Renøyr Art

Renøyr is (mainly) a painter, DJ, composer and graphic designer. Renøyr’s main source of inspiration is music. Renøyr’s work is bounded with music, the rhythms you can’t control, from both digital and analog sources: Spotify, old scratchy, dusty vinyls, OST and the music he produced. Basically, Renøyr paints something you can listen and also watch, observe, feel. Renøyr’s workflow is peculiar: sitting in his studio for hours listening his favorite music albums in order to determine the colors he will use. Then he take action, performing the sounds, the notes, the vibrations on canvas – or other surfaces such as skateboards, aluminum and wooden panels.BlueLines2.jpg

Renøyr most acclaimed collections are the LP collection (100cm or 90cm Ø diameter), EP collection (24” Ø diameter) and the Skateboart collection.

At the moment Renøyr is working on a new series called 16:9, inspired by hunting, beautiful movies. Learn more about the work here: 

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