journalist. What was that like? (i.e.: who you worked for, what you wrote about)

I wrote for the North Shore News but my first position was at the Williams Lake Tribune. I was staff at those two papers but I freelanced for a number of other newspapers and magazines. I covered court, fashion, school board, sports, food and wine: that’s the beauty of a community paper – a reporter gets to try everything! (Note: this is weird. I’ve never been interviewed before.)


What encouraged you to move on from journalism?

Seeing myself satisfied personally and professionally in the future.


Could you tell me about the 10-year break you took from it?

Marriage, motherhood, travel, philanthropy, personal and spiritual growth.


In this time, did you stop writing completely? How did you get your creative fix? 

I wrote journals for years, and experimented with my photography, trying different kinds of cameras and using a lot of film.


Are you glad that you took that break? What came from it?

I’m glad I stopped writing for newspaper. I missed the human interest stories, but writing news did and does not fit my character.


What encouraged you to come back to it? 

Basically working away at myself emotionally and discovering what really makes me happy!


Please tell me about your trip to Turkey! How did it effect you?

Just seeing the word Turkey makes my heart burst! I turned 40 the day I landed in Istanbul this past November. I was ready for a journey alone and 40 seemed the perfect ‘excuse’. I experienced a real upheaval in my life a few years prior and it was the first opportunity since that that I got to be alone, process and heal and I did so by writing and taking pictures. There were moments on that trip where I would be sitting with my journal on my lap, my cameras lying around me, my cheeks would be flush and my boots dusty from a day of hiking and photographing, and I knew I was just where I should be doing what I should be doing. That feeling is incredibly powerful and I came home wanting to share it with everyone. And, eventually, provide an opportunity to host similar trips (stay tuned).


Before your work as a journalist, what jobs did you have? 

Terrible waitress and amazing nanny!


What hobbies have you had throughout your life and in present day? How did they shape who you are? 

I’ve played on the same soccer team for 15 years. My son and I are avid skiers. I hike. We love our cruiser bike rides in the summer (my Mothers Day gift to me a few years ago: a 1968 Schwinn Starlet!), being in and on the water, spending as much time with our friends and family doing anything and nothing. We are blessed. I am what my life is today.


Why did you start each of them? 

Landing in India at 22 years old was the catalyst for everything.


As a book lover, which ones are in your top 3? Which are you reading right now? 

Eek! Top 3?! How about top 30?! Currently, I’m reading The Rise, Annabel,  Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants (my son is 7!).


How have books changed you as an artist? 

Oh good question! Visualization.


Why do you believe you love stationary, letters, and other sentimental objects?

Letter writing is art to me – its expression and its thought. The process of choosing a beautiful piece of paper – the colours and textures – then scrawling across it with an ink pen…So beautiful! Plus, the feeling it gives someone to receive something so carefully prepared for them. I will never forget what it looks like or how it feels to see my Dad’s handwriting – it’s like being close enough to smell the soap he uses.


How would you describe yourself as a person and an artist? How do these descriptions compare?

There’s no difference in the two. Compassion, full of love and humour, quirky and rooted, curious.


Why do you love photography? Writing? 

They are both so intimate to me, and give me an opportunity to express and explore myself safely, clearly and without criticism or judgement (until now, of course!).


Do you have any training in either of these fields? 

I attended Western Academy of Photography and Journalism on Vancouver Island.


How are the two different, in as many ways as possible? How are they the same? 

I suppose to me it’s like watching a movie and reading the book. The story is being told in two different ways yet if done well each should be as visual as the other. So, although they are different ways to tell a story, a story is still being told.


Other than signing up for the expo, how are you practicing leaving your comfort zone? 

I feel like I’ve put an invitation out there that leads directly inside. To reach my goal, which is helping other women with growth through art and travel, it’s important I’m available and a bit vulnerable (my M.O.: lets all get comfortable with vulnerability!).


What are you hoping to gain from this year’s expo? 

Monika (Blichar) has been an amazing source of inspiration and encouragement for me (and many others) so it’s really about goals and fulfillment, and getting past some insecurities. She asked me a few months ago, “If money is no object, what do you see yourself doing?” It was such an easy question for me to answer that I hadn’t put to myself.


As a photographer, what do you like to focus on? 

People in their environments.


Which effects do you like to use? 

Well I don’t really use any actually. The reason I love film is because, if you haven’t gotten the right exposure and focus well that’s that. It’s tough to recapture the original moment. I love holding my breath getting film back thinking ‘Oh crap. This will be awesome or it’s $50 down the drain!’ And I have had some amazing results and some seriously disappointing ones. With the exception of a couple of iPhone snaps I basically came home with zero pictures from last year’s spring break in Mexico. I had taken only my mini Diana and my film was tangling up like nylons out of a washing machine – so much for cataloging that trip for my son! It’s the same for digital though. I’m fairly challenged when it comes to electronics/technology. My strengths lie in my ability to connect with all kinds of people no matter what their background.


Do you often have a message incorporated into your photography?

There’s a theme, for sure. I’m fascinated by women in their environments. In school, I did a photo essay of an exotic dancer – I still find those pictures interesting. I photographed her getting ready and a small part of the performance, literally one or two shots before I wrapped it up. (The performance wasn’t telling the story though, in my opinion.) I’m always amazed that, if we truly want to, despite our differences – religious, cultural, language barriers – we can find some common ground or ways to communicate. Whether its through our children, a broken heart, an illness, or passion for travel or art or music, a great success, literature, or a few bottles of wine and a dance off!


How did your childhood influence you as an artist? 

Everything has brought me to where I am now, both good and bad, and has taught me to be observant, interested, thoughtful and sensitive.


What do you hope to do in the future, both in your personal and professional life? 

“Keep on keeping on like a bird that flew…”- B. Dylan