Artist takes you through a journey of his work by eBook

Joe Bloch, the owner and resident artist at CREATIVEBLOCH, takes us through an artistic journey as he compiles art, sketches and photography into a fun eBook. 

“I’ve had a lot of requests from fans visiting the studio to create a book showcasing some of my work along with techniques and insights I’ve had along the way. This is a big project, so I’ve been compiling some old pictures, sketches and paintings along with descriptions to create an eBook. The great part about doing an eBook is that it can grow organically as projects are completed and be published instantly. The old methods of “completing” a book, publishing and waiting are over. The eBook will allow me to constantly update it, refresh it, and incorporate more feedback from my amazing fans. I hope you will enjoy it.” Joe Bloch.

“Joe has created an interesting perspective of his work, showing fans a behind the scenes look at what inspires his art, and the steps to complete the work. His artwork is a mashup of street art, graphic design, impressionism and expressionism. It’s like heavy metal on a canvas.” 

“This ebook shows the true Brooklyn Industry and history of NYC in its raw form. Joe has embellished the architecture of the area with his own creative spin. I found the eBook a great reference for my own work.”

To download your copy visit:

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