Top 3 Reasons to Exhibit at the Art World Expo Shows!

Whether you are an artist or business, we want to help you at our events this year! Join the Art World Expo family today! Gain a spot on our roster and gain a whole new family too! 

#1 Reach new markets! 

Every year, we work hard to get thousands of people to our events in British Columbia and Alberta! Not only do we see lots of new guests attending our shows each year, we also offer free admission to our Christmas Fair so that guests do not have to buy tickets at all! Since 2010, we have seen over 20,000 people attend our various shows in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto! Pretty amazing! This doesn’t even include our mailing list features, social media followers or online events that we host either!

IMG_8645Aryn Effert in Edmonton, Alberta-March 2018 Show! Photo by Richard Beaudoin.IMG_8735Amazing body painters in Edmonton’s March 2018 show! Photo by Richard Beaudoin. img_3369

Line ups each year at the Vancouver show at Telus World  of Science! Get your ticket early! 
#2 As a vendor, you get support! 

Our mission is to continually help our members grow their business. We know it can be hard to be an artist out there and we pride ourselves as being one of the only shows in North America with an extensive services menu for artists which includes things like a vendor only membership group, advertising in our newsletter, one on one coaching calls or meetings monthly as well as support on social media! We also host Art World Expo Speaker Series every few months! These are free events for our members to learn about all sorts of things related to business! Learn more about our membership benefits here!


Billie Sinclair came to speak in May 2018 and we had a Social Media Training in August 2017. We have an array of opportunities for vendors to learn how to grow and get better at business all year round! These sessions are always free for members! 

#3 Brand Recognition 

When you show your work in one of our events, you gain ongoing brand recognition year round! We post event photos of all of our vendors, body painters, performers and business booths after the event which stay up indefinitely! We also do cool things like post your photo on our social media throughout the year including tags to your page, share your work on our Facebook cover albums, feature your upcoming events in our membership group or newsletter and if we can, we do live interviews with you via cool marketing with other well known brands. Check out what we did with Genesis Richmond this past spring on our Youtube Channel. Here’s our cool Interview with Carolyn Bruce Designs! She’s amazing by the way!

We pride ourselves in not only putting on exciting events that appeal to a variety of guests, but also to our continued dedication to the arts professionals and businesses who participate in our events. We have been offering these shows and services for almost a DECADE and aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon! We have worked with some amazing artists, brands and corporations who continuously support our shows and we want to help you succeed as a business too!

Looking forward to seeing you at the shows this season!

Call us today to book your booth or fill in the online form here today!

Expert Tips On How To Invest In Fine Art

By James McCarthy

Fine art has gained popularity over the recent years as more and more people purchase sculptures, paintings, and prints as an investment. The global art market, however, is a complicated place that works based on mechanism never stay the same. As such, there is no guarantee of making a profitable investment. That means that you may have a beautiful sculpture or piece of oil painting in your home whose value may depreciate in the next few years or it may significantly increase in worth.

Fine art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world still regard it as an attractive and worthwhile investment. They are continually scouting the globe in search of exceptional pieces to add to their priced collection. But success in this type of investment is not possible without doing in-depth research about a piece of art before buying.

With that in mind, below are expert tips no how to navigate the global fine art market and find items that are worth adding to your art collection.

1.    Analyze The Fine Art Market

You first should do your homework and have a better understanding of the fine art market and prevailing trends. Research your favorite artists as you try to track their performance and creations. And while at it, learn how to measure the potential as an investment.

2.    Be Curious

Exercise caution when investing in fine art; do not be overconfident about our purchase. Check out different shows and art openings. Befriend art dealers and curators. Talk with fellow art collectors about the fine arts markets, be inquisitive about the artworks that are of interest to you among other things. With such steps, you better your chances of making a wise and potentially profitable investment.

3.    Beware Of Fakes

Unfortunately, the global fine art market is bedeviled by fakes and fraud. As such it is wise to check and recheck the originality and authenticity of every artwork you buy. Consider enlisting the services of a reputable and experienced art appraiser before you make any purchases.

4.    Pay Attention To Newer Artists

While new artists are often regarded as a risky investment, it is wise to look into them and see if you can find a diamond in the rough. It may be an opportunity to make an inexpensive purchase of a piece of unique art that you can add to your collection. That young talent may be your next profitable investment.

5.    Buy Fine Art Pieces Online

Purchase fine art online also present numerous benefits that include having a seemingly endless selection of different pieces of art that exude an array of personalities and styles to suit various tastes and preferences. And you can get some items are ridiculously low prices. However, it is wise to exercise caution when buying the artwork, taking into consideration different factors, especially authenticity.

6.    Make Long-Term Investments

Understand that what you buy and that art collection you have at home will not increase in value overnight. Those looking to Invest in art should be a long game, and that means exercising patience and making wise purchases of items that have a promising potential for profitability. Part of said wise purchases is the use of money that you have set aside for your investment and not what you need to sustain your livelihood.

7.    Store Your Collection Carefully

The perseveration of any piece of art is of utmost importance. You should store and conserve what your purchase the right way. It will not only speak highly of you as an art collector but also show your intent on protecting your investment so that it can increase in value.

Like to Draw? Try Mastermind of Art on the Google Play Store

With the mastermind of art google play application, you can create your very own art work right on your mobile device. Weather you are a skilled drawer or new to artist, you can easily create gorgeous artwork right on your android device.

Download it today for free on the Google Play Store and give it a try!


Also dont forget to visit the blog for mastermind of art and learn all about the latest news and trends in the art community.


Call for Vendors!

It’s that time of year again-call for vendors for multiple shows we produce is now open. Are you a painter, jewellery maker, designer or a local business who would like to be part of the Art World Expo family? We cordially invite you to apply to our 2018/2019 shows in Vancouver and Edmonton! Join our group of talented vendors while also joining a community of creatives who support one another throughout the year!

Upcoming shows:


Art World Expo Christmas Fair

$60+gst / spot

December 15, 2018

Polish Friendship Society

4015 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC


Art World Expo Edmonton

$100+gst / spot

March 15, 2019

Muttart Conservatory

9626 – 96A Street, Edmonton, AB


Art World Expo Vancouver-MAIN EVENT

$500+gst / spot for vendors: artisan and business vendors

$100 +gst / body painting competitors

May 10, 2019

Science World

1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC


Our Vancouver Event which is happening on May 10, 2019 is our 9th Annual Event and our largest event of the year.

The $500+gst vendor fee includes a 14-30 day gallery show at Monika’s Art Boutique store front location at 3063 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC.



Includes one month store front rental and one evening gallery opening.

Cost for non-members: $750+gst

Cost for members who sign up for the Main Event in Vancouver: FREE


We invite you to have a look at the vendor registration form HERE. Should you have any questions, please call us at 604 999 6177 during business hours Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.

Summer Art Inspirations from Monika’s Art Boutique

Summer Art Inspirations!
Thank you for another great start to summer!
‘Tis the season for summer fun, beach combing, traveling and lots of great summer crafts! With the hot weather here, we don’t want to forget to be sure to take advantage of being inspired by our surroundings both indoors and outdoors! Here are my top 5 summer artsy activities and crafts to help you stay creative this summer!
1-Photography-Playing around with Adventure
I try to go somewhere new every year and each time, I never forget to take time to go out and photograph places I visit. Whether you have a really advanced camera or you’re using your smartphone, taking photos is a great way to play around with seeing new things on your adventures this summer! Be sure to take photos of all sorts of things-people, architecture, plants, animals or still life items. In the fall, you will have compiled a nice collection and maybe even some images that you could paint in studio!
2-Nature-Rose Bead Necklaces
Not sure what to do with all the roses from events this summer? Learn how to make rose bead necklaces! It’s very easy and a nice way to preserve memories from summer weddings, events or your own garden this summer.
3-Painting Outside
Grab a few supplies and take it outside! Maybe you have a nice yard and you can host a summer painting party with your family or friends! Any which way, painting outside is a great way to see colour and light in a new way and enjoy the good weather at the same time!
4-Upcylcing Fabric and Clothing
Summer is a great time to get creative with upcycling clothing! Love that long sleeve from last season, make it a tank top! Use scarves to make summer tote bags or have fun with using all that is in your fabric bin to make fascinators! The possibilities are endless!
5-Garden Rock Painting
This is one of my favourite summer art activities with kids because you get to go on a rock hunt, get some fresh air and make rock paintings that can be used as garden markers, decor or even gifts! When we have kids camps, ladybugs are always popular and are so easy to do! A great activity to do with your kids this summer to get them outside, busy or even involved in the garden!
Above all, just stay creative! Try one or all of these activities and be sure to send us your photos via email or use hashtag #monikasartboutiquesummercontest on instagram until August 15 and we just might feature your project and enter you to win a prize pack from our gallery including:
-Pre-Launch Copy of “You’re Going to Make It-How to Market, Get Clients and Sell Your Art!” by Monika Blichar Launching in August 2018!
-1 Free Painting Class for Kids or Adults
-1 Gift Basket valued at $75 with goodies from our store!
Stay Creative,
Monika Blichar, B.A. & B.C.C.T. UVIC
604 999 6177
Save the Date!
July 15
Monika’s Annual Birthday Party Fundraiser is happening thisSunday, July 15 from 12:00-4:00pm
Stop by for cake as well as a huge sidewalk sale on art, accessories and fashion! We are also hosting a painting party where you can make your own “Peacock Lady” painting!
All proceeds support our studio, arts programs and exhibitions!


Renøyr Art

Renøyr is (mainly) a painter, DJ, composer and graphic designer. Renøyr’s main source of inspiration is music. Renøyr’s work is bounded with music, the rhythms you can’t control, from both digital and analog sources: Spotify, old scratchy, dusty vinyls, OST and the music he produced. Basically, Renøyr paints something you can listen and also watch, observe, feel. Renøyr’s workflow is peculiar: sitting in his studio for hours listening his favorite music albums in order to determine the colors he will use. Then he take action, performing the sounds, the notes, the vibrations on canvas – or other surfaces such as skateboards, aluminum and wooden panels.BlueLines2.jpg

Renøyr most acclaimed collections are the LP collection (100cm or 90cm Ø diameter), EP collection (24” Ø diameter) and the Skateboart collection.

At the moment Renøyr is working on a new series called 16:9, inspired by hunting, beautiful movies. Learn more about the work here: https://renoyr.com/ 

Meet Yolanda D. Mozdzen from New York

Yolanda D Mozdzen is a New York based artist who has been creating riveting, unique artwork since the age of 5.

Yolanda is widely known as the Humanitarian Painter because she has been donating her enchanting portraits and original landscapes to various charities throughout the US.

Yolanda’s inventiveness and mastery are superbly powerful in capturing a vision and conquering a thought. With no formal art training, her enticing creations are composed in her soul from her need to inspire. “My paintings are based on what my grandfather always said, “Your mind is a camera. Take mental pictures of anything and keep it in your mind; retrieve it when you paint.”

Yolanda is a visionary; she paints only in candlelight while listening to inspirational music. She has donated original creations to Mount Sinai Hospital, The American Heart Association, The AIDS Walk, The Fire Department of New York, and more. Her goal is to utilize her vision and talent and generate awareness for causes that touch her heart.

You can find Yolanda: ymozzart.com

Gilda Garza-Mexican Artist Shakes Up Art World

Attachment_1527635430 (1).png


Gilda Garza is a Mexican artist born in Sinaloa, Mexico. She started to paint as young as she can remember, a generational talent passed down to her from her grandmother.

Living in one of the most dangerous places in Mexico, Sinaloa, she was surrounded by war and kidnappings in her family. Her paintings show all of the raw emotions from these impactful events in her life.

She believes the best works of art happen when pain and suffering turn into inspiration and creativity.

Having gone through these experiences has only formed her into an even stronger woman who captivated what she was going through into beautiful pieces of art.

Every piece reflects a moment in the artist’s life.

Gilda’s Playboy painting was featured on the cover of Playboy Mexico’s February 2018 issue. She is the second painter to have art featured on the cover, behind Andy Warhol in January 1986. She is also the first artist to exhibit at the Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas.


Franck Marco Drum Painting


Have You ever heard of the term ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ the dream of Ludwig van Beethoven? Bringing art together into one experience and thus improving the different forms. Franck Marco takes this to a whole new level. He combines two of his passions, painting and playing the drums. The results are amazing and his art that is always evolving, makes Your heart skip a beat.

Franck Marco has found a way to combine these two forms of art in an inspirational subtle and improvised dialogue.  A unique idea always evolving. He uses brush-sticks and other tools found or invented. So who is Franck Marco, and where does he get his inspiration? Franck Marco has been active on the music scene from the age of 6 onwards. He knows what it takes and has been playing on all major scenes and festivals. His paintings are breathtaking as You can see here.

Bringing a unique performance. He combines the two forms of expession in a singular performance for a colorful silence, a percussive chaos and a reflected accidental destiny.

Tam Tam Magazine – 18-03-31


Meet Michigan-based artist Lauren Bigelow

Artwork name: “Fly”
Graphite on paper
16″ x 24″




Michigan-based artist Lauren Bigelow pairs detailed, lifelike images with abstract, expressive elements. Her work combines the controlled nature of representational art with the dynamic qualities of geometric and intuitively-drawn lines and shapes. Her contrasting approaches to drawing suggest the importance of both careful observation and creative innovation in our modern world.

As a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University, Lauren is working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Multimedia Design. In addition to continuing her fine art career, she plans to expand her creative audience by becoming a graphic designer.