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Monika Anna Blichar was born in Latina, Italy in July, 1982. After immigrating to Canada in the early 1980’s, the family lived in Red Deer, where they bore a second daughter, and then moved west to B.C. in 1996. Monika has completed a B.A. in English and French from the University of Victoria and has also obtained a teaching credential with the B.C. College of Teachers. Primarily self taught, she has also studied art at Camosun College where she learnt various techniques and strategies in creating contemporary pieces. She continues to pursue creative projects and is exploring various professional opportunities in the arts which include body painting and events coordination. Her interests include the Humanities, writing, traveling, and being outdoors. Art has played a significant part of Monika’s life and continues to be an expression of her flowing imagination, appreciation for beauty, and a reflection of seeing beyond the obvious. Monika is currently living and working in Vancouver, B.C. She is the owner of MAB Ventures Inc., An Arts & Entertainment Agency, and is President of Make and Break Arts Foundation. Her notable projects and initiatives include founding Art World Expo, Diamond Dolls Women's Networking Group, MAB Arts Studio & Boutique Gallery and THE FAB Art Program.

Fall into Art World Expo’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations!

Our 10th annual year hasn’t exactly come as planned, but we are not going to let any hiccups stop us from celebrating 10 years of our awesome event!

Over the next few weeks, we will be hosting some awesome initiatives, promotions and online events to celebrate this milestone and we hope you can take part!

Stay tuned and be sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook to get behind the scenes access to vendors, specials, and giveaways!

MMC Craft-Creative Tiles for the Home

MMC CRAFT is a creative studio specializing in metal wall tiles and wall art that will remodel your space. We design and manufacture decorative metal and cooper accessories for interior design including tiles for Kitchen, Stairways and Fireplaces.

Every wall piece is one of a kind. We make handcrafted and unique tiles that are much desired in a world of mass production. Metal or copper finishes will always look stylish and will make a great visual impression in your kitchen. Metal tile will age slowly over time and that makes our products more special, elegant and rich looking. Our backsplash tiles come In different styles: Accent, Artisan, Celtic, Mosaic, Rustic, Wood look.

For more information, visit

Vancouver Florist!

It’s been rainy in Vancouver, yet Vancouver Florist has some amazing flowers to help you beat the rainy day blues! If you are feeling like you need a pick me up or if you’re looking for flowers for your special occasions this season, be sure to check out this florist!

They offer delivery or pick up for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations of life, sympathy or get well flowers! In their Kitsilano location, they display a large line of fresh exotic flowers, red roses, Christmas flowers and best quality orchids for any occasion. Be sure to check them out for your next flower order!

Art World Expo Interviews Blissbeads: Sandra Beingessner

Tell us about who you are and what you do? What’s your company name, when did you start, what are your main services and goals as a business owner? 

I started Blissbeads in 2003 after participating in a three hour glass bead making class. I hand make glass beads using a torch fed by oxygen and propane. Blissbeads then go into a kiln where they are annealed for durability. After they reach room temperature they are thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next phase…Jewelry! Developing colour combinations and custom blending new hues, melting glass to its fluid state and manipulating it to form a new, luscious form excites me every time I light my torch. I feel that Blissbeads style is not easily defined. A client once described my designs as Feminine and Unforgettable…I love that description because I feel it reflects my intention as a designer and my feeling that each one of us is uniquely individual. This viewpoint inspires me to design wearable works of art and the lovely human is the canvas they adorn.

I design collectible one of a kind jewelry and commission pieces. I have been blessed with the privilege of designing for special occasions like Weddings and Anniversaries, corporate events, sentimental gifts and Memorial Beads containing cremains of loved family and four legged family. Customer service is key and it looks much different now that I am unable to meet face to face with guests.

Art World Expo’s 10th Anniversary is postponed this year due to the COVID19 global crisis. What do you normally offer when you are at a trade-show and how are you reaching new customers without being at trade shows this spring? 

At shows I offer pieces made specifically for the event, loose beads for designers and whenever possible I accommodate adjustments and custom same or next day service.

Have you introduced new products or services during this time so that customers can still shop with you?

This season I designed a new line of Boho Glass/Leather Chokers that are ageless in their appeal. They pair beautifully with my multi strand leather bracelets featuring magnetic clasps. When it comes to commissions there are lots of photos going back and forth by text so the details of my designs are exactly what the guests desire. It is a very collaborative experience.

Lots of artists thrive in self induced isolation! Would you say that you are an introverted artist and enjoying this time or are you an extroverted one who is missing the hustle and bustle of events and people?

I really do enjoy my quiet, creative time…however I’m missing meeting collectors and ultimately seeing my creativity adorning them. That aspect really revs me up.


If you could give other creative entrepreneurs a tip right now, what would you tell them?  

On a personal note I have been a Hairstylist for 36 years…my world has been very hands on people. My husband and I closed our brick and mortar businesses and sold our home in September. We sold most of our possessions and moved into our fifth wheel. We left our home town and headed on down the highway to Fort Langley. The plan was to spend the winter and then embark on a cross Canada tour. Music and Blissbeads…the Live and Kickin Tour…well thankfully we are “Live


and Kickin” but the tour is on hold. So we are staying put until…no definite plan…for two people who are pretty accustomed to a plan. My husband is a professional Musician so we are two creative humans anxious to share what we do with others at markets and venues across our beautiful land and surround ourselves with the diverse cultures from West to East.
For other creative types…dial into your creativity to tune out the crazy…I have been posting a lot more on Instagram (blissbeadscanada) which has connected me with many new followers and other artists. Introduce a new skill to what you


already do to keep your brain fresh. Stay connected.
And like us…continue…being creative♥️

You can find Sandra on Instagram and also visit her website here.

Art World Expo Interviews Her Healing Guidance: Melanie Sereda

Tell us about who you are and what you do? What’s your company name, when did you start, what are you main services and goals as a business owner? 
My name is Melanie Sereda and I am the owner and founder of H.E.R. Healing Guidance. Spiritual Healing is the core focus of my business. I assist others in their personal healing journey through many different modalities. I connect to spirit to ascertain the right modality for each individual, if the client is unsure of which one they need in the moment. I am a Reiki Master, Soul Coach, Psychic Intuitive and have mediumship abilities. As a Spiritual Healer, my goal is to always provide information for the clients highest and best good. I do not allow for negative energies to come through as they are not relevant for the healing process. Even though some information may be taken as negative, it is not intended as such and can be used in a positive light to allow for beautiful healing outcomes. All my services are available through distance (video chat, zoom, phone calls, and even email) because energy does not know time and space. The energy felt between two people in the same room can be felt at the same intensity across the country or even the globe, if the person receiving is open to it.
Art World Expo’s 10th Anniversary is postponed this year due to the COVID19 global crisis. What do you normally offer when you are at a trade-show and how have you pivoted your services during this time of social isolation? 
I offer mini sessions at trade-shows and markets for those who may like smaller readings, more specific guidance or simply get a small taste of the work I do. For example, I can offer Soul Connection Readings – I connect my soul to yours and they offer a visual description of how your soul is feeling right in the moment. As I describe the image I am given, spirit offers guidance or information for a deeper connection that the person can take how they choose and sit with it. I also offer 3-Card Oracle card readings. Whether you have a specific question or simply wish to have general life guidance, I pull 3 cards from a given deck and read them as they lay. Another option is an Aura reading, where I connect to your energy and see the colours of your current Aura. As our auras change, colours have different meanings for different people and the certain colours may also have different meanings within yourself at different times of your life.
Have you introduced new products or services during this time? 
I am currently adding Guided Writing Readings to my offerings right now. In this, I connect to the client’s spirit team, angels and loved ones in spirit to allow them to speak through me. Once connected, I sit with pen and paper and allow them to put their thoughts to paper. Once they are finished, I either transpose the information or simply take pictures of the writings and send them to the person requesting it. Because it is not me, specifically, who is writing the guidance, the handwriting is different and can be almost illegible.
What have you learned about yourself as an entrepreneur during this time of social isolation? 
As a spiritual healer and entrepreneur I have learned that I still have a lot of healing left to do! And I have been taking the time to ensure I complete it! It has been a lot of work, but so worth it in the end. I’m feeling deeper connected to spirit, cleaner, lighter, and so ready to continue helping others. I’ve also learned to trust even more than I used to. My faith in spirit has never failed me and it has continued to shine despite the hardships. As an entrepreneur, I’ve realized how much time I’ve been taking away from the simple things in life. Owning your own business is a lot of work. And I’ve had to make sure I keep putting in the time to continue my growth as a business and as an individual.
If you could give other creative entrepreneurs a tip right now, what would you tell them? 
Be sure to find balance! Chaos is created when your equilibrium is off. Understanding how to get the most of your productivity while still finding time for fun will allow your business to continue to grow at the same time as you gain personal growth.
To learn more about Her Healing Guidance, visit or Instagram and Facebook with the handle @HER.Healing.Guidance

Art World Expo-10 Years of Creativity!


Art World Expo 2020
April 3-5, 2020
Get your tickets now!
Limited vendor spots remain!
Visit our website for more information!


Sponsor Alert!
Jack Lonsdales Pub!
Welcome to our sponsor at Jack Lonsdales! A cool pub on Lonsdale Avenue, we are excited to have them support our event this year!
Visit their website here to make a reservation. Did you know that they have 2 for 1 Sunday brunch? Yum!
Miss Art World…will she surprise us with a visit to our show?
Rumor has it that Miss Art World has our event penciled in! Originally from Los Angeles, she is a force in the Art World!
Unique Works You Can’t Find anywhere else!
The Art World Expo continues to be a leader in showcasing unique and out of the ordinary art work. Tammy Ham will be with us for the weekend showing and selling her upcycled art projects all weekend!
Fashion Shows!
We are gearing up for 3 fashion shows this year with 4 different designers at our 10th annual event! Fashion shows will take place on the Friday night at the Opening Gala! Current Designers include:
Monika Blichar
Carolyn Bruce Designs
Tammi Anne Barker
Ziicka the Wildrose
Live and Silent Auctions
We are gearing up for an amazing live and silent auction too! We have so many great donations coming in already! Be sure to come prepared to bid on unique art, jewellery, prizes from local businesses, vacation-stays and much more! All funds raised help support the production of our event in Vancouver, Victoria and Edmonton in 2020!

See you at the show! Tickets are on sale now!


A Brand New Decade-How to Be Creative in 2020

A Brand New Decade-How to Be Creative in 2020
A brand new year is here and once again, many of us out there feel filled with possibility, dreams and lots of goals for a brand new year but also a new decade! Are you someone who loves a brand new year? I sure am and I am so excited for all that 2020 will bring! This year is extra special because I am celebrating 10 YEARS IN BUSINESS!
The last 10 years have brought many amazing experiences, projects and connections with our community and I am beyond grateful for every minute! (Even all the hard stuff!) This year, we are planning to start our next decade with excitement, celebrations and of course, lots of creativity! I hope you will join in the fun!
As we head into 2020, I often use January as a month to plan and refocus on what I really want from the year ahead. Do you do that too or do you just wing it? Whatever your strategy is, studies on an ongoing basis show that CREATIVITY IS IMPORTANT TO SUCCESS and in fact, a necessity. If you are interested in this topic, have a look at some of these articles:
I wanted to share some ways to be creative in your life this year. If you like some of the ideas, be sure to let me know next time you come or just write a reply to this post. I always love to hear from all of you near and far who have been a part of my last 10 years in business!
1-Surround Yourself with Creativity
A great way to get your creative juices flowing this year is to surround yourself with creativity. Join a group, meet creative people, add creative items/decor to your space, get books on creativity from the library or seek out creative spaces in your city. When we are surrounded with creative people, places and things, we tend to get more creative ourselves!
2-Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
If you are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, you’ll never get anywhere! Getting out of our comfort zones is a key to being more creative in any area of our lives. This year, I am challenging myself and all of you to get out of your comfort zones and push yourself to do new things that you would not normally do. If you have had a dream to do something, let me know and let’s help each other stay motivated this year!
3-Get a Creativity Buddy
Working with others can be a great way to stay on track, get more done, and stay accountable. In the last few years, I have buddied up with a couple of partners on projects like Murray the Dragon as well as working on individual events with other designers and artists. Having a buddy to work with has helped the creative process immensely because you now have a partner who sees things in a different way and who can contribute to the project through a different vision. One of our coolest customers introduced us to her creativity buddy this year and the two of these ladies craft together and do fun art projects together when they have time. What a wonderful way to be creative while maintaining a friendship!
4-Make a List
Yes, do it. Make the list! Writing down your goals, ideas and dreams helps you not only visually see what you want to do but it also helps your brain find ways to accomplish the list, even while you are not conscious of that process! Take time to make a list this year and put it somewhere visible where you can see it often and check off things as you do them!
5-Take Time to Check In
We are usually pretty good at this at the beginning of the year, but by the end, do you find yourself just whizzing around day to day to get your to do’s done forgetting about that big list of dreams from the beginning of the year? This year, I pledge to take time every week to review my goals, edit and adjust, and make sure to check in with my mental, emotional and physical self daily. Are the things I am doing daily making me happy? Am I taking time to nourish all areas of my well being? Checking in is just as important as being creative and goal setting so that you make sure to take care of yourself throughout the process of being creative in life and living your best life! Be sure to take time to check in with yourself through meditation, exercise, getting away, journaling, or just simply taking 10 minutes a day for silence.
I hope that 2020 brings immense joy, wonder and creativity to all of you and I look forward to seeing or hearing from you this year! Stay tuned for special event announcements this year, 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations and new projects coming up as we head into a new decade of all things creative! Be sure to get your tickets to the 10th Annual Art World Expo HERE and if you are an artist who wants to show at this event, sign up HERE.
Have a wonderful week ahead and check out all the awesome things happening this month at the gallery as well as in the arts community in Vancouver and beyond! You can find out more information about our boutique gallery in our January Newsletter HERE too!
Stay creative!
Wishing you all a wonderful 2020 from all of us at Art World Expo and Monika’s Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery!
Monika Blichar, B.A. & B.C.C.T.
Owner & Founder, Lead Artist, Studio & Gallery Arts & Program Manager and Art World Expo Producer!
Paulina Gorecski
After School Program Leader & In House Floral Designer!
Jorden Liteplo
Creative Connections Music Therapy and Knit Wear Designer!
2020 Art Assistants
Anna, Dirty Paws Designer & Kids Activity Helper
Sophia, Studio Helper & Kids Helper-cool human in high school!
604 999 6177

Art World Expo Christmas Fair-Saturday, December 14, 2019

It’s that time of year! (Insert Christmas jingle here!) It’s Art World Expo Christmas Fair time and you’re all invited!

We know you are all busy at this time of year but here are 5 reasons you should make time and come to Zgoda Polish Friendship Hall on Saturday!


1-Get out of the house for free!

That’s right! We are encouraging you to come out to this FREE TO ATTEND event. Look around, everyone else is charging you to go to their events BUT

we aren’t because we are awesome and so are you! Christmas is a time to connect with our neighbours, friends, and family and we wouldn’t do it any other way. We would love for you to come and enjoy the fair without worrying about entrance fees! In fact, since we started our Christmas Fair at the Polish Friendship Society, we have never charged for entry. Why? Well, we know that this time of year is expensive and our goal is to help you enjoy some holiday magic without feeling like you need to budget ANOTHER thing! This way, you can spend a few dollars with vendors, get something from the food truck or concession or just come and browse and meet new people without feeling the burden of entry fees!


2-Speaking of New People…

We want you to come out and meet new people in the community! We have tons of vendors, volunteers, models, photographers, and helpers just waiting to meet you! We love sharing our talent with the community and you never know who you will meet or who you might become friends with in 2020! Meeting new people is one of the primary reasons we put on our shows each and every year. Do you think you have room for new friends or contacts this year? Come and meet some KICK ASS people on Saturday. We promise you will not be disappointed!

3-Enjoy a Fashion Show!   

This year, we are pleased to have RECVRD Apparel hosting a fashion show for your viewing pleasure! We love local designers and guess what? Kimberlea the founder is also up for the Mompreneur Awards! Voting is open HERE! Learn more about the collection HERE!

4-Cheesy Christmas Photos? Get Your Photo Taken With Patrick Parenteau 


So it’s Christmas and even though you don’t wanna get your photo taken…you kinda wanna get your photo taken! Well, you’re in luck! Patrick Parenteau, Official Art World Expo Photographer, will be taking photos in a “Mini Photo Session” style booth at our event. Don’t worry, he won’t make it as cheesy as Walmart and we promise that you will have fun. He’s a riot and a really friggin’ talented photographer who has 30+ years of experience behind his belt! Book your photo session HERE in advance to skip the line up!

 5-Shop local! 

Well this last point is one that pulls our heart strings because it is so important. All we can say about this point is that shopping local is necessary to help keep local artists going. It feeds local families, local entrepreneurs, and local people living and working right here in BC. When you make any purchases at our event this year, it means that someone in our community is earning revenue. Please consider coming to the fair and redirecting your purchases so that someone in our community can feed their family, put a little extra in their savings or follow their dream. We guarantee when you make any purchases with us, you will feel amazing not only buying unique items but knowing deep down that you have made a difference in the life of one of our vendors. And you know what, isn’t that what the Holidays are all about?


If you have managed to read this far, you deserve a kudos! We all hope to see you at the show!

More info on our Event Page!


by Monika Blichar

Marie-Helene Babin Make Up 1st Place 2015 Theme Fairy Tales

Thank you to everyone who made our last event at Science World such a great success! We appreciate all of you so much! It’s because of all our guests, fans, sponsors, volunteers and family who come from all over Canada to come help out each year that this event is possible!

Stay tuned for a compilation of our photos or head to our FACEBOOK PAGE to see some photos as they are being released from event photographers and media!


One of Chris Collacott’s images of Telus World of Science. He exhibited his work with us in 2010-2014. 

From the moment we started Art World Expo, we knew that the venue had to be a special one. When I thought of what kinds of cool venues there are in Vancouver, I knew that Science World was a special place. It’s iconic history and placement within the city’s most central location made it an easy choice as the venue for our Vancouver show. It truly has been an amazing run at this venue! We have met so many amazing people and have hosted over 1,000 aritsts, vendors, performers, and body painters via this event in Vancouver alone. That’s pretty spectacular!

Eager guests intrigued by the annual body painting competition which has been running annually since 2010 and is also now running in Edmonton! 

All good things must come to and end, they say! On the contrary, we are not ending our event, we are just making it bigger and better for 2020! Our next location is The Pipe Shop at the Shipyards! Mark your calendars for April 3, 4, and 5, 2020 for our first multi-day event happening on North Vancouver’s premiere waterfront venue which is host to an array of cultural activities including the Friday Night Shipyard Markets and events like the Polish Festival and more!

Early bird registrations for vendors and event tickets are available until May 31, 2019! Don’t miss out on being part of making history and being in our new location as a vendor or a guest in 2020! We are all so excited and look forward to the new location and all the new opportunities it will bring our show. 

Join us at our annual Art World Expo event at our new location “The Pipe Shop” at the Shipyards. Your early bird ticket includes a three day pass to the event on April 3, 4 and 5, 2020 as well as entry to the Art World Expo Friday Night Gala & 10th Annivesary Party! Our show is now in its 10th annual year and we want to see you all there!

Show theme for 2020


Tentaive schedule:

Friday, April 3, 2020

10th Anniversary Party: Featured Vendors, Tribute to the Last 10 Years-An Art Walk down Memory Lane, Fashion Shows, Body Painting Competition, Musical Perfomances, Silent and Live Auctions, and Bar.

Saturday, April 4 and Sunday April 5, 2020

Vendors, Live Demonstrations, Guest Speakers, Food Trucks, Auctions and more!

Thank you to my fiance Robert Brody of Twin Peaks Construction for supporting this event since the beginning in 2010! We could not have done it without your team!

I always love to hear from guests, artists, vendors, and volunteers so if you have a question or would like to be involved, please be sure to send us an email via the CONTACT US form on our website. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all again for a fantastic run at Science World for 9 years! I look forward to putting together the 10th Annual Art World Expo and our 10th Anniversary Party over the next 11 months. You all have truly inspired me to keep going all these years and I am so looking forward to the future of what Art World Expo will bring to the North Shore and to many new cities in 2020.