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Art World Expo Christmas Fair! 

Tomorrow we invite you all to our Christmas Fair at 4015 Fraser Street in Vancouver, BC. 

Over 50 participating Artisans, vendors, and designers who are selling a variety of goods and services! Art, fashion, jewellery, home decor, knitting, make up, skin care, health and wellness, desserts, and so much more! Finish all your shopping, support local and even enjoy lunch with us! Best part is that we invite all ages and it’s free to attend! We have 100 swag bags for the first 100 people too-great items inside include essential oil from SPOIL YOURSELF, Art by Elizabeth Hill, a copy of Fresh Magazine, one free art class at MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery and an It Works drink sample to keep you healthy!

Learn more on our Facebook event page Here

Our event auction, Christmas earrings and coffee sales are supporting two causes. The first is to help fund our new creative arts and wellness centre opening in North Vancouver in the Spring. The second is to support a member of our Art World community with cancer. Please be sure to buy a coffee, bid on items in the auction and purchase a pair of these earrings by Monika Colmorgen for $7! ​if you can’t make it and you’d like a pair of these earrings, please email us at or call 6049996177. 

Final Call for our Art World Expo Christmas Fair Vendors! 

Are you an artisan or independent rep looking for a holiday event to participate in this year? Look no further and join our exciting Christmas Fair this year! 

We have a limited number of tables left for vendors at our Christmas Fair on December 16! Submit your registration today here: Questions? Call Monika Blichar 6049996177 

We love to small businesses and Artisans and our Christmas Fair will be no exception to sharing the love for all things unique and local this December! 

Thank you to Two of Hearts boutique in Kits for donating $5-$25 gift cards to spend in store! Lots of raffle prizes every 30 minutes! 

Preview products, join the convo and connect with participants on our Official Facebook Event Page

When you attend this COMPLIMENTARY ENTRY EVENT, you’ll find: 
-Over 50 vendor tables including art, jewellery, fashion, hand knit goods, make up, skin care, chocolate, baked goods, kids accessories, essential oils, dog accessories, home decor, and health and wellness products and services and much more! Everything you need in one venue to complete your holiday shopping and networking! Ask our vendors about collaborations, participating in your events or if you’re a gallery or boutique owner, come browse to see if you could work with one of our Artisans in 2018! 

-Fashion Shows by John Pfaff, Carolyn Bruce Steampunk Jewellery, and West Coast Hatters on models provided by award winning female body builder fitness models from Team Fitness! Yes! Exciting! 

-Cheeses Crust Food Truck-Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Drinks! Really good sandwiches! 

-Raffles every 30 minutes-Prizes from local vendors and of course, many of our sponsors from Art World Expo! Tickets sold on site! 

-First 100 people through the doors receive a complimentary goody bag! No purchase necessary! Just be one of the first 100 people at 11:00am sharp! 

-Face Painting for kids and adults by award winning body painter and visual artist Francoise Boise ($10/person) She’s amazing! Don’t worry, she will do Holiday themed paints too! 

-Silent Auction Benefiting Make and Break Arts Foundation-all proceeds support independent Artisans and Arts Programs and Exhibitions in BC. It’s a win win! (Huge line up of awesome stuff to bid on-great for holiday gift ideas and of course-gifts for ourselves!) 

-Arts & Crafts Station for Kids-leave them at the craft station and go shop and mingle! We have you covered! 

-Finally, when you’re all done, take a photo at our photo booth with visitors from the North Pole! Capture a memory and celebrate Christmas 2017 with us! 

Current vendors: 

Monika Blichar

Art by Edy

Carolyn Bruce Designs – Steampunk Jewelry**FASHION SHOW**

West Coast Hatters**FASHION SHOW**

John Pfaff Art & Fashion**FASHION SHOW**

Fashion Show models sponsored by Team Fitness-Award Winning Female Body Builders from BC! 

LumberJax Custom Wooden Jewelry 

Karolyn’s Tupperware

Inner Harmonious Peace

Kathline Essential Oils Accessories

Jennifer Haase, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

SPOIL YOURSELF, Cristina De Vellis

Jessica’s Homemade Alfajores-Baked Goods

Fifth Avenue Collection by Pardeep

Younique, Amanda Cherewick

The Sweet Doodle

Whisk Premium Matcha

Copper Paw Designs

Coastal Storm Gallery

Dagmar Doubkova Herbal Life

Bodacious Butterflies

Scentsy Kristi Weaver

SweetLegs Vancouver with Julia

Love Eco Jewels

Spain Gourmet Canada

Radiant Life Hoops & Styles 

Petite Hippo

Earth Meets Spirit

Boise Art Works-Face Painting for Kids On Site $10/each

Deanna ArtFORMS

Diamond Movement

Andrea Renée Blackett MONAT

Diva’s Niche

All Day Shine by Julie SeneGence Independent Distributor # 384814

Crafts By Julia

Bryce Musil Azrael’s Forge Gems and Fine Jewelry

Taylore Mcmanne Jewellery

Wishbeads: An Artistic Endeavor Aimed at Helping Dreams to Become Reality


When was the last time you made a wish, and really felt as if it could come true? Every child blows out birthday candles or tosses pennies into a well, and not only makes a wish, but also genuinely believes it’s likely to become a reality. Then adulthood happens, and belief in things of that nature generally tends to fade. A new product is in the works that seeks to recreate this experience for adults, and rekindle the belief that wishes can come true. Known as Wishbeads, it’s a unique arts and crafts kit.

Wishbeads is more than a just a bracelet-making kit; it’s an opportunity to pause and think what you truly wish for. After visualizing a wish, it’s then written onto paper, and the paper is transformed into paper beads. These beads form the bracelet. Wearing is aimed at inspiring the owner to take action.

Wishbeads comes with a 21-day action journal, complete with prompts to enable the wearer to start seeing elements of his or her wish in action. The theory behind it is that if you focus on something hard enough, the law of attraction will bring it to within reach. Wishbeads claims to be able to aid in doing this, and help the wearer to manifest exactly what he or she wants from life. Do we believe that it’s actually capable of making dreams come true? We reserve judgment. What we do know for sure is that making the bracelets is a fun activity, and can provide a great bonding experience for women if done communally.

The kit is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s already creating quite a stir, with the women who have already created Wishbeads bracelets waxing lyrical about the experience. Perhaps this marks a return to those halcyon days of making wishes and really believing in them. Who knows, maybe Wishbeads will one day become the adult equivalent of blowing out candles or tossing a penny.


Call for Submissions!

We are looking for amazing artists, designers, and body painters to join our 2015/2016 roster of talent! 


Are you an artist who works outside the box?

Do you design insane fashion or accessories?

Is your canvas a human body? WE WANT YOU!

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015/2016 Toronto and Vancouver Art World Expo! Visit: for more inforamtion!


Calming Chaos – An Interview with Painter Graham McKenzie

Calming Chaos

– An Interview with Painter Graham McKenzie

by Alyssa Laube

Graham_Dec 13_33_TN  Graham_July 14_18_TN

About: Graham McKenzie is an easy-going and honest person who draws his artistic inspiration from nature. Most of his work is based off of hikes in the Fraser Valley, so British Columbians can visit the scene of Graham’s paintings! He finds joy in escaping the man-made world and immersing himself in the magical, sporadic qualities of the natural world. With his paintings, he invites the viewer to experience it with him.

Graham_Dec 13_36_TN

Your interest in art started with wax crayons. When did you pick one up for the first time?    Is there a reason why you loved it so much?  

When young, we all pick up wax crayons. I remember my first real art lesson was given to me by my mother. While visiting some friends and colouring with their child, I liked the way his colours looked compared to mine. I told my mother that I wanted crayons like his. She simply said, “Don`t push down so hard.”

Art left your life for a while. Do you know why that happened, and what inspired you to get back into it?          

I don`t think I lost interest in art, it just faded away for a while. I started having dreams which rekindled it, and soon started to push a pencil around.

How did working with your drafting board help you develop as an artist?                   

An artist, no matter what their skill level is, needs a work place; a place where you can return to your work and not have to clear up because it’s dinner or bed time.

How has your art evolved over time?      

I really believe that practice makes you better. The more you paint, draw, or scribble, the faster your fingers and brain learn to communicate. I feel that my paintings have evolved over the last couple of years because I’ve made an effort to make painting more than just a hobby. I have always been a detail-oriented person and have been working creating more depth in my work.

Your desire to paint nature and landscapes started after you began to hike in the Fraser Valley. What is it about this place that inspires you?

Even as a child, I spent a lot of time in the woods playing and making forts. Walking into the forest really excites me! I love the green of B.C.. The way the moss grows and hangs from the trees creates a magical wonderland.

What are some of your other favourite places to paint?      

I don`t know if I have a favourite place to paint but I really like the Cultus Lake area and Lindeman Lake as well.

Why do you love to paint nature, rather than anything else?        

I work in the aerospace industry, where everything is measured down to the one-hundred thousandth of an inch. Everything is very controlled. Now, with nature, everything is beautifully random and free. It`s that freedom that allows a person’s mind to wander, paint a branch or throw some leaves here and there to suit your mind’s eye.

What does creating art do for you?              

Sometimes, when painting, you get into this zone where things are flowing. It`s almost like meditation. You’re thinking about what you’re painting, your day, the people in your life, listening to music, or sometimes all of them at once. It sounds busy and crowded but your mind just wanders. Then you look up at the clock and 3-4 hours have flown by.

How would you like to challenge yourself in the future?

I feel like I`m just getting started in my painting career, so I definitely want to put more effort in and be more disciplined. Large canvases are intimidating, so I think I have to tackle some of those as well. I’ve been fortunate in that I have met a lot of helpful and unselfish people over the last couple of years who’ve been very supportive. I want to continue to support others that I meet and pay it forward, as they say. B.C. has a great artistic community and I’m grateful that I’m starting to mix in.




Are you an artist in the Greater Vancouver area looking for some more information about Art World Expo?

Join us for this Open Jury Day where you will have the opportunity to meet directly with Owner and Founder of Art World Expo, Monika Blichar. Bring in your portfolio, some samples of your art and all your questions about the show to MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery at 1335 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver, BC.


Carolyn Bruce Designs                  Susan Galick Fine Art



Margaret Kitchen


All sorts of artists are welcome to exhibit at the 5th Anniversary Special Edition of Art World Expo held annually at Telus World of Science. Questions? Please call us direct at 604 999 6177


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