Meet Yolanda D. Mozdzen from New York

Yolanda D Mozdzen is a New York based artist who has been creating riveting, unique artwork since the age of 5.

Yolanda is widely known as the Humanitarian Painter because she has been donating her enchanting portraits and original landscapes to various charities throughout the US.

Yolanda’s inventiveness and mastery are superbly powerful in capturing a vision and conquering a thought. With no formal art training, her enticing creations are composed in her soul from her need to inspire. “My paintings are based on what my grandfather always said, “Your mind is a camera. Take mental pictures of anything and keep it in your mind; retrieve it when you paint.”

Yolanda is a visionary; she paints only in candlelight while listening to inspirational music. She has donated original creations to Mount Sinai Hospital, The American Heart Association, The AIDS Walk, The Fire Department of New York, and more. Her goal is to utilize her vision and talent and generate awareness for causes that touch her heart.

You can find Yolanda:

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