Joan Reese Photographs-New York City Artist

MUSEUM QUALITY PRINTS OF JOAN REESE’S Photographs are available!
Joan Reese is a popular New York City artist and photographer. Ms. Reese’s new collection of photographs capture the energy of the city she loves the most; New York. She feels sitting in an outdoor East Village Cafe, watching the colorful people walk by is as interesting as going to the movies. Ms. Reese’s camera captures
“Coincidental Portraits, Travel, and Street Photography.” She has been creating art and photographs for many years, she has a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. She has taught art and studied Chinese painting with a master painter in New York’s Chinatown. Fine Arts America produces Museum quality reproductions of her paintings and photographs on Canvas prints, framed prints, throw pillows, duvet covers, tote bags, shower curtains and household items.

Follow Joan Reese’s blog, “New York City Artist.” Each week you will receive a positive inspirational quote with a beautiful image to brighten up your week! Miss Reese’s blog is great for anyone that wants to know everything about New York’s entertainment scene, fine dining and the arts. A real plus: Ms. Reese shares her cost saving tips when visiting New York City.

HERBERT SIM “Adam & Eve: The Fall of Man”

by Francine Jansen

A digital illustration work entitled “Adam & Eve: The Fall of Man” by Herbert R. Sim, was seen making waves across photo and video-sharing social networking service – Instagram, amassing thousands of engagements, shares, likes and comments.
The illustration itself showcased the one of the most important stories in the Bible, or rather among the first stories in the first book ‘Genesis’ of the Bible – The story of ‘Adam and Eve’, being tempted by the serpent; and the orgin of mankind.
This illustration however is different from the hundreds if not thousands of other such artworks out there in the world. The artist himself had an unconventional theory, that the serpent which tempted the first humans Adam and Eve, had legs! And the serpent was drawn dragon-like, that similar to a Chinese dragon, but with a typical western dragon look
ing face, that similar to Game of Thrones’ dragons.
The Serpent is seen entwined around thetrunk of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”; who in the story itself tempted Eve to eat the fruit from the tree, who shared the fruit together with Adam.
Even more intriguing was the main characters were made to resemble that of famous celebrity couple, Ryan Reynolds, starring as Adam; and Blake Lively starring as Eve. And their naked bodies were perfectly sculptured in the illustration.
The artist, Herbert Rafael Sim, is a digital illustrator, writer, and philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor. Some might even know him as ‘The Bitcoin Man“.


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Vendor List for Vancouver, BC 
Carolyn Bruce Designs – Statement Jewelry
Magnetic Memos and Memories
Elizabeth Cross
Mila Chanel
Hoai Dang-Lachance Hoai Not Art
Salvaged Earth Art
June Corstorphine
Magnetic Memos and Memories
Tribal Collective
Silver FX https://silverfx.ca/
Paint to Paper Studios
Fifth Avenue Collection www.fifthavenuecollection.com/jbarnett
Dallas Vienneau https://www.instagram.com/photorighterphotography/
Wandering Warrior https://www.instagram.com/wanderingwarriorcollection/
Mitchell Thomas Tharp
Julia’s Crafts
Corsus Body Care
Fiona Alexa
The Hat Emporium – Linda BannermanLocal Businesses:
Kristi Weaver Kristi Weaver – Independent Scentsy Consultant
Amanda Loewen Mandy’s Beauty Bar ♡
Renee Chin Coffee Power
SweetLegs Vancouver with Julia Julia Kukler
Lasting Colour by Andrea, SeneGence and LipSense Independent Distributor Andrea Turner
Mary Kay with Jennifer -Radiant You
Bob the Dog
Janette Bundic
Chiara Rai
Audrey’s Slime
Fifth Avenue Collection www.fifthavenuecollection.com/jbarnett
Kathy Chapman – Tupperware Page
Soxx Appeal

Local Businesses:
Christine Lakhbir Johel Inner Harmonious Peace
Cove Book Nook – Usborne Books
Drop and Flourish

Liquor, Wine and Beer:
Dragon Mist Distillery

Artisan Food Vendors:
Zeina CB Zeina’s Chocolate Boutique
Sable Shortbread Company Ltd.

Vendor List for Victoria, BC 
Monika Blichar Monika’s Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery
Art by Edy
Oh So Lovely Online
Coastal Storm Gallery
Carolyn Bruce Designs – Statement Jewelry
Floelle Artist
Sweet Life Candle
Raincoast Jewelry Design
Gem And Pebble
Bat-Fish Studio
Gulf Island Cribbage
Kailyard Creations -Handmade Greeting Cards
Silver FX
Photos in Nature by Nancy
Dino & Panda Inc.
straitXpression https://www.straitxpression.net/
Helen H. Designs
The Hat Emporium – Linda BannermanLocal Businesses:
Alyssa’s Bookshelf – Independent Usborne Consultant
Tracey McColm www.facebook.com/essentialoilsnaturalhealthandwellness

Local Service Providers:
Coach Diane Travis

Artisan Food & Beverage:
Dragon Mist Distillery

Food Truck:
Country Crepes

Twin Peaks Construction
Island Arts Magazine
Oh So Lovely Online
Art by Edy
Monika’s Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery
Fresh Magazine
Coastal Storm Gallery
Make and Break Arts Foundation
Painting Dreams International Art Tours

Thank you for your interest in our events! We are SOLD OUT for vendor spots in Victoria, BC but have a few more spots left for our Vancouver show. For more information about being a vendor at our Christmas Fairs, please visit: https://theartworldexpo.com/exhibitor-information/

Questions: Call Monika Blichar at 604 999 6177

How to Use Sculptures in Your Garden

How to Use Sculptures in Your Garden

Michael Smith


Sculptures, when placed correctly, can transform your garden and create an almost magical focal point. When you find the perfect sculpture for your property, it will turn your pools, ponds, hedges and borders into a magical wonderland. Let’s take a look at how you can use sculptures in your garden to create the garden that you have always dreamt of. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about how to use sculptures in your garden.

Choose Your Site

The first thing that you must determine is the location of where you will be placing your sculpture. The style of artwork is often determined by your garden itself. If you have a contemporary design, you should choose abstract modern sculptures. If, on the other hand, you have a traditional garden, you should opt for classical or quirky sculptures. However, there are no rules when it comes to choosing your sculptures for your garden.

Look around your landscape and see the areas that could benefit from a piece of art.  Here are some locations in the garden where a sculpture can go:

* Beside a water feature like a pond or a pool

* At the end of a path

* Beneath a tree

* In a corner of the garden

* At a viewpoint

* In front of a shrub

* Along a wall or hedge in the garden

* In an alcove

* Amongst plantings

Finding the Best Place for a Sculpture

Oftentimes, the size, color, subject and style of your sculpture will help you determine the best place for your sculpture. For example, a sculpture like a kingfisher on a reed or a bronze nymph that is washing her hair would look perfect in an informal pond. A steel water lily sculpture amongst living water lilies or a metal fish coming out of the water would also look great and create an interesting focal point.

Formal water features can be enhanced using abstract sculptures. The reflections created by the water can add further interest to the water, especially in still water locales. Another option is to place a glass sculpture close to the water to create a dappled light effect that sparkles against the water.

Creating Harmony in the Garden

One way to create harmony in your landscape is to use a coordinating colored sculpture beside a particular plant. For example, a bronze or copper sculpture would work beautifully against teal plants like cornflowers, irises, hydrangeas or lobelias. You can also use similar colored plants like apricot foxgloves, roses, Verbascum or Japanese maples with bronze or copper.

The blue green patina of copper and the silver of stainless steel looks amazing with plants with silver leaves like the feathery leaf Artemisia or Festuca glauca grass. You can also pair these metals with purple allium or white flowers to create harmony in the garden.

You can compliment the form and movement of the plants in your garden using swaying or linear sculptures in your landscape.

Contrasting colors, textures and forms can also create interest in your garden. For example, using grass in the landscape creates movement. Placing a bold sculpture among dainty and frilly grasses will create interest.

Pale marble, stainless steel and marble will pop when placed among darkly colored plants like Tom Thumb and Black Elder. Adding a sculpture to this area can lighten it up and create interest in an otherwise dark corner of your landscape.

Take a Hint from Nature

You can create amazing results by using sculptures that represent plant life. Placing these items among your plantings, around your water features, under trees and shrubs and along borders can add interest to the area.

If you garden is located in a rural setting, take a look at your surroundings. A sculpture that nods to the hills, hedges and landscape of the area is a great way to pull the great outdoors into your garden. If you have a long line of hedges, a wall or a fence, a sculpture can break up the area and add a focal point. Finally, if you have a break in the trees surrounding your property, adding a sculpture can help draw your visitors’ eyes to the amazing view past your line of trees.

Humor in the Landscape

There may be places in your garden where you can add whimsical and humorous sculptures. These will help to brighten up an otherwise dull area in the landscape. Humour is personal and should showcase your unique sense of humor. Luckily, there are many different sculptures available that will allow you to create a personal artistic sculpture to your garden. You could also use outdoor canvas art.

Finding Garden Art and Sculptures for Your Landscape

Visiting a sculpture garden will teach you how you can add art to your landscape for interest and design. In addition to visiting a sculpture garden, you can search online for unique garden art. Thanks to the internet, you can find artwork and sculptures based on specific artist or styles. If you have not decided the type of sculpture you want, visit local art galleries, garden centers and public gardens to help you gather ideas.

Fall Sales Ideas for Artists

by Monika Blichar

As an artist, looking for new ways on how to market, promote and sell your work this fall can be intimidating. Many of us fall into the same routine and often forget that seasonal promotions are a great way to engage new customers, create special products or service packages, and most importantly have fun doing so! Today, I have compiled five fall sales ideas for artists to help you take advantage of a this wonderful fall season!

1-Create a Fall Promotion for your Product or Service 

It sounds simple and it can be! What is your best selling product or service? What do you enjoy making or doing the most? Start with these two questions and then build from there. If you are a photographer, offer a Fall Mini Session for Kids in a Pumpkin Patch. If you are a painter, create an image of a fall harvest scene and then offer prints or greeting cards in time for Thanksgiving. Be sure to offer a special or incentive for customers to buy from you such as limiting the number of sales you will make for the promotion or offering a limited edition run of your prints. The possibilities are endless!

We partnered with WAVES Coffee in Yaletown in 2010 to host a Pumpkin Carving event.

2-Buddy Up! 

Working together can be better than working on your own. Who can you partner up with to offer a special package, gift basket or service package with? Some of the benefits of working with others include reaching new markets, sharing the task of marketing, and cross promoting on each other’s networks.

3-Run a Contest! 

A simple thing like “Guess How Many Candy Corn are in this Jar and Win” can help you gain new customers, get shared and also keep your followers engaged. If you’re always posting about your product and your service without giving your fan base something to look forward to like a contest or a special, you will loose opportunities for your fans and followers to help you build your brand by sharing it and tagging their friends. What could you do that will help engage your fan base this fall?\

4-Plan an Event! 

Aside from things you can do to promote your business this fall online or via social media, be sure to host an open studio, special event, or workshop for your business! There’s nothing like connecting with people face to face! Here are some ideas for events:

-Fall Sidewalk Sale

-Start or End of Fall Season Sale

-VIP Fall Shopping Party

-Fall Customer Appreciation Event

-Fall Themed Art Show

-Halloween Event

Hosting a special event is a great way to feature your space and your business in person. Ask other businesses to donate door prizes, get involved or even donate their space and partner up with them if you don’t have a space that is suitable for the public. When I first started my business, I didn’t want people coming to my home studio so I often partnered up with other businesses and would host events, shows, and openings in cafes, restaurants and even car dealerships.


We have partnered up with Two of Hearts Boutique in Kitsilano to host a Halloween Party and Shopping Extravaganza! Monika will have her legging launch and we are pairing that with Cici Clothing, West Coast Hatters, and Carolyn Bruce Designs Jewellery! Get your ticket for only $10 HERE! Includes a drink, door prize entry ticket, and fashion show! 



5-Community Events 

There are lots of ways that you can join community events-and not just markets or fairs! Here are some ideas for you to look into this year or next:

Kids Sporting Events: sponsor a tent and hand out samples, give out water with your logo on the bottle, or enter attendees into a draw.

Pop Up: Ask a coffee shop if you can do a pop up for a day in their cafe, bring a table with your work and promote to the cafe goers!

Local Businesses: Find other businesses in your area who are hosting events and offer your time, a product to donate, or ask if you can have a small table at their event.

So what are you waiting for? Pick something and get going on creating a cool fall promotion or event that will help you generate more brand recognition, new customers and followers, and most of all, create more fun and joy for you in your business!


monikaheadshotMonika Blichar has a B.A. in English and French and a British Columbia College of Teacher’s Certificate. She is the owner and founder of Art World Expo, Monika’s Art Boutique, Painting Dreams International Art Tours and her own brand Monika Blichar. Originally from Wroclaw, Poland, Monika is actively connected to her culture in Poland and works heavily to promote Canadian artists via her events. She is an avid creator, passionate about creativity and creating authentic connections in the communities where she works. Monika has produced Art World Expo in Vancouver since 2010, one installment in Toronto in 2015, an annual show in Edmonton since 2017 and has launched two Art World Expo Christmas Fairs in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. To learn more about Monika, visit www.monikablichar.com 


What’s in a camel’s hump?


Now that you know, go check out Travis Cataldo, the artist who created this animation.

Here’s a link to his website – www.traviscataldo.com

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfTravisCataldo/

Have an awesome day!

Selling Your Art Fall 2018

by Monika Blichar

One of the best things about fall for an artist is looking forward to fall and winter markets, trade shows and the ever anticipated holiday shoppers! If you’re like me, you work hard all year so that you have enough inventory for this time of year, making sure that everything is tagged and packaged, and have signed up for as many shows as you can so that the season is the best it can be for your creative business.

Like any good teacher, I thought that it would be a great time to send you some tips about how to make selling your work in Fall 2018 the best it can be! I have compiled my top 10 list of things I do each year to ensure success and wanted to share with you creative entrepreneurs out there!


1-Be Organized

Being organized is crucial as we gear up to one of the busiest times in the retail calendar! There are a lot of moving parts when you are a maker and a seller, so it is really important to stay on top of your weekly and monthly tasks to be successful this season. If it is hard for you to stay organized, there are a few easy fixes you can utilize this season to keep on top of all your tasks to help you meet your goals! Simple things include a day timer, using a white board, using your smartphone apps for notes, calendar reminders or even timers to help you stay on track. If you search google, there are also tons of templates you can find to help you stay on track! You can also download our MONTHLY ARTIST GOAL TRACKING TEMPLATE HERE! It’s free of charge and hopefully it helps some of you stay organized this season!

2-Participate in A Variety of Events and Shows 

Being everywhere you can is key at this time of year because people are looking for unique items to add to their holiday gift giving. Think outside the box with this one-you can participate in other events than simply craft fairs, markets or trade shows! Some ideas include setting up a pop up shop in an empty commercial lease space, organize a show in a coffee shop, asking your friends to host a shopping night in their home, or hosting an online shopping party online!  The possibilities are endless! 

3-Collect Emails for your Newsletter 

One of the biggest complaints I hear from vendors is that they don’t get enough people engaged in their work when they are at a market or event. Lots of people go to festivals and markets to browse, connect with friends, and have afternoon out. We must remember that not all market goers are there only to shop! A lot of people might stop by your booth and after the conversation, many vendors experience deflation after they spend a lot of time talking to someone and then they leave without purchasing anything or even taking a card. The onus is on YOU here to make sure to get that person linked to your brand in some way! One of the best ways is to collect their name, phone number and email. Now, if you’re not already writing a newsletter, you’re likely not super excited about this point because “it’s just another thing to do” or you “don’t know how to write content for a newsletter” or you “just don’t have the time!” I want to STRESS the importance of writing a newsletter here because I know how effective it can be to keep your fans, supporters and customers in the loop! Make it a goal to start collecting emails and sign up for a platform like Constant Contact!  Once you start, even with one newsletter a month, you are getting in the habit of staying connected to those people who stop in at your booth and giving them AMPLE opportunities to check out your work, product or services long after they meet you at an event.

4-Don’t JUST Focus on the SALES 

It is the holiday season and we all want to help serve as many people as we can during this time, but when you are focusing solely on SALES as your measure for success, you are missing out on other key ingredients that will build your business! Some of these things include:

-brand recognition

-marketing and promotional opportunities

-making connections

-future collaborations

-media opportunities

Remember that as a vendor at a market, you are never guaranteed to ‘sell out’ your entire stock even at the busiest of shows! You are investing in a retail space to sell your work sure, but if you don’t sell a thing, don’t worry! Remember that you are there to promote your brand, meet people, make connections and to market your work. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to make connections with others at the show including organizers, volunteers and other vendors. You never know what these connections will lead to later on! In my next post about sales at shows, I will give you FREE Worksheet for what you can do at the market to increase success! Please watch for this post!


When you are at a show, one of the best things that you can do is to focus on building relationships with the people you meet. Perhaps you want to get to know one of the vendors there a bit better so that you can collaborate on a Christmas Special in a few months or you want to get more involved in the planning of events so you make a goal to talk more to the organizers. Remember that everyone at the show is there with the same goals, to sell and promote their product, but if you set yourself the goal to make authentic connections with people there, you will stand out from people who are simply there to make sales. As a consumer, none of us really enjoy feeling like just a ‘number’ or feeling uncomfortable if we don’t buy something from a vendor at a show. As a result of focusing on building relationships with others, you will gain more fans, more supporters and people who will want to genuinely help you in the long run of your business. And let me just stress here that you can’t do this alone! You need a tribe of people to help you, cheer you on and refer your business if you are really serious about making a brand and an income generating business from your passion! It takes a village to raise a child, same goes for a business!

Photographer Patrick Parenteau and I at AWE. Patrick does our body paint photos every year.

Melynda Seminuk helped me repaint my new studio and volunteered her time to do so. I couldn’t have done that without her help!


6-Partner Up!

A great way to make a splash about your product is to partner up with another person. Think of some great cross promotional campaigns out right now-The Rock and Underarmour is one that comes to mind. How can you partner up with another business to offer something unique? Partnering up will allow your brand to reach new markets, gain new followers and work with someone to help you sell and advertise your product. It’s great to be independent but when you partner up, you can accomplish more working with others!

7-Use Social Media 

We are so undeniably lucky to work in a time where we can utilize our platforms to advertise our products…FOR FREE! Think back even 10 years ago-you would have to pay for the kind of advertising we are able to tap into on social media! There are so many cool things you can do on so many different platforms. Of course you all likely have Facebook and Instagram but don’t forget about Youtube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter or Google Plus. All these platforms are free to use and can give you so much return if you are consistent, interesting and offer great contests, promotions or rewards to your followers!

8-Create Contests! 

Speaking of rewards, be sure that every so often, you create a CONTEST for your fans! Everyone loves FREE stuff! If you think of it as just giving something away for nothing, then that’s what you’ll end up feeling after your giveaway. What you want to be sure to do is offer something for free in exchange for a LIKE, SIGN UP EMAIL, TAG THREE FRIENDS, OR A POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA! What you are essentially doing is offering your fans an item or service for free in exchange for them doing something to help your brand gain exposure on their network. If done correctly, contests can be an especially amazing way to get your brand seen by people who would not have seen it before! If you need ideas for contests, remember that when you are a member of Art World Expo you can call us to book a consulting call each month to go over things just like this! Learn more about membership in Step 3 here.

Create a contest that engages your audience! For our previous show at the gallery, we asked people to post their upcylced projects for a chance to win $100 to spend in store!

Janette posted her upcycled shirt and she won the $100 to come in and spend in store! She also shared on her instagram which helped us get eyes on our page and she even spent more than $100 in store which also gave us added revenue from the contest!

9-Be Friendly, Approachable and Positive! 

This is a huge factor in your success at any show and also in your business in general! People love friendly, approachable and positive people-it’s infectious! When you exude passion, a love for what you do, and a great attitude no matter if the market is busy or not, people will be drawn to you! People love to support happy, helpful and energetic people and even though they might not buy from you, they will remember how you made them feel and will be more likely to contact you in the future or refer you to their friends. Being positive is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner because YOU ARE THE FACE OF YOUR BRAND and people will remember your attitude long after your show! Be sure they remember the best of you!

10-Remember Your Why 

In the end, we all start a business for reasons that made us light up with excitement in the beginning. Remember that when you are having a slow market, or it snows so much the day of your show and its cancelled, or when you show up at an event expecting huge crowds and hardly anyone shows up. These things are all guaranteed to happen and often are out of our control. When you make the best of your shows by following the steps above and you go back to the reasons you started, you will undoubtedly get re-energized and want to focus on the solutions for the future rather than dwelling on the problems or challenges you just experienced. Did you start because you can’t go a day without creating? Did you start to help your parents or add income for your family? Was it because you just love to help people? Remember why you started and if you had a crummy show, just remember those reasons and go back to the drawing board, add some new ideas and try again. You owe it to your dream don’t you?


Monika Blichar has a B.A. in English and French and a British Columbia College of Teacher’s Certificate. She is the owner and founder of Art World Expo, Monika’s Art Boutique, Painting Dreams International Art Tours and her own brand Monika Blichar. Originally from Wroclaw, Poland, Monika is actively connected to her culture in Poland and works heavily to promote Canadian artists via her events. She is an avid creator, passionate about creativity and creating authentic connections in the communities where she works. Monika has produced Art World Expo in Vancouver since 2010, one installment in Toronto in 2015, an annual show in Edmonton since 2017 and has launched two Art World Expo Christmas Fairs in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. To learn more about Monika, visit www.monikablichar.com 


Have a question? Send me a message! I always love to hear from readers!

Top 3 Reasons to Exhibit at the Art World Expo Shows!

Whether you are an artist or business, we want to help you at our events this year! Join the Art World Expo family today! Gain a spot on our roster and gain a whole new family too! 

#1 Reach new markets! 

Every year, we work hard to get thousands of people to our events in British Columbia and Alberta! Not only do we see lots of new guests attending our shows each year, we also offer free admission to our Christmas Fair so that guests do not have to buy tickets at all! Since 2010, we have seen over 20,000 people attend our various shows in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto! Pretty amazing! This doesn’t even include our mailing list features, social media followers or online events that we host either!

IMG_8645Aryn Effert in Edmonton, Alberta-March 2018 Show! Photo by Richard Beaudoin.IMG_8735Amazing body painters in Edmonton’s March 2018 show! Photo by Richard Beaudoin. img_3369

Line ups each year at the Vancouver show at Telus World  of Science! Get your ticket early! 
#2 As a vendor, you get support! 

Our mission is to continually help our members grow their business. We know it can be hard to be an artist out there and we pride ourselves as being one of the only shows in North America with an extensive services menu for artists which includes things like a vendor only membership group, advertising in our newsletter, one on one coaching calls or meetings monthly as well as support on social media! We also host Art World Expo Speaker Series every few months! These are free events for our members to learn about all sorts of things related to business! Learn more about our membership benefits here!


Billie Sinclair came to speak in May 2018 and we had a Social Media Training in August 2017. We have an array of opportunities for vendors to learn how to grow and get better at business all year round! These sessions are always free for members! 

#3 Brand Recognition 

When you show your work in one of our events, you gain ongoing brand recognition year round! We post event photos of all of our vendors, body painters, performers and business booths after the event which stay up indefinitely! We also do cool things like post your photo on our social media throughout the year including tags to your page, share your work on our Facebook cover albums, feature your upcoming events in our membership group or newsletter and if we can, we do live interviews with you via cool marketing with other well known brands. Check out what we did with Genesis Richmond this past spring on our Youtube Channel. Here’s our cool Interview with Carolyn Bruce Designs! She’s amazing by the way!

We pride ourselves in not only putting on exciting events that appeal to a variety of guests, but also to our continued dedication to the arts professionals and businesses who participate in our events. We have been offering these shows and services for almost a DECADE and aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon! We have worked with some amazing artists, brands and corporations who continuously support our shows and we want to help you succeed as a business too!

Looking forward to seeing you at the shows this season!

Call us today to book your booth or fill in the online form here today!

Expert Tips On How To Invest In Fine Art

By James McCarthy

Fine art has gained popularity over the recent years as more and more people purchase sculptures, paintings, and prints as an investment. The global art market, however, is a complicated place that works based on mechanism never stay the same. As such, there is no guarantee of making a profitable investment. That means that you may have a beautiful sculpture or piece of oil painting in your home whose value may depreciate in the next few years or it may significantly increase in worth.

Fine art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world still regard it as an attractive and worthwhile investment. They are continually scouting the globe in search of exceptional pieces to add to their priced collection. But success in this type of investment is not possible without doing in-depth research about a piece of art before buying.

With that in mind, below are expert tips no how to navigate the global fine art market and find items that are worth adding to your art collection.

1.    Analyze The Fine Art Market

You first should do your homework and have a better understanding of the fine art market and prevailing trends. Research your favorite artists as you try to track their performance and creations. And while at it, learn how to measure the potential as an investment.

2.    Be Curious

Exercise caution when investing in fine art; do not be overconfident about our purchase. Check out different shows and art openings. Befriend art dealers and curators. Talk with fellow art collectors about the fine arts markets, be inquisitive about the artworks that are of interest to you among other things. With such steps, you better your chances of making a wise and potentially profitable investment.

3.    Beware Of Fakes

Unfortunately, the global fine art market is bedeviled by fakes and fraud. As such it is wise to check and recheck the originality and authenticity of every artwork you buy. Consider enlisting the services of a reputable and experienced art appraiser before you make any purchases.

4.    Pay Attention To Newer Artists

While new artists are often regarded as a risky investment, it is wise to look into them and see if you can find a diamond in the rough. It may be an opportunity to make an inexpensive purchase of a piece of unique art that you can add to your collection. That young talent may be your next profitable investment.

5.    Buy Fine Art Pieces Online

Purchase fine art online also present numerous benefits that include having a seemingly endless selection of different pieces of art that exude an array of personalities and styles to suit various tastes and preferences. And you can get some items are ridiculously low prices. However, it is wise to exercise caution when buying the artwork, taking into consideration different factors, especially authenticity.

6.    Make Long-Term Investments

Understand that what you buy and that art collection you have at home will not increase in value overnight. Those looking to Invest in art should be a long game, and that means exercising patience and making wise purchases of items that have a promising potential for profitability. Part of said wise purchases is the use of money that you have set aside for your investment and not what you need to sustain your livelihood.

7.    Store Your Collection Carefully

The perseveration of any piece of art is of utmost importance. You should store and conserve what your purchase the right way. It will not only speak highly of you as an art collector but also show your intent on protecting your investment so that it can increase in value.

Like to Draw? Try Mastermind of Art on the Google Play Store

With the mastermind of art google play application, you can create your very own art work right on your mobile device. Weather you are a skilled drawer or new to artist, you can easily create gorgeous artwork right on your android device.

Download it today for free on the Google Play Store and give it a try!


Also dont forget to visit the blog for mastermind of art and learn all about the latest news and trends in the art community.