Cassie Zaccardo

by Hannah Johnson

When it comes to defining your art style and making a name for yourself, there are very few artists who have such a unique set of styles and stand out qualities in their art. Cassie Zaccardo is an artist who has built up a new and reputation for herself over the years due to her unique style and ability to move from medium to medium to ensure the best possible final result for the type of piece she is working on.

Most artists will usually work within one medium, say pencil, acrylic, charcoal etc, whereas Cassie works within all mediums across different types of projects at the same time. This brings a pop to her work that is hard to emulate and provides Cassie with an approach to her work that captures the true energy and artistic creativity of all of her pieces.

While working on her own personal work, Cassie also takes on commission pieces for anyone looking for custom portraits, pet portraits, abstract pieces and much more. There is a growing demand of portraits of family member’s and pets that people really want to capture in a creative and fun way, which is why Cassie is such an in demand painter and artist, her style really resonates with people and manages to capture their true emotions and love for the one that is getting immortalized in a painting or drawing.

If you would like to find out more about Cassie Zaccardo and her breathtaking art, you can visit her website or alternatively you can follow her Instagram account and be kept up to date with all the projects and art that she is working on.

dog portrait.jpgwatercolor art piece.jpg

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