Decadent Delights will Delight Again at Art World Expo Edmonton

by Monika Blichar

If you have a sweetooth, you’ll be pleased to learn that Decadent Delights will be attending Art World Expo in Edmonton again this year on March 15, 2019 at the Muttart Conservatory. I caught up with Hasna the owner and here’s what she had to say about her company, the last year and what to expect at the show this March.


You’re coming back for another event with Art World Expo in Edmonton. What have you been up to since last year with your dessert business? 
First and foremost  I am very excited to be back for another year with the Art World Expo !
The year has definitely passed by quick , Decadent Delights is growing and the dream is to have a business shop open in the near future. I am of Lebanese heritage, I so I have been introducing more Mediterranean desserts which have been a huge hit! We also are making more vegan friendly desserts and took a tour in Paris as well as visited the south of France. What an amazing trip I must say, to visit some famous pastry chefs and get inspired! Bringing a little bit of France to YEG!
What did you enjoy most about last year’s event? 
The Body painting was excellent!  It was a great turn out, a lot of wonderful talent, meeting new faces, and all the creativity.
What kinds of desserts will you be making this year and will you have any specials for guests? 
Definitely going to have a vegan friendly option, some of our famous cookies and repeat of last year’s tarts since they were a big hit!  I will be making a new forms or cupcake minis which are super cute and elegant. I don’t want to spoil too much 😉 but you don’t want to miss out on these!!!!
What are your goals for the next year with your business? 
The goal is to set up contracts with a few cafés who are interested in selling our products .
IMG_20181103_1744109 - Hasna Lessard
Do you have any tips for dessert makers who are starting out?   
Baking is a form of art, imagine it, then act on it. Start with making a cookbook with various recipes, looking at others’ work,  get inspired,(watching bake shows was one of my forms of inspiration! If this is something you truly want to do- there has to be passion! Keep working on your goals get excited about them and it will always be a positive turn out! Sometimes we fail but that’s just because we need to know what didn’t work and try something else, create creativity!
IMG_20190105_0216215 - Hasna Lessard
Learn more about Decadent Delights on their INSTAGRAM account. Be sure to get your tickets to the show this year HERE. 

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