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Vendor Tips: Sell Your Art

by Monika Blichar, Art World Expo Owner and Producer


Selling art can be tricky. I mean, lets be honest about buying art. It isn’t a necessity like food or shelter nor can it improve your employment skills via education or training. Investing in art doesn’t bring you a fancy certificate for a future job position, nor does it help you do your job better because its settings has better apps than your last device. It can’t help you put gas in your car or buy new running shoes for your kids, nor can it help you get dog food for your puppy. So, what is the motivation for people to buy art and how can you sell your art regularly despite these drawbacks?

Have a look at these vendor tips; be sure to send me your ideas and I might just post them in my next blog with credits to you-website and photos included of your art too!

1-Market to a Specific Audience

Whether you make wood sculptures or plaster casts is irrelevant. Who you are marketing to is what is important. Afterall, if you are targeting college or university students just because you’re currently in college or university, it may work for bumper sticker art, cards or prints, but once you decide you don’t want to sell 500 items at $5, your chances of selling a piece at even $100 to a student is slim. Before you continue your marketing today, think about who your audience is and then find ways to reach that audience.

2-Social Media

I harp on artists all the time about using social media to promote their art. What other free tools are there? Social media is definitely the number one tool to reach the maximum number of people for no monetary investment. Artists in our events will promote their work and use our #artworldexpo hashtag; you’re more than welcome to use it too and we’ll share and retweet your art. That’s the beauty of it really-you can reach so many people and if you use good hashtags, others will share your work too. Be sure to comment, like, and share other people’s posts, images and content in order to spread the love! In terms of social media, whatever you put in, you’ll get back.

3-Follow Up

Many artists sign up for markets, events, and trade shows; preparing everything correctly including draw boxes for contests, email marketing newsletter campaigns, and then; fail to follow up for numerous reasons. Whether you didn’t do as well as you thought at your event sales wise or you just didn’t get the number of people through your booth as you though, the biggest waste of time after an event is that you didn’t follow up with people you met or who entered your draw box. That is where the REAL fortune is. Adding people to your mailing list, inviting them to your Facebook Page, or keeping them in the loop for your next event is the KEY to creating relationships that will help you grow your business and sell more art.

I always love to try new things when selling art. I diversify my work and my workload; making adjustments all the time. What worked two months or two years ago, might not work today. The important thing is that you always experiment with your sales strategies and sales goals with the knowledge that there is something for everyone and someone out there is looking for exactly what you have.

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Monika Blichar is an Entrepreneur and Artist. She is owner of MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery in North Vancouver and producer of Art World Expo and Painting Dreams International Art Tours. She is always pushing boundaries as an artist and creative entrepreneur. Her love of the arts has been a part of her life since childhood.


Art World Tips: How to Sell Your Art Online

by Monika Blichar


As an artist, you want to be sure that your work is sellling. Sure you could stock pile it and hang on to it, but that would mean you would have to take a day job, making money somewhere else to support your work. If you are a full time artist, you will understand that the necessity to sell your art is likely the most important process of being a full time artist today. Some of you might be emerging or even established and you’re wondering how to possibly sell more art without booking so many shows, events and working directly with clients. Have you tried selling your work online yet? Here is our three step process to listing and selling online!

1-Build an Online Store

YES! How can people buy something from your site; without visiting you at a show, event or coming to your studio, if you don’t have anything to sell online? Sounds pretty simple and it is! No matter what website platform you are working with, many of them will have an option to either create an online store or to add in PayPal links to work that you want to sell. Check out our sister brand MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery’s store HERE This site store is built on Yola, a simple but effective way to list multiple products. Another way to do it is simply open up a PayPal account and link html codes to images that you want to sell.

2-Marketing the Store

Now that you have your store set up, you need to get people to go there to check out your work and buy it. HOW? Well, be sure to PROMOTE your online store. No one else but you is going to do this, especially in the beginning. Use every kind of resource that you can think of; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course, list in your community’s sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, or even on community boards with old school flyers! Yes, old school still works too!

3-Run a Contest or Promotion

One of the most effective ways to build a brand and awareness of it is to run a great contest or promotion. What can you offer without feeling like you are selling your soul? Be fair to yourself and to your market, but also be sure that you are offering something people will actually want! (Don’t be re-gifting that old pair of mittens you got at Christmas from Auntie Jean last year as a contest giveaway!) Think about things that you would actually want. A $5 Starbuck’s card with every purchase of a necklace of over $50. A free movie ticket when you buy an art class or even a free art card with the purchase of any of your paintings. The possibilities are endless here! You will not only help sell your product by increasing excitement about it, but you will also reward your customers…everyone loves rewards!

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Keep Being Creative!