Aidan Liban-Street Artist in London

London bigben at night, UK, United Kingdom

London Big Ben at night, UK, United Kingdom

Aidan Liban first started doing street art in London in 2013. When he debuted his cops and robbers street art in 2013. The concept was fantastic.  The tongue-in cheek of it is essentially the most poignant aspect of it. The fact that a robbery is taking place whilst a police van is in the background makes this artwork so daring, fun and unique.

He’s always had a flair for stencil and graffiti art and his body of work best demonstrates that. Here are some of his pieces:

cowboyinfinty (1)

Pictured 1 Cops and Robbers (2013)

aligaroo (1)

Pictured 2: Kangaroo Rumble with the King (2015)

000_0007 (1)

Pictured 3: London Jungle (2013)

Last but not least, earlier this year Aidan showcased another piece that blew people’s mind. ‘The kangaroo Rumble with the king’. It’s his most elaborate work to date and requires some serious skills. He demonstrated an incredible level of artistic skill to create this magnificent street art. This is based on a stencil of a photo of one of Muhammad Ali’s famous fights. And by adding a kangaroo to the mix it’s a great juxtaposition which is typical of graffiti street art. This makes it this light hearted and magical.

You can view more of his work on his twiiter :

And check out his Facebook: Aidan Liban Art


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