Summer Art Inspirations from Monika’s Art Boutique

Summer Art Inspirations!
Thank you for another great start to summer!
‘Tis the season for summer fun, beach combing, traveling and lots of great summer crafts! With the hot weather here, we don’t want to forget to be sure to take advantage of being inspired by our surroundings both indoors and outdoors! Here are my top 5 summer artsy activities and crafts to help you stay creative this summer!
1-Photography-Playing around with Adventure
I try to go somewhere new every year and each time, I never forget to take time to go out and photograph places I visit. Whether you have a really advanced camera or you’re using your smartphone, taking photos is a great way to play around with seeing new things on your adventures this summer! Be sure to take photos of all sorts of things-people, architecture, plants, animals or still life items. In the fall, you will have compiled a nice collection and maybe even some images that you could paint in studio!
2-Nature-Rose Bead Necklaces
Not sure what to do with all the roses from events this summer? Learn how to make rose bead necklaces! It’s very easy and a nice way to preserve memories from summer weddings, events or your own garden this summer.
3-Painting Outside
Grab a few supplies and take it outside! Maybe you have a nice yard and you can host a summer painting party with your family or friends! Any which way, painting outside is a great way to see colour and light in a new way and enjoy the good weather at the same time!
4-Upcylcing Fabric and Clothing
Summer is a great time to get creative with upcycling clothing! Love that long sleeve from last season, make it a tank top! Use scarves to make summer tote bags or have fun with using all that is in your fabric bin to make fascinators! The possibilities are endless!
5-Garden Rock Painting
This is one of my favourite summer art activities with kids because you get to go on a rock hunt, get some fresh air and make rock paintings that can be used as garden markers, decor or even gifts! When we have kids camps, ladybugs are always popular and are so easy to do! A great activity to do with your kids this summer to get them outside, busy or even involved in the garden!
Above all, just stay creative! Try one or all of these activities and be sure to send us your photos via email or use hashtag #monikasartboutiquesummercontest on instagram until August 15 and we just might feature your project and enter you to win a prize pack from our gallery including:
-Pre-Launch Copy of “You’re Going to Make It-How to Market, Get Clients and Sell Your Art!” by Monika Blichar Launching in August 2018!
-1 Free Painting Class for Kids or Adults
-1 Gift Basket valued at $75 with goodies from our store!
Stay Creative,
Monika Blichar, B.A. & B.C.C.T. UVIC
604 999 6177
Save the Date!
July 15
Monika’s Annual Birthday Party Fundraiser is happening thisSunday, July 15 from 12:00-4:00pm
Stop by for cake as well as a huge sidewalk sale on art, accessories and fashion! We are also hosting a painting party where you can make your own “Peacock Lady” painting!
All proceeds support our studio, arts programs and exhibitions!


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